Canceled Monica McTasty Page Picture

Okay, if you're an old friend of mine, you'll know that I've got an OC who's a French female fighter named Monique Beauchamp, or Monica McTasty. The thing is, remember my first comic books about Monica McTasty? Yeah, they marked my life as my first attempt at doing digitally-colored comic book pages. If I look back at them, I'll find my first digital comic books very adynamic and unprofessional, but I'll be completely proud of them at the same time, for I can take a closer look at my evolution. The first comic book was named Monica McTasty: Flesh and Stones, involving Greek mythology and superpowerful beings: Monica shows herself as being in love with a creature who's the physical representation of the humankind's happiness. The second one was the awesome Monica McTasty: The Dark Forest, in which Monica goes after her love, who's pasing through a personality disorder and spreads chaos all over the Amazon Rainforest; this adventure is the best one I've ever done, and involves giant, wild beasts and a kickass jetplane. The third and last one was Monica McTasty: Contempt, a short 3-pages history all about her meeting with her only parent alive: Professor Abacus, her grandfather. And then, I stopped.

Monica evolved so much. Her style is completely different now, as you may notice! Then, I decided to forget the "Apocaleu" saga (the one I just described) in order to bring to you guys a brand new saga, marking a new start to Monica's life. That's when I started producing Monica McTasty: Gamma Correction. But then, I think to myself... Monica never got the chance to meet the love of her life and to turn him back to his normal, kind-hearted self again. I was checking my old files and I saw a single page which marks the beginning of a history to conclude the Apocaleu saga - the one you just saw right up. My coloring evolved a lot... Tell me what you guys think about it and help me to solve this problem: should I actually finish the Apocaleu saga or should I keep working with Gamma Correction? Give me an answer in the comments below! Thanks!
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