World Train App AYAAAA Picture

Name: Maya Walton
--Nickname: Aya

Age: 18
Birthday: August 14, 3056
Starsign: Leo
Height: 5'2'' ft/159 cm (Changes often)
Weight: 116 lbs./53 kg (Changes often as well)
Family: Steyer Walton (Father: Deceased)

|| Creature: Shapeshifter ||

Much like the shapeshifters in mythology and other such lore, Aya's ability to change into various forms stems from the control she has over every molecule in her body. All forms of matter are capable of being transformed if enough energy is applied, even if some are less malleable than others. In basic terms, she is capable of changing into anything she pleases within the limited amount of molecules she has at her disposal. More molecules can be collected via her ability to syphon matter from other objects, thus giving her the opportunity to transform into larger objects and creatures. She has no real limit as to what she can turn into so long as she has the knowledge in her mind and heart to make sure she can perform the change. From morphing her body into weapons or turning into dangerous creatures, she poses a significant threat to any who get in her way.

|| Dimension: Xinthid ||

Xinthid is a world that combines the beauty of both science and alchemy to create a dimension full of learning and new discoveries. Many of its residents devote their lives for the sake of improving the lives of one another, be it through the technological advances that science provides or the fusing and creation of various elements through the help of alchemy. The world seemingly works in tandem with the two radical fields synergizing for the common good, yet under the surface there is chaos that brews when the two are left unattended to. Illegal experiments and alchemic rituals run rampant in Xinthid due to the prospect that it is being done 'for great research and amazing breakthroughs.'

Moral lines are blurred in this world as more are concerned with the success of a project than maintaining stability and moderation. It is because of this that various forms of waste exists all over the planet, causing parts of the environment to be caustic and rendering certain areas uninhabitable. While environmentalists argue that continuation of rampant experiments will ruin the world they live in, the counterargument that scientists and alchemists give tells that this is all done for the sake of humanity.

Despite the notion that Xinthid is an intelligent, peaceful world, the envious hearts of men still exist like in many other worlds, and those many men often covet upon each other's successes and discoveries. While no real, full-blown war was recorded in Xinthid's history since the Contact Wars (their 'only' documented wartime), the dimension has been known to wage alternate forms of warfare through the means of disease, attrition, and politics. Often researchers would develop incredible findings and stupendous revelations, only to have their work stolen and patented by another. Inventions are precious in this world, and the need to protect them from other brilliant, greedy minds was even more so.

|| Personality ||

(+) || Curious || Energetic || Flexible (HarHar) || Daring || Heroic ||
Aya was raised a sheltered and careful lifestyle, and despite learning most of what she knows through her father and her comics books, there is still very little of what she knows about the world, and is often eager to learn when given the chance. She is energetic and always ready to have fun in any way, shape, or form. (shapeshifter pun) Much like her powers, she is also very flexible in taking in situations, always open to ideas and opportunities should she need to reconsider her own. She is daring and would often rush into the fray if something were to prompt her enough, but at the same time she is capable of thinking before acting should she need to. Hence, her flexible nature. Aya is also, undoubtedly, selfless when it comes to helping other people. Much like her comic book heroes, she is always willing to lend a hand no matter how small the task may be, believing that any good that is done is something to be praised. Finally, reiterating her love for heroes, she has always wanted to be one herself. Thus, she enjoys donning a 'heroic' persona when given the chance, acting mighty and showing courage to those willing to actually sit through it.

