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THIS THING. *dies*

First of all, definitely download this so you can see everything more clearly, particularly the text.

So... back in December, I was like "You know, all the cultures and peoples of Melleida [continent of my very much in-development story] can't all have been monotheistic for all time. Hm... I ought to make some sort of pantheon of gods for them." So I made a list of gods they had to have, went through my "Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology" (which I noticed is missing mythologies of the Americas, Africa, and Australia/Oceania/South Pacific/whatever else) and selected more gods that might be neat to add and wrote down all the names of gods [that is, for the list under "lighting" I had, like, [Zeus] written there, among other things], then looked up on actual names that meant something similar to each gods'... ruling? specialty? whatever. THEN I designed all of them and made up names by scrambling syllables of some of the names I made lists of. Then I looked up everyone's names on Google to see if any of the names were in use anywhere. Some were [some of them being actual given names, a few were company names, one of them is apparently Catalan for "drugs" but since that only came up in one result I didn't change it], some weren't. Then after I got them all designed, I drew them all out bigger and started on costumes, and made a family tree by writing everything out. Then I spent a billion hours coloring everyone in Photoshop, and like 12 hours putting together a tree on Photoshop, plus the amount of time I had to spend laying out the family tree in real size to get the spacing right.

So here we are. The actual family tree part is very wonky, I know. Sue me.
And yes, there's an awful lot of incest. If you're shocked by this you obviously don't know much about real world mythologies, with siblings and nieces/uncles pairing off and all sorts of stuff.

Questions I will potentially be asked:
Why aren't anyone's names on here? Because I'm paranoid and don't want anyone stealing the names I worked hard to come up with.
What's that blond one off the side? Why's she by herself? She is fate, and she is self-spawned, as the stories go.
And the blob at the top? The "nothingness" from which all life is formed. [Like [Chaos] in Greek mythology.] It's possible this may have been an extremely old god at one point who was worshiped less over time.
What about the things on here that don't look like people? They're representative of a whole group of spirits - plant spirits, mountain spirits, cloud spirits, etc. In the case of this family tree, it was one particular spirit that was being mated with. [I suppose the "spirits" are closer to Greek nymphs and whatnot, and not so much ghosts.]
Why doesn't anyone look like they're related? As I said, I designed everyone before I decided who was related to whom. I'm planning on drawing everyone again and making them look more similar, in facial features at least [although coincidentally several of them already do look related].

Other Notes
+Everyone was drawn in a sort of chibi style which is why none of the girls have breasts and everyone's shoulders are so small. I drew the noses to practice noses.
+The god of war was supposed to be drawn with facial hair and I forgot that when I inked, so I put a weird purple thing on his face.
+The blobs on everyone is to make it easier to follow the tree chart - blogs at the top mean they're descendants of, and blobs at the bottom mean they spawned whoever the line leads to. There are a few where there's also a blob on the side, and that also means they spawned someone.
That is, they reproduced. Spawned. XD
+I don't know in the sets of siblings what order they go in, regarding age. I'll figure that out later [although I'm guessing song and music are twins, anyway]
+The original Photoshop file of this image was over 213 MB in size. Appreciate my work, plz. And it should be even bigger, as all the documents with the individual people in them run an average of 500x750 pixels. I halved the size of all of them because I was sure if I kept them the same size Photoshop would crash due to the size. As it is, it never crashed once, but it made it almost impossible for me to do anything while I was saving the image...


So it's past 11:30 pm right now, and I don't want to go into a whole detail on everyone because there's... 51 of them? 44 people. Yup.
A few notes: the god of horses is more often in the form of a horse [So his offspring is a bit of a pun...]. Also his wife doesn't mind when he's a horse. [I do not endorse bestiality outside of ancient mythologies, btw]
There's actually a plot point present in a few of the members of this tree. You won't know what that is as I've... No, I may have mentioned it. But you don't know it's a plot point. Good luck guessing what I'm talking about.

Another note: Depending on who's telling the story [individual preferences, and cultural differences] the physical appearances (as well as names~) of the gods will differ. I took a sort of general approach here... There's at least one god representing a typical member of the different countries (and former countries) of Melleida here [red hair is characteristic of the peoples of one country, the mops of curly hair of peoples of another country].


Oh, and to cover up how bad the shading turned out, and to make the picture look more... old-timey, all the figures had 4 different filters put on them. Well, three - texturizer, cross-hatch, craquelere, and texturizer again. Yay.
I was also going to use the paper texture to make everything look... cooler, but I was having trouble getting the texture to go through and not wash all the coloring out.
Also I changed the hue of the paper stock a bit.

Paper stock: [link]§ion=&q=old+paper+zip#/dgjtxi

All characters copyright ~Kaching12, which my Illustration professor says is legally binding thankyouverymuch.

Well, I spent like an hour longer on this than I wanted to - least of all the 30 minutes I spent typing up this artist's comment that no one is going to read all the way through. So for now I shall leave. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding these guys, or... anything else.

And don't forget, all glory to the Hypnotoad.

Next time I also have to design the rest of their outfits. And give them awesome tunics that don't look like skirts.

And you aren't imagining that there's a god of murder on there. You're supposed to give him offerings so you don't get murdered. Also with the goddess of lightning, you're supposed to give her offerings so there's not so much lightning. The goddess of wind will make wind blow no matter what. So there's that.

Is anyone going to join me in enjoying that the god of physical love and affection is monogamous? I always just write "sex" for when I'm writing out stuff in short about them.

By the way, I listened to A-Ha's "Take On Me" about 60 times while doing the coloring for this.
As I'm typing this sentence there's some PoTC music playing on my Pandora station. XD Earlier "Mahna Mahna" was on, so...

Right, well, my fingers hurt, so I'm going to stop typing now and go to sleep.

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