RT - Watching Ragnarok Picture

Newly born and alone in the barren expanse of the Egyptian sands, the trio stared out across the water at the chaos that consumed the farther shores. Little did they know this would not be the last time they would see water run red with blood.

Hmm... Well... this piece exists because I have a dire need to learn how to do backgrounds. This one came out first because I wanted to try out this sea tutorial. [link] So that's really all I'm proud about in this... though I should have used less red, whatever. And I have issues with the rest of it.

This also proves that I am unable to concentrate on one thing at a time. I started this when trying to finish my friend's birthday present. >.o Yeah, I'm going to go back to that now.

Oooookay, let's see if I can keep this explanation as short as possible, I've rambled on enough.... Errr... That's Thoth, Ra, and Ma'at, the first Egyptian gods born from the chaos that was Ragnarok (which they later named Nun, as they did not know that it was called that). After them came Neith, Khnum, and the other first generation gods. They're kids here, kids who do not understand their existence or their place in the world, before they discovered, isolated, and amplified their powers. That's it for now, it's late and I need sleep.

Ra's Tear and it's elements (c) Me
Mythological inspiration from... let's see... Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and Christian Mythology.
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