(-) || Cheeky || Lonely || Naive || Huge Temper || Show-off ||
Aya is known to be very cheeky and sarcastic whenever dealing with situations involving stress, considering it a means to lighten the mood even if she could get harsh with her tone. She also suffers fits of loneliness and detachment, most of it stemming from the loss of her father and the fact that she was different back in her old home. Even if she is among other strange individuals in the World Train, she cannot completely control her feelings of isolation when they happen, and would either seek the company of a warm blanket or a friend. (If she ever gets one) She is also naive to certain aspects of the world, as comics only provide such a skewed version of how things actually work in real life. It doesn't help that she also has a massive temper problem, getting angry at simple things such as jabs at her height or people making fun of her hair color. Aya is also prone to showing off, thinking she always has something to prove to anyone she meets. This can be a problem as she will adhere to 'almost' anything just to show how heroic she can be.

|| History ||

Part I: The Daughter

Steyer Walton was a scientist who dedicated his life in studying molecular science, always fond of the idea of how living creatures and inanimate objects alike were all made up of matter. His passion for his trade was paramount, and many of his colleagues could attest to the amount of work he put in to help further research in the field. However, a good amount of his time was later focused on the caretaking of his daughter, Maya Walton. His studies soon became second compared to the love he had for her, spending less time in the lab and more time catering to her needs. It was only when she turned thirteen that Steyer was called back to the research facility in promise of an amazing breakthrough in genetic technology. A parasite was developed to enable anything it touches to be broken down at the molecular level, thus absorbing it into its own structure and repurposing it as it saw fit. It was also capable of shaping its form into that of various other creatures, using additional consumed matter to make up objects large and small. It was an incredible breakthrough that Steyer couldn’t wait but show to the world, but a problem arose in that the parasite could not perform any of these things without a host. Only when his colleagues suggested that they needed a human specimen for the parasite that Steyer decided the project shouldn’t be continued. The parasite could not be disposed of due to its value and was left in the lab’s archives should they ever need it again. It was then that Steyer was spending more time at work than with his daughter, hoping to find another breakthrough as special as the parasite.

Years pass and Maya was about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday, but her father was absent due to being busy with another research project. This didn’t sit well with her since her father was one of the closest people in her life, and she decided to pay him a visit to his lab. Consequently her rashness and desire to see her father costed her her life, a drunk driver colliding with her as she attempted to cross the street to his research facility. When word got out, Steyer was devastated beyond belief, and slunk into years of depression. He never went back to the lab and regretted the decision of not attending Maya’s birthday. He wasted away until one of his old partners called. The parasite that was made oh so long ago was enchanted with alchemy, being able to form solely with DNA and without the need of expending an actual person. Steyer couldn’t believe the notion that something magical was used to upgrade the make-up of the parasite, until the mention of a famous alchemist was uttered by his partner. Dr. Xenas Petrovsky. The good doctor stated that he managed to alchemize the parasite with various metals and fleshes, causing it to be malleable enough to form with just about anything. Steyer thought long and hard whether he should go back into this project, and when he came to the decision he brought along a lock of his daughter’s hair.

If the Maya he knew was gone, he had to make a replacement.

Part II: The Copy

Using her DNA along with the parasite, the combination of the two ended up being a successful living mutation. Months were then dedicated to allowing it to grow and shape, its visage transforming into that of a baby. With time, Steyer then released it from the fluid chamber and realized that creature bore resemblance to the daughter he once knew, except for eyes and hair that had tints of green. Looking at her, he believed this could be his last chance to take care of Maya right. It didn’t sit well with the other scientists however, especially Dr. Petrovsky, and they argued that this child could be the breakthrough that they’ve all been waiting for. Steyer feigned compliance until one night he took her back home, soon fleeing the country into parts unknown.

Steyer then tried raising her as a normal child, the only problem being was the abilities that she gained from the experiment. Every now and then she would absorb matter from almost any source, being concrete from the floor to the bowl of cereal she eats. This version of Maya had trouble understanding why she had to bear the weight of such amorphous powers, unknowing to the marriage between science and alchemy that made her birth possible. This caused her to feel distraught and alone in the world, until Steyer found a way to help her come to terms with her powers. Comics. Maya found comfort in comics and fiction because of the many heroes that were similar to her, believing that she wasn’t so alone in the world thanks to escaping into stories of people different like herself. This was very much true for a female hero she admired by the name of Aya, who despite going through a rough life, still decided that the world was worth fighting for. She soon learned to cope with who she was and attempted to hone her abilities of matter absorption and shape shifting.

