Flatcolors - KS - Iadalbaoth Picture

As the title says: flat-colors for Arkham's asura form, Iadalbaoth. Included is a cruddy little sketch of the head on Iadalbaoth's chest and how it works. (If you can tell me the anime that inspired it, you get a cookie.) It can extend on a long fleshy neck to roughly the same distance as it's body-length. When Iadalbaoth 'speaks' it can speak through either head, however usually it speaks through the smaller chest-head. It can also feed with either head. Also, notably, each head has a different sounding voice -- the monsterous head is more masculine, while the smaller head speaks in a more neutral/feminine voice.

Anyhow, info on Iadalbaoth -

Stats: High STR and AGI, decent MAG, low VIT and LUC
Strong: Expel, Ailments
Null: Phys, Death
Weak: Element (Fire, Ice, Elec, Force, Earth)

Mantras: Protection, Fallen Hero, Fierce Spirit, Shura, Battle Demon, Demon Lord, Demon God, Cruel Leader, Angel, Thrones, Cherubim
Skills (equipped): Diarama, Analyze, Taunt, Executioner, Revelation, Ingest, Mute Blow, Hamaon

Iadalbaoth is the first archon, born of chaos, who stands below the Demiurge and who created the other six archons. Iadalbaoth is a wrathful entity -- however it is not evil -- and it is said to have the head of a lion. (Albeit my version is more draconic than leonine, but. It. Has a mane, at least?)

Info on the mythology can be found here: [link] -- a bit far down the page, however.

Also, the entry in A Dictionary of Angels by Gustave Davidson reads:
"Iadalbaoth (Ialdabaoth, Jaldabaoth, Ildabaoth, etc.) - the 1st archon of darkness. In Hebrew cabala and gnostic lore, Iadalbaoth is the demiourgos, occupying a position immediately below the 'unknown Father.' In Phoenician mythology, he is one of the 7 elohim, creators of the visible universe. In Ophitic gnosticism, Iadalbaoth is said to have generated the 7 elohim (angels) in 'his own image,' the 7 being: Iao, Sabaoth, Adonai, Ouraios, Eloi, Astaphaios, and Iadalbaoth's own mother, Achamoth! Origen, who also refers to Iadalbaoth as one of the 7, or as the creator of the 7, speaks of him as 'Michael's second name.' In Enoch I, Iadalbaoth is equated with Sammael as the fallen angel and as the supreme hierarch of the order of thrones."
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