Alpha Legion Symbol Picture

This redesign literally came to me in a dream, and now I'm thinking of doing all of the Chaos legions in a similar style.
The Alpha Legion (the XX Legion of the original twenty) turned to Chaos during the Horus Heresy, forsaking their original symbol of the letter A with a chain forming the central bridge for the icon of a three-headed hydra. The hydra is a mythological creature, extraordinarily dangerous and supposedly unkillable because it grew two new heads every time it lost one of its already-numerous heads in battle; that same ferocity and futility of engagement are embodied in the Alpha Legion's combat doctrine, which focuses on subterfuge, sabotage, infiltration, and misdirection with open combat only as a last resort. The Legion has gone to great lengths to prevent any and all knowledge of its every aspect; functioning more like a Secret Service than a chapter of Chaos Marines, the 20th Legion is made up of countless cells of members who each have dozens of cover identities and contacts on thousands of worlds, which they use to steadily but quietly undermine the Imperium's authority in ways more damaging, far-reaching, and permanent than traditional Chaos incursions.
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