Yu-Gi-Oh! Tcg Meme - Filled FUNNY DESCRIPTION Picture


1 - Dragon: Light and Darkness Dragon: Like a kid in a candy store, so many choices: Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon the absolute ruler of time who is the driving force behind Time Squad's problems out of trolling, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode the stun monster no one can get enough of or already have had enough of him negating everything, Galaxy Dragon, He who hunts his own kind Like Blade the vampire hunter, Clear Vice Dragon the generic Nihilist Killer with no cause, Nothing says "Utopia and Hope" like Number 99 Hope Dragon and his fiery breath of destruction and misery, the OG Mecha-Dragon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon the synchro blessing from the Egyptian gods to Kaiba, the more mocked than admired dragon lord Felgrand Dragon, He-Who-Must-Not-have-been-made Different Dimension Dragon, the sparkly (with stardust, not gay) Shooting Star Dragon, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 who made the life of many a fiery hell without spells, Darkflare Dragon whose smile scares kids and dentists alike, Kaiser Glider and his Iron Man armor, the failed experiment at trying to create Mewtwo Koa'ki Meiru Drago, Star Eater who picked Darth Vader's Death Star as dessert. I picked Ladd for many reasons: I was able to get one by luck, and i adore cards that are themed after balance between 2 opposites. Back then, i didn't like how he was split in two and had 2 tails, but grew very fond of him. His effect can be a bummer, But i still love him. Suiting Quote: Darkness and Light are two sides of the same Blade. They're neither inherently good or bad, it is the way and intentions in which you use the blade that determine who you are.

2 - Spellcaster: Fog King. I like Knights, i like Mysterious, cold, neutral characters (with a heroic side), so what better than this badass Sword-wielding Armored Magician King of Mist? I made a deck to use him since i adore him, with march of the monarchs, royal decree, secret village of the spellcasters. This guy's anime appearance was memorable for me, too bad it was nerfed royally in TCG, they could have made him keep the Plasma effect, but NO! Konami wants to juice it to the max. I picture myself at times the one behind the King's helmet, even fitting that in a fanfiction i made, my avatar character (which is mostly me, but influenced by the fanfiction's world settings) has a lot of unintended similarities with Adrian Gecko, Fog King's user, as being cold, planning and willing to go to any lengths to realize what they deem is for the greater good (One major difference is that if i had to choose between the world and my true companions in that story in which my avatar was hardened and more cynical than my usual, i'd let the world burn if that means saving my loved ones). Runner ups: Delg the Dark Monarch as the dark overlord of the universe who is fighting against his Brother Kuraz for the honor of being called the worst letdown in effects of all cool cards (SPOILER: Kuraz won by a landslide which was sponsored by his brother Granmarg), Reaper of Prophecy, the Fangirls' dream-boy Homicidal Maniac, They'd be in ecstasy even if they were his next victims, with half the body of a handsome leech and the other half of a skeletal corpse, but as Duke says "It is still very sexy somehow". Dark Paladin the result of a human centipede experiment which fused two unwilling pawns into one person who is going mad from the two voices inside his cranium, Evilswarm Kerykeion as the corrupted Hero whose will power allowed him to remain on the side of good, putting the entire Green lantern Corp to shame; Sorcerer of Dark Magic, the OG stereotype of a supreme Wizard which governs over the dark powers of this world with a staff bigger than its ego to compensate for something much smaller (PS: that thing they're compensating for is the reason why Dark magician Girl dumped him for Lord of D.) There is V Salamander, a spellcaster that embodies the alchemical element of fire, and which can transform into a bunch of shoulder cannons to help Utopia Ray V score a few bitches - Score quite literally: he aims, he shoots, he scores, simple as that. And ZS Vanish Sage, the Spellcaster who prefers to cosplay as Gundams rather than study at Hogwarts.

3 - Zombie: Number 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld: FINALLY, I MEAN, FINALLY! A ZOMBIE TYPE WITH A DESIGN I ADORE, WAS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK, KONAMI? Well, Skelesaurus is a good idea about a zombie dinosaur walking dead - i mean walking fossil, that infects its victims and converts them to its side as zombies, just like old B-Movies. As said before, i love humanoid knights, even if they're undead, as long as they're still nifty-looking and not rotting with maggots. Lancelot's undead carcass proved itself to be a fierce opponent in the manga under Kyoji's command, direct attacking and shattering Shark's monster wall. To make it better, it has the ability to negate anything that menaces it, in the manga at least. ANYONE CALLED FOR A KONAMI NERF WITH EXTRA CRAP? In RL, he keeps the direct attacking ability as long as he has materials, good, can destroy any 1 face up monster upon inflicting damage, still good, but here's the crappy part: the "detach 1 material to negate AND NOT DESTROY" Effect is mandatory, and activates each turn upon ANY FIRST ACTIVATION, be it yours or your opponent. I still adore it, i thought it looked like DBZ Freiza, but it seems to be based of the BADASS SILVER CHARIOT OF JOJO! A crimson scarf and skeletal body that doesn't look like it got bleached by a mad dentist would suit it too. Runner ups, vampires got a whole new power with the new support, my favorite between them being Crimson Knight Vampire Bram, who despite having a shield, has no DEF pts at all (go figure) but is still cool enough to make that shield contrast fantastically on his rotten flesh! His evil shadow twin, Shadow Vampire, wait, shadow from what? Vampires die in sunlight. Well, ash into ashes, dust into dust. Careful, Vampire Vamp may look hotter than these ashes, but she'll drain your life away as a price for her love. Worth it or not? YOU DECIDE - I feel a lot of virgins are going to die, we shall miss you. Number 48 Shadow Lich is a good example of a Castlelvania Cosplayer, his little brother spirit reaper wants to be just like him. When you see vampire's grace's face, God save the queen? MORE LIKE GOD SAVE US FROM THE QUEEN!

