Set: Seth Kaotian, colored Picture


Wow... I started this picture at about 3p (Wis. Time) and worked on it until 7... Then I did another hour after that... And today I worked from 430-630... That's about 7hours of work! I'd actually have to say that this is the coolest picture I've made in a loooooooooong time... It's also the only digital piece I've done in forever... Well, more so in my mind than you guys... I mean, a good deal of gallery is in digital... But this one really takes the cake...

Sorry, I'm babbling! Okay, this is Seth Kaotian (his name is explained in the original), aka: Set. He's 18-20years old, and is slightly...disturbed... That's all I know about him so far...
I did this in photoshopCS2
Sketch: 2-3hrs (ish)
Outlining: 1hr (ish)
Color: 6hrs, maybe

Seth K. (c) me
Original design (c) zeekzegeek
Set (c) Egyptian Mythology
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