Amatsu-Mikaboshi Picture

A character I borrowed from Japanese Mythology for my stories. It's by no means a great pic, I'll admit, as it mainly started out as an experiment with how to make smoke in Photoshop.

Name: Amatsu-Mikaboshi (Lit. "August Star of Heaven"), sometimes known as Ama-No-Kagaseo (Lit. "Brilliant Male"), the Japanese god of evil and the stars, specifically the pole star.

Myth Version: Originally, he, or it, was a primordial, dark force that existed before the universe. Then, all of creation exploded into existence, leaving Mikaboshi as a sort of demonic residue said to be responsible for human passions. Some evil creatures were said to be servants of Mikaboshi, like goblins, or ghosts that would come back to hurt the living in a more direct way than they did in life. Some "Sorcerers" were said to have called upon Mikaboshi's power in order to attack their enemies, and some of the Japanese hierarchy during WWII were rumored to have invoked this power, which might explain some of the acts of cruelty committed in the name of the empire during that time. The ultimate goal of Mikaboshi, it's been said, is to drive everything back into chaos, whereby the static, his control would return.

Marvel has their own version of him, and he was probably the inspiration behind the Samurai Jack villain, Aku, as both were demonic shape-shifters. Most of the Mikaboshi story was incorporated into the Star Wars mythos, which adds to some hesitancy by modern scholars to study further into the Mikaboshi myths.

My Version: He was the original resident of the Japanese islands. But when the other gods and humans started moving in, he felt as though they were invading his territory. Then, he decided that the whole world was his territory, and that no one else belonged in it. So, he works in the shadows to try and get us to kill each other off so that in the end, when we're all dead and gone, he can have it all to himself. While he generally hates everyone, he's not above siring children if it'll further his goals; such as Grendel's mother from Beowulf. He's essentially an immortal, smoke-like shape-shifter with a mask for a face. His actions are what sets the events of my first story in motion.
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