4 - Warrior: Destiny Hero - Plasma: Like a kid in a free video game shop: Unknown Warrior of Fiend as Hellboy's son who suffers identity crisis or amnesia, Daybreaker as The Keyblade wielder who will save the world and then get sued by Square Enix, Crimson Blader the dual wielding swordsman of crimson doom dressed as a fabulous Toreador, Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand the Proud Warrior who was able to harness the spirit of the least popular dragon lord and become a living Weapon of destruction, Elemental Heroes Neos /Sparkman /Shining Phoenix Enforcer /The Shining / Absolute Zero (Superheroes and Tokusatsu Galor) Chaos Neos - Contrast Hero Chaos - Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight (Yup, these 3 are half Light Half dark theme, but the last one's effect sucked more ass than Stewie Griffin at a gay orgy), Masked Hero Dian (the cool Wonder Woman expy with a sword much bigger than yours *Dirty mind Alert*) Ryu Senshi as the original Dragon Warrior (not Po from Kung Fu Panda), Number 39 monsters (Especially Beyond the Hope, the reason they're called utopia is cause they're perfect), Numbers 79 - 105 - C105 ( I love C105's armor, SPACE GLADIATOR BOXERS FTW), Speed warrior and Sonic Warrior (GOTTA GO FAST), D.D. Survivor (badass Robinson Crusoe across hostile dimensions) Destiny Hero Dasher (GOTTA GO FASTER), Starliege Paladynamo joins the party with neutralizing powers and an extra free card for when he leaves, Guardian of Order (a soldier in white armor with golden energy surges, authority oozes from him) Kuraz the Light Monarch (Masterpiece in artwork, garbage in effect. Basically the messiah of yugioh, only with less preaching about not eating shrimp and more blowing up things), Lightray Gearfried (BROTHERS! I have seen the Light, Join our glorious vision! NO, NOT THE LIGHT OF DESTRUCTION!), Moon Envoy (Vega knockoff who kills with style and a sexy french accent), No. Hunter (Not everyday you get made into a card version of you and your dragon partner fused as a hero out of the movie Tron, Maybe *SPOILER* Kaito gave his life on the moon to be immortalized in this cool card), Strike Ninja (Now you see me, now you d' - throat is slit - Fuck), Vision HERO Fusions Adoration (Super Tentacle Rape Mummy) and Trinity (Iron Man's Hulk buster armor brought to life and called trinity to offend some religious bigots, this armor can beat gods with its triple 5000 attack, GOD SLAYING ARMOR FIT FOR KRATOS OF GOD OF WAR, WATCH OUT UNWORTHY DEITIES!), D.D. Assailant (stereotypical sexy female Ninja from an unrealistic anime), Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier, who will provide you free ice cubes for your drinks with his Ice Coffin tokens, and will put you inside of one if he doesn't like you, overall, he's an "Ice" guy, with a crystalline masterpiece armor of ice, Absent at summer, seasonal jobs. Oh look, his No 1 fanboy, Sonic the hedgehog / Gemini Man's lovechild, Elemental Hero Ice Edge followed him here. Laval Dual Slasher, a fire warrior with dual blades like Crimson Blader, but Elbow blades instead of swords, looks more like a buffed up barbaric E HERO Neos than a gallant swordsman, but that's part of his charm. MetaKnight's (Kirby) joyful ambiguously gay cousin Little-Winguard with cuteness factor, and finally, Number 86 Heroic Champion Rhongomiant, the Manliest, most stylish and dreaded of all Killing machines, that is if you can fucking get him to show up at your army by getting 5 warrior cheer-leaders soldiers to utter his name 10 times in a row very fast, that's annoying as hell to do, but his effects are worth it. But Plasma finally won. Why? In my opinion, this creature can be seen as the epitome of an Ultimate Lifeform for monsters: Able to negate all effects on field, as well as drain the life-force of his victim and make it its own, no one is safe from his Bloody Tears attack and his Mesmerizing Glare, except for this asshole raining on his parade, Wyarm the Progenitor Dragon, oh well, traps and spells are there for a reason. Plasma also has the looks for the role of the ultimate Killer / Hunter. Smells like Greatness - And the lifeless corpses of Plasma's victims.

5 - Beast Warrior: Phantom-Beast Rock-Lizard: First, let's get 1 thing straight: the Beast-warrior type, i despised it. Most of the times, it represented hideous human-beast fusions which were NOT my liking. However there were a few exceptions: Ghost Knight of Jackal (Goyo Guardian, I am your Father) , the Bujin level 4 emperors and Bujinki Amaterasu the whoop-ass with a sexy tail - i mean coccyx - are these humans or half-beast? Firefists Horse Prince (it has a Shiny Ponyta) and Spirit (the ink smudge made into a card), Constellar Hyades and Omega Put the "C" In "Constellar and Cool", Black Ray Lancer - Full Armored Black Ray Lancer as Black Manta ripoffs, but who do it much better than the DC supervillain, Number 72 Shogi Rook (effect sucks, But chess theme is so classy i'll need two monocles), Gaia Drake the Universal Force (More Awesome, you get coolness poisoning), Wind-up Rabbit (Bugs bunny ripoff, anytime you try to hunt and catch him, he disappears and escapes). But the OG Badasses are the Phantom-Beasts (Not you Wild-Horn, you look like a roadkill a cow spit out) the twin headed Thunder Pegasus, the Golden Bird that radiates power Cross-Wing, and the walking Tank that will blow everything and blow up in your face if you manage somehow to take it down, Rock-Lizard. This card is pure unadulterated Raw sweetness, it's a centaur, with the head of a lizard with a beak, and covered in sharp armor that will cut you. I even made a solidarity phantom beast deck just for this guy, no regrets. Now if you'll excuse me, i'll ride this magnificent steed into the Rainbow and chase some unicorns, but i'll need an iron saddle to protect my sensitive balls from its sharp scales.

6 - Beast: Naturia Exterio: While not as unnerving to me as most generic Beast-Warriors are, i didn't really like beasts, since i always went for more humanoid beings. But i enjoyed using the Heraldic Beasts, even using Flame Tiger and Chain Dog with them once. While rare, the beasts i liked most were Two Thousand Needles the hedgehog (and his sidekick Bujingi Fox), Dynatherium (Move like the wind, Strike like Lightning, the Lucha Libre Hippo), Wolverine - i mean X-Saber Airbellum, Constellar Leonis (I'm Leo too!) and Sheratan (BEEEE-AUTIFL card), Kinka-Byo (Combine with Galaxy-eyes Cloud dragon for unlimited monster reborns for your dragons! Also creepy Cool) Number 44 Sky Pegasus (WHY DID SUCH A GOOD LOOKING EQUINE HAVE TO SUCK SO HARD!), ZW - Leo Arms (Talk about bonding with animals on a new level, or zoophilia), the Fabled Unicore and Kudabbi as the animals possessed by "the exorcist"'s demon, Thunder Unicorn, Voltic Bicorn, Lightning Tricorn - My little pony OCs who were force-fed Pikachus to look more Hip and appeal to a wider audience; The king of the jungle who became one with the Tree he used to hump: Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree. But those who know me should know that the style of monster i love is one that screams Cool and which can DISRUPT MY OPPONENT INTO OBLIVION, Leo looks the part and has the immunity for it, But No 1 spot goes to Naturia Exterio. This noble animal is the fusion of 2 spirits of nature, a wooden Dragon and a Chibi Tiger, resulting into this Superb specimen, an unholy Miracle, a Splendid abomination, Naturia Extrio, it can virtually negate the activation of traps and spells easier than a hillbilly can count on their inbred deformed fingers, part of its effect setting the cost ready for the next time it needs to sharpen its claws or fangs on your precious spells and traps.

