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Just a little something I felt like completing for a while /o/ TBH I had written the tl;dr text for it some time ago, and just quickly doodled there so you guys wouldn’t have to stare at a meme with just video game covers.

As you’ll probably notice, all are Nintendo titles cuz I’ve never owned a PS system, and I haven’t played enough games on it to really do a good review of the games. And Xbox… |D I have reservations about the platform I’ll just keep that to myself shhhh;;;

ANYWAY I acknowledge the various amounts of criticism each of these games have, but I decided to choose the games that I personally spent the most time on and had the most fun playing growing up. Also somewhat nostalgic for me b/c I don’t always have time to play video games as much as I’d like, and I enjoyed many elements from these games when I did. My very colloquial “reviews” are below, for anyone curious (I also plan to post them individually on tumblr in a little bit):

[1] -- Mario Galaxy (Wii)
    Okay so I’m just going to go ahead and say that I am a Mario fan, but am generally terrible not very good at Mario games. The main platformers anyway, where colliding with a Goomba with no mushroom or powerup meant instant death. And well, Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion didn’t really do it for me either for a 3D console game. So I was a little skeptical of Galaxy… for maybe the first 5 seconds of hearing about it. After seeing the game play video though I knew I wanted to play it.
    This is such a fun game, with a lot of similarities to (and innovation from) the standard Mario platformer, not the least of which is the effect of gravity in certain areas and the whole ability to travel thru space. The characters, enemies and worlds are incredibly well rendered and designed, and even the overworld is fun to explore. Power ups are fun, and boss battles are as well; the bosses and stages can be extremely challenging especially towards the end and on extra stages, but it’s not so impossible hard to get thru and to beat.
    Basically, this game single handedly made me really fall in love with Mario platformers and comfortably sits in my top favs.

[2] -- Yoshi’s Island (GBA)
    Oh man, the amount of hours I spent on this one game… mainly due to dying so much b/c this is actually a REALLY DIFFICULT GAME TO BEAT… For me at least. Like I know it looks cutesy and easy and all that, but you try to aim an egg at enemies while hovering in the air for dear life, and trying to retrieve a crying baby before your countdown runs out. It gets… overwhelming at times, to say the least.
    That said the gameplay is a lot of fun (and challenging, if not a bit frustrating at times), and it can be casual at times so long as you know when to start moving and think (and aim) fast. Additionally the graphics themselves of the stages are really nice to look at, and the characters are so cute... Hell the enemies were cute too (until they screwed with me and I had to show them no mercy--).
    It’s one of the few Mario platformers I really got decent at but even then there was a lot of trial and error for some time.

[3] -- Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
    As far as Harvest Moon game go I’m only well versed with a few of them, but perhaps the one that really introduced me to the series and got me hooked was this one. If you aren’t familiar with HM games I would recommend trying at least one, and this would be the one I’d recommend if.. it was still being distributed OTL
    But I overall like the mechanics of this game, how the days and seasons worked, and how you really had to budget your time and resources to efficiently manage your farm. But overall the gameplay was really casual and was a nice change of pace from some of the more action/adventure or platforms I’m used to.
    Also the fact that this game had a built in dating sims was interesting (esp for me who had never played something like that before), though interacting with all the character in general, and being able to form relationship with them (platonic or romantic) added a nice element to the game. Basically the game is just really cute and fun and while I don’t play the series much anymore I recommend the game play.

[4] -- Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver (DS)
    Pokemon games of the main series have generally always been a favorite of mine. I’m pretty sure that my first game I owned was Pokemon Yellow, which just launched me well into the fandom craze that has stuck with me up until today. Out of the main series though, I think the one I have the most sentimental value to, and enjoyed playing most, would be HGSS (I played HG version, btw)
    Keeping in mind that to this day I have yet to play either Black/White or BW2 (I know I am behind), and that there’s a good chance they are even better, but nonetheless… I loved this game a lot, Pokemon GS was one of my fav GBA games and it was really nice to play thru Johto again, with all the add feature of the 4 generations up to that point. And to… actually be able to train my pokemon competently;;
    Graphics and game mechanics are nice and a huge improvement, compared to where it all started, and the soundtrack is both innovative and nostalgic to listen to. Plus having any pokemon follow you in the overworld was nice and one of my fav features, as it brought me back to those PKMN Yellow roots. I am curious as to how this had improved in BW, and very curious about what’s to coming with the new upcoming games…

[5] -- Super Monkey Ball 2 (GC)
    THIS GAME WAS ME AND MY SISTER’S LIFE AT ONE POINT LMAO This is my favorite game in the whole Monkey Ball Series. Like, I don’t even think that the one on Wii really compares OTL idk why.
    BUT THIS FREAKING GAME HAD EVERYTHING basically it’s a party game merged with a puzzle game merged with… adventure?? As far as the story or main mode goes the story is… simple but cute, but the game play… _(8’D/__)_ I have never felt so accomplished when defeating some of the harder stages, and so close to throwing my controller thru the TV screen after repeatedly failing. I still can’t believe my sister and I beat story mode after 18923489 attempts omf—
    As for party mode… wow I really liked all the games in there, and there were a lot. Racing (was my favorite one omg), soccer, dogfight, pool, bowling (I seriously think that I learned how to be a better bowler thru this game, or at least to understand the strategy better. Same for pool sdjflksdf) It was just so much you could play, with our without others and just allowed the game to have so much to do.

