"Uncle Seth" Picture

A little series of mine that's my take on Egyptian mythology.

The picture's text tells the general story so as not to confuse my spin on it with the original.
And this is also a psudo-Seth/Horus refrence sheet.

For the whole true story buy a book; or just go to Wikipedia.

Seth, or as he's also called, Set has a very Disney villian role in the legend. (like Scar or Jafar) He wants his brother's power, adoration, wife, etc. So, he kills him. Big surprise. But, uh-oh! Isis has Horus who is blessed by Ra! Seth just can't get a break, can he? Anyway, in response he does what any murder-prone person would do, not kill Horus! Instead, he constantly challenges his nephew to contests of wit and strength; dirty Horus' good name; or simply inconveniance him for awhile. Oh, this guy's good!

My version of Seth at first pretends to be Horus' "friend" you know to lower his gaurd. Seth also doesn't tend to wear traditional Egyptian clothes because he is well aquainted with the Multiverse and prefers the garbs of other worlds. As with everything, More info in future pics.

Now I'll quickly go over pieces from the myth that really stand out:
-After Osiris is murdered and chopped up, Isis mummifies him and then has sex with his body to conceive Horus. Wow, just wow.
-Isis is Osiris' sister. Maybe worth mentioning first.
-Seth pokes out Horus' left eye at one point. So Horus gets revenge by cutting off Seth's testicles. Horus~ "Now we're even!" lol
-(And my favorite) In an attempt to taddle on Horus and in turn get him in trouble; Seth rapes Horus and tells everyone that Horus willingly slept with him! I guess Seth looking like a homo is alright; but Horus having gay sex is an atrocity!

Alright, I should stop before I begin to ramble.
Seth & Horus, plus others (c) Me and/or Egypt
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