Pretty.Sailr.Pandora:The.Chaos Picture


Long long ago, in an alterative state of mind, I started a series of edits~ Then I went on a long spree of not updating, and eventually went on a hiatus from DA. But now I'm back, and decided to finish one to post before I had to leave again for 3 weeks *woo~*

Sailor Pandora~, for god mama Angie (aka Pandora
I couldn't fit the full title T3T

Oh well...

Pandora = a mythological goddess = first woman = opener of the box with brough choas upon the word = Sailor Pandora became 'the chaos' tarot card *nods*

Other cards in the series...

The Eclipse - Sailor Isis
The Earth - Sailor Earth

Sailorpandora (c) Pandora
Editing and such by me
CBI @ Colors of the Moon
Sailormoon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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