7 - Winged Beast: Mist Valley Apex Avian: Let me say this before: I love birds in general, how they soar high and free. Unfortunately, most of the birds of yugioh let me down; There's the harpies: They can kick your ass into the void with the help of their new cards, but they're not just not my style (All female army of mythic creatures whose major purpose is fanservice - privilege of the full Konami Cleavage censoring. Dragunity: while i never played them, i faced them and saw them enough to admit that they can kick Cloaca - i mean feathers - ASS, and their riders look sweet as well, especially Militum (OH it seems this winged knight with ruffling feathers is a woman, RAWR!) but the thing is, The synchro gig drove me crazy back then, it still does now, specific tuners - non tuners - exact level crap etc. You could not make a generic deck for synchros, it required a specific deck made to summon some among many along with some personal complications. Good thing xyz don't have MUCH of that problem for the most part, But Rio's xyz need level 4 - 5 birds like blackwing synchros need their own kind to survive, RACIAL INBREEDING FTW! The idea of Bird-men riding dragons was awesome, i'll give you that. D.D. Crow, an interdimensional avian disruptor who also takes a shit on the opponent's head to rub it in; Spheres: Transforming sphere sucks but is here just for its pedigree, Troposphere eats traps for snacks, Atmosphere is a majestic Sky sovereign with an absorption effect and easy summon, but lacks the Mesmerizing glare power of Plasma, HE-MAN Stealth Bird who uses the color baby-blue to show how manly he is, Heraldic Beast Twin-headed eagle is No 103's favorite food with burden of mighty, and not bad as roasted Poultry either. Rio's main deck water birds looked "Sub-Zero Cool" as well, PUN, Mist valley soldier as Samurai Jack Cosplayer, Bishounen Mist Valley Falcon which makes everyone question their sexuality, Battlestorm and Dark Simorgh, the first is essentially Loki himself with wings, the other Odin's crow who just ate too much roasted boar in Valhalla; The true emperor of the Ozone Layer (Not that Rayquaza tapeworm) Raiza the storm monarch, and his pokemon-ripoff mega form, but he wears this mega form better than most pokemon. Last but not least, the Cursed Gift, the Blessed Failure, HE-WHO-HAD-THE-MARKS-OF-GREATNESS-BUT-WAS-KONAMI-DENIED, STORM SHOOTER! When i laid eyes on this card's artwork, it was art Love at first sight, a strong, serious NOT UGLY bird humanoid with an equally kickass Mask who uses a feather storm to defeat his opponents - HELAS, it was one of those never to be seen again Senet cards whose power depends on a card's position. This card could move, granted, but it could not use its Bouncing effect the same turn it flew to another zone, and was a level 7 with 2300 ATK and no means of self defense, the only thing it could do was blast what was in front of it directly, OR fly and wait. Now, it can be used with solidarity, the first monarch and spatial collapse but still annoying to use, i even tried ninjas to summon it before. Then is the Regal as fuck Mist Valley Apex Avian, Boosted even further with it being a level 7 at the era of pendulums; Using this Proud Bird of Prey with Mist valley Thunderbird, as well as the protection of Pixie ring and some support cards against fiendish chain and MST and Wiretap, you can dominate the game.

8 - Fiend: Armades, Keeper of Boundaries: Interrupting AGAIN. I didn't like many fiends since they depicted mostly demonic abominations with faces not even a mother could love. However, some did it right after a while, being horrible in a GRUE-AWESOME way. The Yubel series was a cherry on top of GX's monstrosities, The Supremacy Sun took that cherry and popped Yubel's for GX manga, Masked Beast Des Gardius was a very original card with a Voodoo Spell that looks like an alien chestburster in a mask, Koa'ki Meiru Valafar was Hot as the flames of Hell (PUNTASTIC), Fallen angels also get a spot: Belial - Marquis of Darkness and Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon know how to fall from grace WITH grace and style, the undead native American which caused a curse in many b-movies with Indian burial grounds - Guardian Dreadscythe, Dark Necrofear holding her unholy spawn of Satan Mating with Necroface and being blessed by Loki, THE ENTIRE EVIL HERO SERIES - EVIL TASTES GREAT! Vanity's Fiend is also one of the coolest (high ranking fallen angel), the Demon Lord Gaap the Divine Soldier also called "Edawrd Dildo-Wings", our destructive primeval instincts incarnated as "Ido the Supreme Magical Force" who is just still shocked beyond words at what porn we fap to, Image Comic's Hellspawn Al Simons My bad, it's "Prometheus, King of the Shadows"! Next, the badass duo of the Gemini Imps, no longer the immature "Delinquent Duo"! Then the sneaky Night Assailant - SLASH - AW COME ONE, STRIKE NINJA ALREADY DID ENOUGH! WHERE THE HELL TO FIND A HOSPITAL AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT! The Demon deity of the different dimension visiting our world on a carpet of crimson flames, Gren Maju Da Eiza! The sublime Reshef the Dark Being who is totally not a villain, Dark Highlander (Played by the Reaper of Final Destination) and Fabled Ragin, who isn't butass ugly like his synchro brothers, And was badass enough to gain an xyz version Evilswarm Thanatos, riding a cursed unicorn and leaving Konami's annoying nerfing after taking a rainbow unicorn dump on their dishonestly earned cash, Number 80 and C80, Rhapsody and Requiem, Living armor suits inhabited by a mad bloodthirsty spirit (is that a children's card game again?) that can banish cards to mess up strategies; The wicked Steelswarm Roach and his purified Form, Evilswarm Exciton Knight, oh great, we got rid of a disgusting roach, but we got an annoying fly instead; Majesty's Fiend: it represents the stereotypical Highest ranking Fallen angel with bishounen flowing hair, a body made of pure energy and a golden Suit of mail that would make an Midas jealous, and it prevents the activation of all monster effects, with march of the monarchs, many decks die of fear. Another, is Darkness Destroyer. Look at that thing, i mean, LOOK AT IT DAMMNIT! It screams "Made of pure evil and destruction", if you meet it in a dark alley, you won't be even able to say your prayers, you'd have already been killed. But that is what i call going down with style, by an evil beast that puts the "E" in Evil, and the "K" in "Kool - KILL IT WITH FIRE!" Powerful double attacker with piercing damage, with Sinister Yorishiro, and March of Monarchs - The First Monarch, even deadlier than before. Also on the podium, Frozen Fitzgerald. Yup, you heard me. That Icicle monstrosity is among the best (at least in theme) for me. I hate though that you need SPECIFIC AS Fuck materials to summon it, even less that it was nerfed to be just a wall when released, instead of a spiked wall that slaughters vengefully anything that dares attack it. But it is one of the most original fiend types of all, a Yuki-ona for crying out loud! Finally, No 1: Armades, Keeper of Boundaries, as i said, i loved things that have to do with balance between two opposite forces, Armades is a LIGHT fiend-type, who tries to calm his 2 brothers, Adreus and Tiras, to stop them from eternally clashing with each other, sort of like the only grown-up at a "Mario vs Sonic" Debate. A neutral and apparently wise being as well, with a kickass design (that asymmetrical wing would piss off Death the Kid).

