Lucifer Picture


I have had many ideas that incorporated some of the mythology surrounding him, but this for the most current story I am working on. He's never been an enemy of god nor a villain. He was given a special assignment to hold the seals between hell and heaven as well as hell and earth. Archangel because he was a direct creation of god. In fact, a part of god in the most literal sense, in which god decided to separate the impulsive, quick tempered chaotic part of itself from the main entity, and there we have the birth of Lucifer. He was created shortly before the birth of Jesus, and is, therefore, the youngest of the archangels.

He's actually the most important of the angels but humans have vilified him for their own purposes, and also, that he fucks with us a lot. never to do evil though. He and god cannot touch otherwise the worlds would fall into chaos, and could very well set everything back to life post-christ. Or even worse, destroy everything.

When Lucifer is in our plain of existence, it mean god is not here. Jesus is an exception to this rule because Jesus is an anomaly because he is both god and human. Jesus is not a direct creation of god and that is why he did not earn an arch status. I may explain more about the conundrum that is Jesus when I draw him.

The archangels are not the main characters.. but I have not finalized the main characters designs yet, so you'll get these secondary characters for now!
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