Daughter of Illuyanka Picture

In Hittite and Hurrian mythology, the dragon god Illuyanka had a daughter... who does not have a name apparently. Woe.

Anyway, as is typical in the religions of the Near East, Illuyanka had a major hate-on with the storm god. In some versions of the story, the storm god fought Illuyanka and lost. So he got married and had a son, Sarruma, who he sent off to defeat Illuyanka.

But instead, Sarruma fell in love with one of Illuyanka's daughters, married her and had two sons with her, Hedammu and Ullikummi. Unfortunately, when Sarruma's dear old dad found out, he was not happy. At all. So the storm god and his daughter, Inara, invited Sarruma, Illuyanka, and Illuyanka's other children to a feast. After the feast, they were all killed.

So much for family values and hospitality, eh?

And yeah, she's wearing the symbol of the Necronomicon around her neck for the highly lame reason that most of the West Asian gods of chaos and water remind me of Lovecraft's Eldritch Abominations. Also, it looks cool.

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