Chaotic evil by definition Picture

If you were at the last Livestream then you should recognize this Guy. ;D
Ooooh Set.
You are such a douche.

This is a glorified doodle to say the least. I just felt like I needed to loosen up a bit. Background and coloring's a bit derpy as well but I didn't feel like it deserved the normal five hours I spend on just picking colors SO HUM.

Another one for my Egyptian god project. Set is the god of chaos and storms and most famous for murdering and stealing the crown from his brother Osiris in the osirian legend. Historically he wasn't originally evil but was vilified by the Egyptians as Horus' cult became more popular (and more politically correct).
My version of Set, as you can probably guess, follows the more recent version of him. ;3 He's temperamental, petty, and over 3 millennia later still sore about getting his ass kicked by his nephew. While he was once considered one of the god's greatest enemies nowadays they just sort of consider him an occasional nuisance. Which just pisses him off even more.
He generally blows off steam by throwing hurricanes and earthquakes at us mortals, who he hates only slightly less than the other gods. :T

His design was a little trickier compared to the other gods I have so far. Unlike Anubis who's look is majorly based off his totem animal, I couldn't really do that for Set because his totem is an unknown aardvark/camel/giraffe based...thing. So when I found an article describing him as having red hair and white skin I ran with it.
The suite is just because he's really vain.

Hm-hm I think that's all I have to say. Trying to expand more on deviations with OC's but I'm a terrible writer.
Hope you kid's dig anyway.

PS. "Chaotic Evil" refers to DnD alignment. ;D Look it up on TVTropes.

Art and Character (c) =Jay-the-Great
Thanks to `Bleeding-Dragon and =cloaks for the textures.

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