Part III: The Sacrifice

Life was fine until Dr. Petrovsky discovered the location of the two, abducting her father when Maya was away at school. The doctor was hoping that Steyer would lead them to the all-important experiment, but he would not say a thing to jeopardize her safety. However, Petrovsky believed that if she really did care for Steyer, she would come straight for him no matter what. This held true when the doctor told Maya of her father’s whereabouts and gave her a proposition. Her containment for his freedom. Maya thought hard on what to do, and was reminded to think of 'what would Aya do in this situation?' Wanting to save her father and adhere to her hero’s code, she accepted the offer and was taken in as the lab experiment she was before. No longer was she Maya but a number given by the doctor and the researchers.

She then lived a majority of her life being experimented upon, Petrovsky studying everything she was capable of. Her malleability and her natural talent to adapt made things easy at first, until Petrovsky saw her potential as a weapon and deciding to go with more painful tests to see what made her tick. It was agonizing on Maya, and plans were then made to give her to the highest bidder for the sake of warfare. This persisted until her sixteenth birthday, when Steyer infiltrated the lab to bust her out. They almost made it out until Steyer was shot by the good doctor, in which Petrovsky told Maya that her whole life wasn’t what she believed. Although she was confused at first, he handed her a folder detailing information on her birth, all the while Steyer pleading her not to read it as he drew his final breath.

Steyer soon perished on the floor due to blood loss, and Petrovsky was ready to apprehend Maya and continue with the experiments. That is, until she suddenly disappeared from the room right before his eyes. Her body was capable of breaking down into the smallest forms of matter, making her escape all the more easy now that she had nothing left to keep her there. Devastated of her father's death, she decided that the one way she could honor him would be to never read the files that were given to her, burying them unaware of the fact that she was merely a copy of the original Maya.

Part IV: The Hero

For months she had been on the run, Dr. Petrovsky always hot on her trail. Despite evading capture numerous times, her will was running out and she almost felt like giving up. She felt alone again, the father she loved now gone from her life. She wandered and wandered around the world, lost without purpose until she happened to stumble upon a comic shop. She went in, reading many of the selections that were displayed on the shelves, giving her a sense of hope she thought wasn’t possible. With the help of the heroes that she admired so much, she remembered just how inspirational they were during similar times of trouble in her childhood. She realized that there was little point in sulking when she could be making a difference.

She could be a hero instead.

In an attempt to change herself, she discarded the ‘M’ in her name and changed it to Aya, the same hero in the comics that she so loved. Even though she wanted to make a difference in the world, Dr. Petrovsky's existence made such a feat difficult for the young girl. Two years pass being on the run, and Aya soon hears word on the streets of a magical train that could traverse dimensions. She thought that if this were true, she could finally be rid of this tiresome chase and actually use her powers without the fear of being experimented on again. She could finally be free, but most importantly...

She could finally be herself.

Key Points: (Summary)
- Steyer Walton is her father, and is a brilliant molecular scientist.
- The real Maya Walton died in a car crash. The one we know here is actually a clone, formed from the original's DNA along with a genetic parasite that is capable of shapeshifting.
- Aya changed her name from Maya because she felt it didn't suit her, using that of a super hero she's fond of in one of her comics.
- Aya was experimented on for several years by an alchemist who worked with Steyer. his name is Dr. Xenas Petrovsky.

|| Skills/Weaknesses ||


Transformation: Aya is capable of transforming into anything so long as she has more or equal to the amount of molecules of what she's changing into. She cannot transform into anything larger if she doesn't have the energy to absorb additional forms of matter to make it up. Her transforming can extend to making her limbs as weapons, fully changing into that of an existing person, animal, or anything she can come up with. She can also change into all three forms of matter, being gases, liquids, and solids.