[6] -- Sonic Heroes (GC)
    Quick disclaimer, as far as Sonic games go, I tend to be really bad at the computer or portable platformers, compared to the console games… I think it’s b/c I can’t deal with that fast-paced gameplay very well if I can barely see what’s ahead of me o|-< Which is why the 3D console game appeal to me so much more, such as this one.
    But ahahaha I might get a lot of crap for this since there seems to be such a hatedom for this game (???), but honestly, I really liked it. Maybe b/c admittedly it’s was the first console Sonic game that I completely and fully beat (with some help and support from my kid sister shhhhhh).
    That said, the teams gameplay was a really nice dynamic to work with, and b/c this was back when there were not 1823923 characters yet, I liked being able to play as them all. Maybe the repetitive boss battles got a little old fast, but the visual designs and game for the stages were really nice. I wish it had had a Chao Garden though—

[7] -- Kirby AirRide (GC)
    I tend to love Kirby games in general tbh, as easy as the games might seem it’s also genuinely fun and I enjoy what the copy abilities add to the gameplay. But AirRide, as a racing game, is a little different.
    For one thing, I really like the simple controls need to race in the game, since the machines are self-accelerating and all you mainly have to do is steer and brake. And I REALLY REALLY love the gliding and jumping feature of the machines as well! The amount of different machines and their variability is great as well, and being able to use copy abilities made racing pretty exciting
    I like all 3 modes of the game but I like City Trial a lot, b/c (1) it’s fun to race to customize your machine to perform well, and (2) the city is really fun to explore in free trial e 7 e ) (/has spent hours just exploring it—I mean…). Also like the music of the game as well.

[8] -- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC)
    OKAY SO I HAVE A CONFESSION AND THAT IS I haven’t… fully beaten the game o|-< I’m right at the part where I need to head to the last dungeon, but I haven’t b/c I’ve been busy trying to finish the sidequests /choke—
    Also confession that I’m only well versed in a few Zelda games, but one reason I was really draw to this one is, ngl, the graphic and art style… it’s just really nice and unique and just appealing?? That said my impressions of the game skyrocketed one I actually got to playing it. The story is… very lengthy honestly and pacing can drag on due to the amount of sailing you do (manually too), but I liked it nonetheless.
    I also really, really love the world of this game a lot, and the amount of areas you can explore on both land and thru sailing, and the array of sidequests you can complete. The graphics, as I said before a nice and the scenery of some of these places and the design of the enemies are eye candy. The boss battle are also engaging and as far as I can remember the music is amazing too.

[9] -- Okami (Wii)
    I love everything about this freaking game. The graphics and art direction is gorgeous and just appealing to look at; the gameplay and mechanics with the brush abilities and weapons; the mythology behind the world and the characters; the story and plot and different arcs; the refreshing humor in said story (as srs as this game is and how it looks, I love how it likes to poke fun at itself and the character now and then); the memorable boss battles; the FREAKING EARGASMIC SOUNDTRACK... And you play as a wolf goddess HOW COOL IS THAT??
    Difficulty is about where I like it for games, at least thru first play thru: challenging but not impossible, and while I get different opinions on how it is on the Wii, I personally think the wii controls make it more... intuitive? especially for using the brushes. I also liked the pacing and personally never found a dull moment in the game. Even when you had “nothing” to do (if you actually get thru the slew of side quests it has), it was really fun to explore each of the area just because of the sheer scenery porn... as well as possible finding some treasure +
    Okami remains to be one of my all time favorite if not /the/ all time favorite for me. Seriously if you haven’t played it… do it

[10] -- Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
    This game is… probably tied with Okami as my favorite game, though for different reasons. I’ve liked the concept behind the SSB series for ages since it was first introduce on N64, but since I didn’t have a N64 growing up I didn’t have a chance to fully enjoy it until Melee on Gamecube. So I was pretty hyped to hear it gaining a new installment on Wii. Idek what to say except that this is a really really great game?? And you have to play thru it to understand why it’s so popular and fun, in spite of it’s basis as a multi crossover brawler game.
    Also the story mode, although I hear mixed opinions on it I REALLY LIKED IT… IT GAVE ME FEELS. Also b/c of the simultaneous simplicity and complexity that were able to involve so many characters together, as well as the really well animated cut scenes. Plus it was really fun to play alongside my sister in story mode and then proceed to beat the snot out of her in the stadium ^ q ^ )/
    Basically the game play is amazing, the amount of characters you can play as are too, the music good, beating up other character is good (and cathartic--), the STAGES ARE SO VARIED AND FUN. And I liked collecting the trophies and stickers and the other achievements, which basically always left you with something to do.
    TL;DR this game is awesome and was worth every penny and if you haven’t played it yet, DO IT NOW--

A Few Honorable Mentions
    Animal Crossing (GC) | Sonic Battle (GBA) | Mario Kart Double Dash (GC) | Kirby Super Star (DS) | Super Paper Mario (Wii) | Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg (GC) | Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (GBA/DS) | Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (Wii) | Sonic R (PC) | Mario Party (Particularly 4, 6 and 7 on GC)

Games series I know of and have wanted to play but regrettably haven’t (in case anyone wonders why they’re not up there o)-< )
    Pokemon Stadium | Spyro | Final Fantasy | Fire Emblem | Kingdom Hearts | Assassin's Creed | Journey | “Tales of” Series… I’ll add more as I think of them OTL

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