9 - Fairy: Archlord Kristya: Do you know what time it is? INTERRUPTION TIME! But this time, a more optimistic tone. Fairies (Angels, in japan) are among my most favorite types of all time ,not the girly pixies however, but Flelf and Shining Elf are cool with me. Runner ups: Archlord Zerato as the celestial badass who was once a man (and then tuned evil and killed everyone, but let's not spoil the mood), Airknight Parshath and his enchanted armor that reaks horse butt sweat, "Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin". Metaion the timelord burns my opponent's hopes, and Sephylon descends from heavens to preach to them the way of the Egyptian gods and smite them if they refuse to convert, also he can empower his buddies with 4000 atk free of steroids. Darklord Desire represents the sin of lust to the max, being a smooth as hell sexy mutherf*kuh! Winged Kuriboh LV10 is proof that big things come in small packages, and Winged Kuriboh LV9 though smaller, has a just as nasty bite. Ma'at herself comes to judge all the scrubs and cheating duelists, eventhough her effect sucks all kinds of ass. Dimensional Alchemist is the mysterious and calm brainiac of the group, Vylon Disigma is a cute little annihilator of tribes, yes he is, isn't that right, Lumine and Copy X (Mega Man)? We're not forgetting his Great-grandfather, Vylon Omega, who incinerates all those Normal summon Filthy casuals with his light, "You youngsters keep off my field!" Visiting from America, Pocahontas - i mean, Guardian Aetos, Rafael's foster mother and her delightful feathery gowns. Vanity Ruler seems to be enjoying his spot, even more since his incarnations Vanity's fiend and Majesty's fiend have made it into the runner up list too; Tualatin then comes to annihilate all those who swarm with single-attributed cards, like blackwings, god i hate these birds, good going my friend! Angel 07 is displaying some impressive show of monster effect prevention, but Majesty's fiend pwned him hard at his game. "Tethys, Goddess of Light" multiplies our bountiful harvest with her effect. THE ENTIRE STAR SERAPH SUPER SMOOTH SUPREME SQUAD is joining us, at its head, Number 102 Star seraph sentry and Number C102 Fallen Star Seraph Noble Archfiend, while they may fight you and incinerate you with their Holy or Unholy Lightning, they're still Noble well-meaning souls. WHY DID THEIR AWESOMENESS HAVE TO OVERSHADOWED BY THE TELLARKNIGHTS! The Cloudians make a guest appearance as one for the best GX Archetypes! Unfortunately, Fishborg Blaster is still banned, so sorry, no top tiering again. HONEST, the guardian spirit of Yusuke Fujiwara and maybe his secret lover judging by how Overkill he went when looking out for him, fiercely loyal to those he deems worthy. Splendid Venus descends in all her grace, making all non-fairies cower in fear and lose 500 atk and def, if you try to negate anything, she'll bend you arm in ways that defy logic, and will let Victoria release her draconic hounds on you, they haven't eaten any living squirming prey in days. Here's El-Shadoll Nephilim, partying with us today in this truce, for tomorrow, we shall all get back to kicking each others' Holy Hiney. Power Ranger Megazords of the heavens! ASSEMBLE! Herald of Orange, Purple and Green Light, into Herald of Perfection! Herald of perfection, Rainbow Light and Pure Light, Form Herald of Glorious Light! Going on, we have a Rank 3 xyz who takes on the mantle of a Cybernetic Angel from Lumine of Mega Man X8 and wears it rather well, none other than Mechquipped Angineer! And finally, we have Aurora Paragon dazzling us with her graceful light shows, presenting her big sister / brother / (i don't know), the one who won this contest: Archlord Kristya! As said in another deviation, Kristya is one Duel monster i'll always consider a spirit partner (i know cards don't have conscience, but let's not ruin the mood), effect-wise, design-wise, stat-wise... If i believed in fate, i'd say we are soulmates - soul-partners, but i don't, so i deduce that Konami accepted my bribe.

10 - Insect: Dreadscythe Harvester: Insects aren't my thing, but i liked Inzektors inspired of Kamen Riders, mostly Hornet, Exa-Beetle and Exa-Stag, as well as Number 66 Master Key beetle, who opens with its phallic key the locks of love (let's hope there are no crabs there). My pick has a cool Mantis-Reaper theme, but Brain crusher is Disgustingly Cool and more useful.

11 - Dinosaur: Sauropod Brachion: Best ones: Oxygeddon: Pterodactyl made of air, how cool is that? Air Avatar Aang, meet your maker! Carboneddon: a life-from of pure graphite that becomes a lady's best friend - NO, NOT A MUFFIN-MAN, DIAMONDS, DON'T YOU KNOW MARLYN MONROE'S SONG? What were they thinking sending a dino in space (Galaxy Tyranno)? I bet they were trying to study the meteorites to find a counter to them before they hit them, oh well. Hazy Flame Hydra, other than having faces that will haunt your nightmares and make you need diapers in bed again, is great in hazy flame decks, can make a 5 material mons easy, included rank 6 Evolzar! Numbers 61 and 19, Volcasaurus and Freezadon: very creative theme and design, but wait, didn't they say it could have been a Powerful Heat Wave or Glaciation Age that killed the Dinos? Those must have adapted and became on with that phenomenon to survive, the smart critters. Oh look, the Tyrannosaurus we sent into space is coming backed fused with an asteroid, it's now Jurrac Meteor and is coming in to give us a hug, how lovely. WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Well, before we are all incinerated, let's take one final look at this strange interesting specimen, Super-Ancient Dinobeast, a literal living fossil. OH LOOK, AN ENORMOUS TAIL SWIPE DEVIATED JURRAC METEOR OFF FROM US, WE ARE SAVED, BY NONE OTHER THAN NO 1! Sauropod Brachion, while not much on the offensive side, is the biggest, meanest and hardest scaly shield you'll ever meet, he could crash with a meteor with no harm with his 3000 DEF as seen now, and even double the damage that attacker takes; if that isn't enough, in addition of being a motherfucking Boss Brontosaur thing, should you let him flip summon, it's lights out for everyone, go to face-down position my friends, sweet Neanderthal nightmares!

12 - Masked Chameleon: The venom aces, Vennominaga and her wimpy lap-dog husband are good. I LOVE the Gagagigo line, which talks how the young evildoer Gigobyte discovers through his journey what it means to be someone worthy, with the help of Marauding Captain. Masked chameleon however wins the spot: a level 4 tuner, that can summon ANY 0 DEF monster from grave, and then BAM, Instant Xyz or synchro. Plus it has a bloody fascinating mask.

13 - Fish: Shark Caesar: Fish? Honey, i can't even stand sushi! Though a smoked trout is nice, but we're talking about cards here. Fish aren't my faves, but i like Shark from ZEXAL used a water deck with many fish cards, favorite frying ingredients for sea food dinner: Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon and Shark Caesar Salad- i mean, Sushi Caesar - GODAMNIT, I CAN'T WORK ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! SHARK CAESAR!