Matter Absorption: Aya can absorb various forms of matter and build it according to her own DNA or whatever she is transforming into. The more compact the molecules are in the form of matter she is absorbing, however, the more energy it takes to break it down to change into what she sees fit. For example, if she had to absorb a desk so she can use additional molecules to transform into that of a husky gorilla, she would need to expel more energy to break down the tightly packed molecules of the desk before changing.

Regeneration: Because of her ability to siphon matter from other objects, she can genetically change the make-up of anything she absorbs into that of her own DNA, thus regenerating anything she loses. She cannot do this if she doesn't have the energy to, however.

*UNLOCKED* Level 5-Cloning: Aya can make a certain amount of clones of herself given she has enough matter to work with. By changing objects around her into green plasma, she can infuse them to make an exact replica. They are made to fulfill simple orders, however, so they cannot do anything too complicated.

*UNLOCKED* Level 6-Healing Chunks: Aya can split off green plasma from herself to heal the wounds of her fellow allies. The green plasma take the form of whatever they must merge with, however doing this takes parts of Aya away from her. (AKA she'll loose an arm to give an arm, but if her stamina is willing, she can regenerate lost limbs among other things)


Instability: Being able to shape herself into anything may sound like a very powerful ability, but it is also taxing on her own stamina and natural shape. She can only maintain another form for so long, and if she exhausts herself to the point of fainting, she reverts back to her original self and expels all the forms of matter she absorbed as energy. This can be a good thing and a bad, since the energy blast's strength can range from that of a frag grenade to one of a nuclear explosion (all dependent on how much she absorbed prior). If she completely runs her stamina, she may lose the ability to shift anything at all, and would stay as stray molecules in the air until she can piece herself together again. This instability is costly to her in the long run, as prolonged periods of constant shifting can cause her molecules to react violently and against her will, unable to fully control them and keep herself together.

Knowledge: A fair amount of knowledge is required for Aya to turn into certain things. Structures and simple animals/people aren't too big of a problem for her, but if it gets anymore complicated (ie beings from the train, complex mechanisms like machines, etc) She will fail to replicate it as accurately as she'd like. For example, if she were to transform into a train member that is completely alien to her in make-up, her greenness and freckles will most likely stay.

The Cold: As silly as this sounds, molecules under cold weather tend to slow down, leaving Aya little energy to convert herself into any transformation she wishes. Usually she will be stuck doing simple morphs if ever put in a frigid environment, or just stay in her default form altogether. (another shapeshifting pun)

|| Stats/Items ||

Health: 480
Magic: 330
Attack: 250
Defense: 310
Speed: 90


Stability Bracers (x4): The silver bracers with the purple gems in the center are what keeps Aya anchored in her default form. No matter what she ends up transforming into, if she were ever in a pinch she could revert back to her original self.

|| Likes/Dislikes/Misc. Facts ||

- Comics
- Rock (Most forms of it)
- Adventures
- Heroes
- Pudding Cups
- Saving the Day
- Physical Contact
- The color green

- Loneliness/Isolation
- Labs
- Bad Guys (Literal 'Bad Guys' you see in comics)
- Dry foods
- Salt
- Cold Weather
- Shitty Advertisements

Misc. Facts:
- She tends to gravitate towards foods that are similarly flexible like herself. So pudding, yogurt, and jello are delectable options for her.
- Her love for comics is something to admire. No matter how outrageous the premise, she will most likely read it. (She'll probably hate batman though with all the brooding he does)
- Because she's spent so much time alone, any form of physical contact is something she always treasures. Thus, she loves hugs.
- Her hair braids aren't really braids but a mesh of the green plasma that comes from her. Her hair still feels like hair though, still with individual strands unless morphed.
- If she's really angry she tends to start using fruit as insults. (Ex: You're such a grapefruit! Is your head full of papayas? That guy is a freakin' mango!)

|| Relationships ||


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