An image illust of The Mars Volta's FRANCES THE MUTE

As Omar said “this is a story album, fiction and fact happened to us were blended within it”, you can find an ominous story incorporated with Greek mythology but it has some scenes back to reality as actually occurred and some flashbacks like a movie in it. Indeed, through the whole, the album makes narrative music by complex construction. It ends with the song of death and rebirth and returns to the start, but this end is a prophecy: Cassandra is a prophet of misfortunes in Greek mythology. It is the misfortune Cassandra reveals that is the core of this album and its title.

The woman killed in the song “FRANCES THE MUTE” may actually be Frances(the mute, the one who can’t speak), the daughter of Miranda (as material or symbolical) , the literal or symbolic daughter of Miranda, and the child saved from cannibalism that you can see many times in the story..And she, like her mother, meets the same fate as she is killed by unknown entity.

About Cygnus, he may be a person twin with Frances or may be her father., Because Cygnus means a male became a swan in Greek mythology, and next song is “the widow”. It could tell us that Cygnus is either the father or the twin brother of Frances, as he might be its narrator. He may be named after the Greek character ”Cygnus”, who is turned into a swan by the god Apollo because he is concerned with death. If Cygnus is in fact the whole album’s narrator, then it is a fitting name. I think this quotation seems to be concerned with realty of the lyricist.

For the listener, it’s almost complete chaos, yet it is structured and coherent; it taste like really smeared with sometihing cold and alien. Once again, we experience the terrific feel of Mars Volta’s talent.
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