14 - Sea Serpent: Number 47: Nightmare Shark: Sea Serpents are interesting, they're dragons that live, breathe and take a dump, all under water (they also like to take a shit on their defeated adversaries, or teabag them) Good ones: Water Dragon, the culmination to the closest thing this card game has for actual Chemistry, Poseidra the Atlantean Dragon (Poseidon is going to sue you for using his name on this hideous beast), The OG of the water structure decks and previous ocean lord before being usurped from the throne by Poseidra: Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus; Blue Dragon Ninja the Japanese warrior who can get you in the mood with his giant wet snake - SEA SERPENT AURA YOU DIRTY MINDED FREAKS! Skystarray, a flying emerald green manta ray that developed wings to migrate away from the polluted Lebanese waters which ironically, mutated it to have wings, and to feast on innocent bystanders; then we have Number 32 and C32, Jaws ripoff and Great White Jaws ripoff (Shark Drake and Shark Drake Weiss), (Any idea how a sea serpent managed to be set ablaze underwater? Lavalval chain, a mystery to behold) and spearfish soldier, an overgrown man who got hit on the head and now wears shellfish all over his body thinking he's a devout soldier at the service of the great ocean lord. And Now, No 1: Number 47 Nightmare Shark. Seems like a fusion of a shark and a floating ninja with hand blades, cool, what's not to like?

15 - Machine: Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk: Machines, one of the greatest types. There are a lot of machine-types i loved, starting with the atrociously Useless but making up for it with its looks Cyber Laser Dragon, the Dragon-Draining Instrument of Armageddon Cyberdark Dragon, B.E.S. Crystal Core (Favorite Gradius Boss) and the Gradius cards altogether (they could use some good support, i only ran them with solidarity, i liked Flint Lock and its related cards the most), Gear Gigant X as the Megazord of the living gears, Anna's Night Express Knight was the best out of her Train wrecks, Flying Fortress Sky Fire, the Reactor cards and Dark Strike Fighter make the WWII aircraft weaponry proud with their legacy, Armoroid was porbably the only Roid monster that wasn't a chibbi overload of sweetness and diabetes, but a kick ass Space Megazord. Of course, how can we continue without mentioning my favorite Mechanical Celestial monstrosities, Number 40 and C40, Gimmick Puppet Heaven's strings and Devil's strings. They look like humanoid abominations, like what angels in some mythologies are said to look like, and have the power to back up the sense of fear cast on you. Now, Genex Solar shines his way through the darkness of ignorance of mankind, cutting a path for the All-Stars: THE GENEX ALLIES! Yes, those Mega Man inspired badass automatons have the most special place in my heart. Their attribute powers and manipulation even reflect Mega Man's adaptive ability, and his ability to gain new weapons for each situation. Volcannon is the Vile of the series, sacrificing mercilessly his allies to inflict massive damage to his enemies, Duradark is the X, using a specific weapon to instantly destroy an evil-doer. Their extra deck mons also are among the only synchros i ever wanted to bother summoning! Machina Gearframe is the Humanoid Armor converter of the series, sort of like Rhapsody, downside of the job, smelling like machine oils sweat all day. The original Megazords of yugioh, the XYZ Brothers and their cousins VW with all their mecha forms, including VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon! Gearspring spirit is a good example of how to take an ancient folklore malevolent spirit and "Mechanify" it while still retaining its eerie aura! Cyber Raider, the Robin Hood who steals from the Modern Androids to give to the outdated wind-up robots, can disrupt an Utopia ZW strategy. Moving on, the Death Machine brothers, The crabby KA-2 Des Scissors And the treacherous Needle Burrower, with a sign saying "Pet me" (DO NOT DO IT). Dark Catapulter is as intriguing as a spawn of a dinosaur and the mad computer GLaDOS (Portal) can be, the Steed Hijacking Link (Zelda) - i mean Union Rider fits nice too. The new denominators also look nice, Master Chief is going to sue Konami hard. Cyber Falcon (Skarmory ripoff) is looking pretty fly, and Giga-Tech Wolf is smoking, Bass from Mega Man is suing for using Trebble's design. Buster Blaster has a nice theme, a robot that morphs into a freaging Gun, like an anime i heard of: "Soul Eater". Needle Man and Spark Man's robotic lovechild, Needle Soldier. T.G. Blade Blaster and his proud daddy T.G. Halberd Cannon are the epitome of what battle Robots would be like in a mechanical Utopia, where robots would have evolved so far they would have eradicated the now useless humans. Creepy, but still badass. Vindikite R-Genex is an excellent example of an aircraft that evades radar detection and strikes with supreme stealth, yes, i'm looking at you, Stealthroid and Mecha-Phantom Beasts, this kid is more stealthy than the Malaysian plane! Remember what i said about the T.G. brothers? Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer is laughing mad about how ridiculous he thinks my statement was, and after seeing him, i sort of agree, at least for when it comes to Bulk and raw destruction potential. In these fields, this Unicron-Megazord ripoff takes the cake, puts it back on Earth, Aims, and blows the whole Galaxy up just because he can. Cyber Dragon Nova is one of the only examples of an intended amalgam of all sorts of monsters that actually looks and works well. Constellar Ptolemy M7 is a good way to show what celestial saviors would fuse into, a draconic mechanical abomination that kills more than it saves, nice! Now, you remember what i said about Storm Shooter? The exact same thing applies to - drum rolls - Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis! I mean, just look at that Spawn of Tartarus! IT IS A FREAGING VOLCANO ON LEGS! How much more manly can you get before dying of testosterone poisoning!? But the effect sucked hard. Farewell, Athlandis, i'll miss you and your chaos evolution well. Number 9 and Number C9: Where are they? Why, you are standing right on them, dear fellows! They do not call them Dyson Sphere and Chaos Dyson Sphere the space colonies for nothing! They are Ginormous Cosmic Utopias in the middle of space, built around a star which supplies them with enormous quantities of energy! You have any planet system you want to get remove because they're blocking your view? BAM, STELLAR BOMBARDMENT! Or just use C9 to absorb them inside! And do not worry about attacks, Number 9 can create black holes to absorb the most powerful of hyper-beam attacks. And now, to No. 1 of this list, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything in card form, Number 42.... Galaxy Tomahawk, the surrogate sister of Dyson Sphere in the manga! Both are space-related mega structures, summoned through similar methods and have a support trap card (Tomahawk cannon and Space Gate). I chose No 42 for these reasons: i wanted a monster that looked different from the others here, so i opted with a spacecraft. Why No 42? Its manga appearance is memorable, unlike the repulsive guy who used it, nice effect as well, summoning a fleet to attack. It has no ATK points by itself, but an enormous 3000 DEF Wall. Original, appearance wise, it's a fucking mechanical Space Manta Ray equipped with laser cannons and a breeding ground for kamikaze hatch-lings! Also, the first WIND number to appear, and wind machines by themselves are not very common. YOU SHALL BE ASSIMILATED INTO THE GLORIOUS WAYS OF THE COSMIC MANTA RAY HIVE MIND OR BE DEVOURED BY OUR SPACE DINOSAURS! (Galaxy Tyranno)

