All The Evils of the World Picture

Now, shall I give you a taste of true darkness...?

- Alexander Darkbreaker

Species: Froslass
Name: Pandora
Combat Moves: Ice Shard
Wake-up Slap
Signature Finisher: Angra Manyu- All the Evils of the World a.k.a. Shadow Ball
Ace-in-the-hole: Shock Wave

Synopsis: A quiet, timid Froslass, Pandora first crossed paths with the Darkbreaker when she found his recklessly idiotic self frozen solid in the middle of a blizzard twenty kilometers up the side of Mt. Coronet. With the help of Prometheus, an Absol who had been with her for as long as either of them could remember, she managed to get his icy remains back to their home. After a twenty-hour thawing period, followed by a further hour and a half of the Darkbreaker's profane use of over fifty different languages regarding his opinion concerning blizzards/snow/cold in general and where exactly he thought Mother Nature could go stick it, he settled down to wait out the storm.

After a while, he discovered that they were not as entirely unrelated to his current objectives as he had thought.

It seems that these mountains were currently being plagued by an impossibly powerful Abomasnow, who was apparently also the cause of the raging blizzards that permanently plague the mountain. At the mention of the immense power, and the almost otherworldly aura surrounding the Abomasnow, the Darkbreaker knew he'd found the location of the Icicle Plate.

The Abomasnow, Ferano, had claimed its power for his own, using it to grant himself complete control over the mountain and those Pokemon who lived there. Setting his eyes on Pandora, he was immediately rebuffed, both by her and her near berserk brother, Prometheus. In revenge, he turned the mountain's inhabitants against them, and forced them into hiding, outcasts in their own home.

Now the Darkbreaker being, well, the Darkbreaker, this did NOT sit well for him.

Translation: Pain is about to be brought.

Unfortunately, since the Darkbreaker does not carry his Pokemon around in Pokeballs, he was stuck there without any of them, meaning that his only shot lay with Pandora, Prometheus, and his own fists.

It was then he discovered that the Spooky Plate, which he had already retrieved, seemed all too happy to select Pandora as a new wielder.

The rest, as they say, was mayhem, destruction, chaos and general smashing in of faces and punching lights out.

Pandora's signature finisher is Angra Manyu, a drastically amplified Shadow Ball. Much like her namesake, the original Pandora of mythology, it is the physical incarnation of all of the evils and darkness of the world, in the same form as that which was sealed within Pandora's Box countless eons ago (and blown up later by a pissed-off Darkbreaker). Almost twenty times the size of a normal Shadow Ball, the darkness is so supercondensed, it's practically a semisolid sludge, one that corrupts and destroys all it touches. Even the Darkbreaker can't withstand it for more than a few minutes.

Don't let the appearance fool you, though, it still packs a HELL of a blast. The craters now scattered all over Mt. Coronet will attest to that!

Anything that's not resistant to Ghost attacks will definitely not be getting up again, if ever, if they take one of these. When the black sun looms over the world, and the shadows threaten to consume all in their path, then shall the Frozen Queen rule supreme!


So...who wants to taste absolute despair...?

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