Shade the flying fox bat Picture

Name: Shade

Nicknames- Halloween due to her birthday

Animal- Flying Fox bat (yes it’s a real animal)



B-day-October 31

Hair color- black, orange, and brown

Powers- only short distances however she needs the choker necklace in order to do this.

Skills- flight, photographic memory, swift movements however she’s not the fastest bat out there, and great hearing (echo location)

Wing coloring- orange on the inside, and gray on the outer part of the wings

Makeup- black eye shadow and black nail polish

Piercings- six earrings

Personalty- Shade is usually laid back however she’s happy to have a battle of wits with anyone. However she has learned to pick her battles and normally waits for someone to come after he or one of her friends before she unleashes the fury. She’s not afraid to insult someone when that someone is being stupid.

She normally is happy to work alone feeling that a team may slow her down. However this can get her into trouble. Because, she lacks the raw power needed to over come large enemies. She works hard to over come this so that she can not only her friends but her family safe.

Pros- She stands up for those who are her friends or family and is loyal to the bitter end. She also uses common sense to keep herself and others out of danger.

Cons- She can come of as bitter or cold towards people she doesn’t know, every now and then insulting someone without meaning to, and she is lazy in the early hours of the morning. Commonly holding her hand out to stop someone from talking the saying, “I don’t want to hear it till I’ve had my coffee.” she doesn’t say it to be rude but it is indeed a warning.


Food- peaches
Drink- pop (of any kind) and coffee
Book Genera- horror, mystery, suspense, and tragedy
Music- metal, rock, and alternative
Color- black and orange
Flower- Wolfsbane
Book type- horror, mystery, suspense, mythological, Wicca, alchemy, manga
Shows- stupid comedy, anime, and horror pretty much anything but drama


Food- leeks
Drink- tea
Books- romance dramas and vampire romance (like Twilight)
Music- country and rap
Color- pink
Flower- daisy
Movies- romance dramas
Shows- drama and so called 'reality' shows aka drama

History-Shade lives in the darkest part of the woods on Mobius so did her mother and father, who are still alive, her family has passed down their magic for generations and are know for their secrecy. Which lead them to be believed to be evil however that isn't the case they just like to be left alone. When doctor Robotnik started to terrorize Shade and her family felt safe in their reclusive part of the world. Eventually Shade figured she'd better help get the chaos over with. She was rather disappointed in the freedom fighters tactics with handling their foe she thought it'd be better to just kill him so she left to at least protect her family but was pleased to hear they won.


Other facts-
-She's VERY possessive of the Ouroboros necklace (the choker) since it is a family heirloom and almost never takes it off
-Shade's dream job is to be a tattoo artist
-She is not a hybrid and hates to be talked to as such. However she has issues with hybrids.
- She dose have a problem with people talk down to others when all someone is trying to do is help.
- She also doesn’t like people that have an undeserved sense of entitlement.
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