WH40k: Owl-Faced Daemon Picture

Meet the Strygian.

The Strygian is a Lord of Change, a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, who plays a major role in the lives of my characters and of the politics of the Gilranth Sector, although his motives and methods are tightly kept secrets. His owl face is based on the ancient human mythological connection between owls and wisdom, although like all Lords of Change, he can alter his features whenever he wants. He typically has rainbow patterns under his eyes, but he has expressed that blue is his favorite color, so his bird-like body is a shade of blue most of the time. Kryze describes his eyes as normally a shade of gold, "analyzing you, like he's trying to predict every single action you will ever take in the foreseeable future."

Technically, I treat the Strygian like a public-domain character, in that he plays a major role in most of the factions warring it out in the Gilranth Sector. Anyone who wants to use him is more or less allowed to, since he's likely to appear anywhere at anytime, anyway. He rarely allows himself to be summoned into the physical realm, but does make frequent contact with his pawns through psykers or whenever else he is able to. He is the first Greater Daemon that Kryze meets in the Warp, and arguably the reason the Outcastes exist after helping Kryze get the cult off the ground. On the other hand, he is also playing the Dark Eldar, Orks, Imperium, and other Chaos factions against one another for some future goal.

One thing to know about his personality is that the Strygian seems to genuinely care for Tzeentch, his master, and the state of Chaos, and doesn't appear to act as though he wants to usurp or undermine Tzeentch in the Warp. Pretty good minion, right? It could be a ruse, but I haven't developed the plot enough for that, so pay it no mind. Otherwise, the Strygian is a fun character for me to write, and I like how he came out in this design. The cauldron he seems to be working with was both a lazy coverup for the rest of his abdomen and a random prop to draw him with. So far I haven't come up with any actual items he uses, but we'll get to that later on. For now, he plays a major role in the story of Kryze's past in the Warp, and his first meetings with the Chaos Gods, as well as the foundation of what would become the Outcastes.

Aside from the Owl face, he pretty much looks like any other Lord of Change, if that statement can even be made, what with their shapeshifting.

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