16 - Thunder: Lightning Chidori: My Faves are the humanoid Gem-Knight Tourmaline (U-Mad Sparkman?) and his fusion Gem-Knight Topaz, who bring the surges of electrical energy to good, i mean destructive use. Gem-Knight Prismaura also has a say on how to channel the power of lightning into destructive blasts, but only against bad guys, they've got standards after all. While i don't really like the design and theme of batterymen cards, i admit they are very useful, heck, i even use 9-Volt, Micro-Cell and AAA with the Hunder family and Thunder Sea Horse from Zexal. The calculator and the calibrator have interesting concepts, and even nice designs for hulking Counting machines of mass destruction, UNLIKE SOMEONE I NOW (Slot Machine). I don't like Watts theme either (cute animals of electricity that sometimes look downright creepy), but i acknowledge that they can be DEADLY, with a capital "W" from the opponent when saying "WATT JUST HAPPENED? HOW DID I LOSE TO THEM?" Denkou Sekka is a shocking prime example of how much dangerous a woman dressing as a samurai in the 21st century with cheap dyed hair (That alone should give you a hint that she might not have all her marbles in place, but she's still hot) can be when wielding electricity, in ways other than a tazer to use on anyone who approaches them while yelling "RAAAAAPE!" (i am portraying Feme-Nazis, not feminists). Thunder King Rai-oh is not called the king of stun for nothing, he stuns better than a corrupt police officer with a tazer. Thunder Dragon was among my first cards, and while i couldn't use it well back then, i still like how a dragon is in fact a spirit of thunder, it looks gorgeous as well (No, i don't have a Dragon fetish or a Thunder-boner like Kaiba). Guardian Tryce is design wise my favorite of the 6 elemental guardians, same for his twin-swords, but like many other cool cards, he suffers from "Nerfosis Suckyassis Effecto Rectum", in other words, his effects bites his own ass hard. Lightning Punisher is a good example that Bright and light aren't always good and soft, and what the hell is with that creepy mask that looks like Vega's and these bloodshot eyes? I guess his hair is up due to all that static, or he's simply off his meds like Yami Marik. Finally, there is The Creator, who build the entire duel monster world in half the time Konami needs to think up a balanced and cool card, and then proceeded to party with his homies, and unlike some gods in known religions, he treats mortals well, since he remember well what it was like being one (The Creator Incarnate) and sympathizes with them. There is also his evil twin, the dark creator, like every generic story, who plots behind his back to take him down and become the most sexy thunder villain in all of yugioh (little does he know that lightning Punisher will backstab him like Starscream from Transformers after he succeeds, and be this ultimate sexy villain). Finally, there is Elemental Hero Voltic, the inspiration behind Pulseman and his Pikachu-cheap-imitation attack Voltecker. I chose for a thunder-type Top 1 a rather original xyz monster, Lightning Chidori, 1900 atk, Wind attribute, rank 4. It is inspired also of a legend that i liked, of a samurai who used his sword "chidori" to slice away the thunder god, plus, that card's design (colors included) has got "DON'T DUCK - FUCK (DAMN AUTOCORRECT) WITH YOUR MASTER YOU UNWORTHY SLIME!" splattered all over it (it also splatters the blood of its enemies, and the tears of its opponents with its kickass effect). Yup, Top 1 in its rawest purest unadulterated form.

17 - Aqua: Number C101: Silent Honor DARK: Aqua-type: some are awesome, some neutral, some must have crawled out of the garbage bin, given their slimy appearance. My favorites include: Cloudian - Eye of the Storm, a tornado fused with a cyclops by some twisted mind of a five year old working on making new Konami cards with "balanced" effects. Mobius the Frost Monarch and His Mega Form, they are among my all time favorites of ALL, I love Icy monsters after all, you have a few set spells and traps, they avalanche them to oblivion, and don't think of chaining them, Mega Mobius is all "FREEZE MOTHERFUCKUH! LITERALLY!" with his effect; Their familiar Essha the frost vassal says hi as well. The Metallizing Parasites, Lunatite and Soltite, are very instersing monsters, Symbiotic Unions that bond with anything giving it a metallic - Aqueous protection. Warrior of Atlantis is a swell looking freaky fish guy, with a built-in harpoon (Abridged Mako Tsunami), Freezing Beast maybe be an ice monster, but it is Burning Hot with awesomeness! Burning Beast is at the shallow end of the awesomeness gene pool. There is the ravishing maiden of the boobies- I mean, Hottie of the Aqua - you know what, i am too hungry to care, maiden of the aqua. ZW - Ultimate Shield is an intelligent concept: Black tortoise (EARTH attributed) that summons a banished Utopia and becomes a shield, quite an interesting idea. Coming next from Japan Hentai industries, the Tentacle rapist - Real Name, Skull Kraken, usually, people only film porn of his tentacles without his face ever showing up as to have people cum more than barf. Despite his face that only a mother could love (well, his mother Was the first to vomit upon seeing him hatch), he's a real swell guy who likes to cuddle more than rape. The two stealthy and efficient assassins of the ice barrier, Dewdark and secret guards, they may kill with a cold glare, but they're warm guys outside of their jobs, who like long romantic walks in the field spell Wetlands. Unifrog, due to is color and elegant horn which can be used as a dildo for some, or to REALLY FUCK SOME JERKASSES IN THEIR ASS UNTIL THEY TASTE THEIR FECES, is a cool frog. Humanoid worm Drake is a cool fusion monster, an abomination that has some beauty, a chaotic slimy creature with style. Leviair the sea dragon is a cool wind aqua, design wise and effect wise, too bad i never use rank 3 (almost), but you don't really need to eat chocolate to know it's awesome, same with Leviair (USING HIM, NOT EATING HIM! His scales are too tough to chew, and the cardboard tastes awful, ask any "maxx c" challenge taker). Unformed Void is also a magnificent depiction of what could be an alien hatchling of an unholy union between Worm Zero and Number 18, these 2 must be so proud. Finally, we have No 1, introduced by his Sentient Subamarine ship of the 20 000 leagues under the sea Number 101 Silent Honors Ark Knight, none other than Captain Nemo! Sikes, it is in fact Number C101 Silent Hornors Dark Knight (they removed the word Knight in the TCG cause if Batman would sue, they lost in advance). A humanoid anti-hero in dark clothes fueled by hatred and determination, an urge to resurrect from being worm food virtually anytime to pursue relentlessly the evil-doers as well as give hope to his allies, and the skills to defeat almost any opponent. Yup, totally nothing to do with Batman, folks. A Lance weapon, barian energy lines, and an absorption effect to neutralize many threats, An Lp boost ability, this is the ultimate battle machine, and the best thing ever since the Bat-submarine (which he ejects from when summoned).

