Blade of the Fallen Twin Picture

The main blade is heavily inspired by the Blades of Chaos in God of War. And after I drew the hilt, I almost wanted the blade to be able to fly out of the hilt, connected by a chain, but thought that'd be too close to ripping-off.
Instead, the spine blade (that says "ZRQ" on it) can be thrown off, and it's connected by a chain (coils of which you can see protruding from the left side). There are actually two spine blades, one on each side, which can be thrown separately, and used to either attack from afar, or used as a grappling hook.
And lastly, the small blades on the bottom (that say "ETQD") are part of a two-bladed knife that can slide off.

It's not to scale with the other weapons, but it is meant to be wielded one-handed.

The story was hard to write. I wanted it to be based out of Roman mythology, but Roman mythology is far less interesting than Roman history (partly because there's no "real" version). I settled on wanting to talk about Romulus and Remus, but when I refreshed myself on their story, I discovered Romulus killed Remus in a rather petty dispute, and having it be a 'blade of the twins' doesn't work if they hate each other lol.

The glyphs on the blade don't mean anything, so don't ask lol. This was really fun to draw :- )

Photoshop CS4
~12 hours
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