18 - Pyro: Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird: Like Thunder, a nice type idea, but not many cool monsters ( I imagine them making water pyros, frozen flames). Uria the lord of searing flames is the first among them, a serpentine deity of hellish flames, who likes nothing more than to have well done smores, so as long as you have biscuits and marshmallows, you have nothing to fear, But for the sake of Ra, do not overdo them in front of him, or you'll be dreadfully sorry. Infernal Flame Emperor is a nice concept for an overlord ruler of flames as well, alongside Thestalos the Firestorm monarch and his mega form, one is a beastly monstrosity made entirely out of hellish fire that could consume even the amount of BS politicians use, another is inspired of a roman emperor who wanted nothing more than to watch the world (Rome) burn, literally. Their servants, royal firestorms guard, are no slouches either. My fave Volcanics are Hammerer, the wrestler wannabe, and Shell, which has grown bored of being used as nothing more than ammunition for fireball fights. Watch out, here's Evilswarm Obliviwisp ( i love this card, a dark pyro monster, will-o-wisps have been associated a lot with ghosts) coming back from the dead (molten zombie can work) to give a message: Coming from the past to haunt all those who claim idiotically and with a bigoted mind that geocentrism is true, are the 3 ghosts of Heliocentrism: Past (Helios, plain), Present (Helios Duo Megistus) and Future (Helios Trice Megistus), who will show these idiots that if they don't change their fanatical ways, they will be transported billions of years into the future to witness the sun go supernova, RIGHT IN THEIR HEADS, or asses, same thing for these idiots! A cutie-pie that's also a real annihilator of life with hidden potential, Raging Flame Sprite, the more he eats your lps out, the bigger he gets, Just like people and Mcdonalds, however he won't have a heart attack from eating too many lps and he'd still be healthy and pretty. Daigusto Phoenix is a cool Pyro - Wind card, too bad it looks more like a mutated pterodactyl begging you to put it out of its misery than a phoenix. Solar Flare dragon is also cool enough to be here i my opinion, but his best friends gravity bind and Level limit area - B aren't allowed here, so he brought another friend instead: Inferno. The name alone should tell you not to be surprised to see a malevolent flame entity laughing maniacally with the seared skulls of its victims replacing its teeth; I'm definitely sure it's not a villain though *Inferno spits out the skull of Galaxy Tyranno with the helmet, albeit horribly melted, still on* Bad Inferno, no spitting hairballs! The No 1 Pyro of all time, straight out of 5DS manga, still red hot like Mexican Tamales (not the fake Taco Bell ones), Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird! A fusion of a pyro and machine, embodied by a Super Cool Combo of a Phoenix and a giant Aircraft bomber, remember kids, war and fire are cool! Phonixes are awesome, and this card reminds me of one of my Mega Man X Favorite Maverick bosses theme, Blaze Heatnix! It looks like a Mecha-Phantom Beast Plane caught fire (i hate those monsters), Cool!

19 - Rock: Armor Exe: Rock types are interesting, they don't exactly excel in defense more than in offense. First, Gem-Knight crystal stands proud as the best individual rock-type normal monster, his war medals shining as brightly as the fungus-like jewels on his shoulders, accompanied by his trusted second in command, Gem-night Alexandrite, who will protect his superior at all costs, even at the risk of his jewels being stained with dirt and losing their glamorous luster, eliminating his Chick-Magnet status, after all, diamonds are a lady's best friend. Wait, are we taking the lyrics of Hold-Your-Skirt Monroe as dating tips? Sheesh, we sunk so low. The 3 Magnet Warriors, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, with the ability to fuse into a humungous Robotic Rock Golem (NOT pokemon's Golurk, no copyright), Valkyrion the Magna Warrior! Just look at the size of his rock-hard sword, don't you want to stroke it? INNUENDO ALERT! Power Giant is here because of his fabulous looks, and to replace our broken disco ball - But his gems are more than to just look pretty, as long as he's battling, he won't take any of your burn damage shit. Hieracropshinx is a nice designed card based on a cool mythos creature, Tackle Crusader is a nice piece of junk - i meant, abstract art that has risen out of the junkyard - i mean art exhibit, to celebrate with us, That thing eats Safe-Zoned Number 66 for breakfast. He may look scrawny, but Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo is a cold-blooded killer, provided there is still some blood under these bones. Presenting the Trio of Soil, The Hard-to-the-Iron-Core Gang, they're here to dish out dirt and how awesome they are at everyone: The Koa'ki Meiru Brothers, Sandman, Guardian, and Wall, providing stun support to rock types since 5ds! Gem-Knight Lazuli may be made of stone, but she's a Moe (anime subtype) with a heart as mushy as marshmallow, just look at how cute the little angel is! Careful, do not take her for Granite - granted, she can still kick your butt with the power of a master Earth Bender (Avatar). Supervising all, is the ultimate Diamond benevolent overlord, Gem-Knight Master Dia! Look at all his jewelry, that nigga didn't get all his shiny bling by just eating chicken (stereotype, not racism), he fought the forces of the Evilswarm like a boss, and used their polished skeletal remains as jewels and medals! Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight is handing tracts to tell kids not to be tempted like he was by the Evilswarm side of the force, even if they tell you they have candy and mint edition tour guide cards. There are the Gem-Knight exchange student with the Gishki (Gem-Knight Pearl) and the Gusto foreigner that settled down with the Diamond knights (Daigusto Emeral). Oh look, a giant enemy crab with precious valuable Diamonds growing all over its back, NO NO NO! PUT THESE AXES DOWN! DO NOT SHOOT ITS WEAK POINT! It's Number 52 Diamond King Crab, shame on you all! *discretely picks up a diamond that has fallen from No 52's shell* What? It was on the ground, i didn't tear it off him. Anyway, a card that is the result of fusing a level 4 rock monster with anime support cards: GOGOGO GOLEM GOLDEN FORM! Look at him! This dude must have snatched Mr. T's bling, melted it with his own hotness and covered himself with it! But was the 1500 FREAKING FUCKING POINTS LOSS + NO DESTROY REALLY NECESSARY YOU KONAMI CREEPS! And now, for the No 1 of rocks, a card avoided like a Plague Wolf and Pestilence (not the spell cards), Armor Exe, a magical living armor out of rock in which magical energy flows inside, aka Iron Man's armor's stone-age ancestor.

20 - Plant: Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis: Among the Best are the flower princesses and their ace, Number 87 Queen of the Night, you get all the fruit harvest you want with their help, DO NOT ASK FOR CHERRIES, THEY'RE VERY DIRTY MINDED AND SUSCEPTIBLE. There's Jaden's slimy taggalong girl, Neo Spacian Twinkle Moss (the moral guardian bigots censored her card artwork, they seem to have boob-phobia) whose slimy body is already well lubed for action (PERVERTED MINDS, BEGONE! THE POWER OF VIRGINS COMPELS YOU!), Fairy Knight Ingunar as nature's very own badass swordsman and mass bouncer. Oreo - well time for dessert - Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter as a majestic Fruit Salad Phoenix, and is also called a Fabulous Fruit, Tropius's cousin (pokemon), but i ain't running in my deck a grass/flying with x4 weakness to Ice! Queen of Thorns is what Mother nature would look like, and its effect represents what it would do to you each time you disrespect the environment, as in blasts you for a Super effective Solarbeam for 1000 damage. We also have the fan-made made into RL card Splendid Rose, which proves that Kids can make better cards than Konami, that is until Konami screwed this card's potential effect royally to sign it with their usual crappy work. "Eco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest", This humanoid Nature spirit made of vegetation will make sure you do not start any fire or burn damage on their lush green golf course, cause if you do, it'll bounce this damage back at you, before extinguishing this fire and safeguarding nature. Going on, there is Samsara Lotus, the first Flower to go Super Saiyan (DBZ) judging by her petal hair, with an incredible super power: it comes back from the dead each time, like Kenny of South Park, no matter how many times you kill it, it will find its way again to haunt you, and when it does: It will inflict 1000 damage to its controller, simply because it is pissed off at them for letting her die, just because it can revive doesn't mean it hurts any less or that she has no feelings you sick bastard! Also, we have Queen Angel of Roses and her sister Fallen Angel of Roses, one represents order and "system's justice", the other represents Chaos and Anarchy, two sides of the same coin. They fuse together to make the ultimate being: "Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel", embodying balance between two clashing halves, with full control over this energy, able to choose on its own which side to follow, be it the red Petals of order, the black roses of Anarchy, or an in-between path, without being bound by any prejudices, using only its thinking abilities to decide which is for the best, sometimes even transcending what people are indoctrinated to think of blindly as "Good OR evil". Also, this could represent the Fallen Angel Lucifer, with a pure appearance and different wings on each side, remember kids, Pure and light may not always be good, it can apply to both the sides you know, be it the self-righteous deities and gods, or the rejected demons *History always favors the winner*. Same with darkness not being always evil, Noble demons and all. I use the terms gods and demon symbolically, to talk about beings people are taught from the start to see as good or bad, especially with a black and white mentality, without them doing any analyzing to see what these people truly did and why, be they seen as good or bad by others. The lines between good and bad is never very clear, remember. Anyway, i deciede to choose for No 1 this beauty: Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis, the phoenix flower as me and my cousin called it. A flower of fire that can resurrect continuously (and self destruct, i think someone is either too influenced by Kamikazes or suicide bombing, but at least, they know that *Terminator Voice* "They'll be back"), while burning the opponent, and even has an own "lonefire blossom", called Phoenixian Seed. Too bad that for a level 8, it has only 2200 ATK, but solidarity in my cousin's deck did wonders, and soemtimes, you just need to stall while burning LPs, winning without attacking is great - especially by fighting dirty and targeting sneakily your opponent instead of their monsters and using all sorts of stall cards to hide cowardly behind, All's fair in Duel monsters and war. EXCEPT EXODIA, I WILL RIP YOUR CARDS TO SHREDS, BURN THEM TO ASHES, FEED THEM TO WEEVIL, AND THEN THROW HIM OVERBOARD TO MAKE SURE THEY'RE NEVER FOUND AGAIN IF YOU USE THESE ANNOYING THINGS AGAINST ME.

21 - Psychic: Number 18: Heraldic Progenitor Plain-Coat: I didn't like the first psyhcics, they looked like a cybeorganic experiment with slugs, interdimentsional demons or justin bieber fans went horribly wrong ,though jb fans would at least ge some grey matter inside their empty skulls, not having any to begin with, so i just backed away from these cards and set the whole store on fire to make sure these things don't breed. How do they breed? They use the card "Multiply" of course! When a Power Injector and a Genetic woman love each other very much... The new ones, based on interdimensional and time travel are more my style. I liked mostly Silent Psychic Wizard, the Stoic Badass samurai wizard with a Raiden-style hat (Mortal kombat) and a futuristic lance to slice his enemies to shreds, and prepare the meanest sliced Sashimi you'll ever taste. Mental seeker and Time escaper also seemed cool, one pulling pranks on people with his telekinetic powers, the other making sure they make a clean escape from their angry victims through time travel. Then, we have from Super Smash Bros Mewtwo in his OG armor - Wait, that's not him? Armored Axon Kicker? How the hell did they not sure them for copyright yet? Anyway, Hyper Psychic Blaster and his assault mode are both cool gentically engineered cyborganic Super-soldiers for a change, too bad for a synchro xenophobe like me, summoning them was something with the appeal of memorizing every single phone number in the world alphabetically. Over mind Archfiend, excellent design, i think they got the name and effect for him based on college students memorizing all sorts of crap for their exams, and then, exploding violently, releasing everything they have forcefully absorbed in their tortured minds. Xyz: Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut is inspired of the ancient aliens people think are talked about in mayan and other other ancient cultures, and this card used by conspiracy theorists to tell us that Scientology is real and we are alien experiments, Go figure. No 74 Master of Blades is Strike Ninja who can now kill you with just his mind powers, like Tristan and his telekinesis Neck snapping, oh great. No 69 Heraldry Crest, it has nothing sexual unlike what its number says, except it looks like a uterus with necrosis. You need a really ANGRY Nigga alive to tame this beast of pure destruction, and No, Teenage angst is not a good substitute for rage, he'll just laugh at you and then swallow you whole all the way in its throat (No sexual innuendos). Its chaos form, Number C69 heraldry crest of horror, is RAGE INCARNATED, It won't put up with your shit, you cannot even come near enough to control this Mistake of nature, the only thing you can do, provided you have enough badassry for it not have turned you already into a dildo for its ass (wait, does this thing even have any holes?) for finding you unworthy and laughable, you can only point it at someone else and hope it is feeling in a good enough mood and finds you pathetically funny enough to let you live a little longer while it tears the life out of the victim. Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage, The persian centaur, What a majestic Beast, I MUST DESTROY IT! (Abridged Tristan). Meet the Beautiful lovechild of Arceus and Xerneas of pokemon, go to it and try to caress this splendid creature, do not pay attention at the silky smooth hair tendrils wrapping around you and draining your very life fluids, memories and identity, turning you into a lifeless empty carcass while it is free to morph into you and steal your life. Now, for Number 1: none other than Number 18: Heraldic Progenitor Plain-Coat! It's a bird! It's plane! It's a humanoid! It's a beast! A machine! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IT IS, FOR ALL I KNOW, IT COULD BE SOME SORT OF EVIL SAURON TOWER WITH A CYCLOPEAN BLACK HOLE THAT LEADS TO EQUESTRIA FOR AN EYE, AND IT IS WEARING THE RING OF SATURN DYED IN BABY BLUE AROUND ITS WAIST AS A BETROTHAL GIFT FROM DARTH VADER, BUT IT'S STILL SO MYSTERIOUS, ORIGINAL AND JUST FREAKING COOL! Gotta love Tron's Numbers.

22 Divine Beast: Ra. Mega Ultra Chicken Himself in all his yellow curry glory, which also is a hot enough spice to make hi breath fire. Slifer is cool as well, a serpentine crimson deity with a size that makes the stupidity of some people look miniscule by comparison (that's saying something) Horakthy is very beautiful, but good luck getting her on homefield, you need to get her to feel comfortable first with you by gaining her three fearsome bodyguards' trust, (by presenting each three tributes of Booze, Mariguana and Bitches) and then, ONLY then, she will MAYBE consider you a good FRIEND and show up. If you manage to score with her however, you scored the whole game of life. SIR, WE ARE BEING FLOODED BY DOUBLE ENTENDRES! Obelisk: the Lovechild of a skinny (skeletal) top model mating with a S
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