"King Louen Leoncoeur" Picture

Louen Leoncoeur was crowned in the year 2500 by the Imperial reckoning; that is to say, 2500 years after the coronation of Sigmar, or the year 1522 by the Bretonnian calendar; 1522 years after the foundation of the kingdom.
In 2508, he defeated an orc invasion at the Battle of Swamphold, just one of his many victories. He has ridden against the forces of Mousillon several times, and has led Bretonnia in war with the Empire at least once. It is said by the Bretonnians that Louen has never been defeated in battle, questionable though such a claim may be. He is doubtless a mighty warrior and one of the foremost generals of the Old World. Most recently he declared an Errantry War against the Hordes of Chaos and rode to the aid of the Empire during the Storm of Chaos, where he and his knights were able to aid in the escape of Volkmar the Grim from captivity.
Louen is a pious king and is extremely devoted to the Lady of the Lake, patron goddess of Bretonnia, and bears her blessing. He is revered by his people not only for his martial valour but also for his piety. Some even whisper that the blood of Gilles, legendary founder of Bretonnia, runs in his veins, despite the fact that Louen is of the royal house of Couronne, unrelated to that of Gilles.
In peacetime, Louen is a great patron of tourneys, and has taken to the lists himself on occasion.

In appearance Louen Leoncoeur is close to his ninetieth year, but he is still in the prime of his life and looks no more than a man in his 35th year thanks to the blessing of the Lady. Despite his age, he is not one to shy away from combat and still leads armies in the field when necessary.

When in combat, Louen traditionally arms himself with the Sword of Couronne, an ancient heirloom of his house. He bears the Lion Shield, the same shield that he bore as a lowly knight-errant, and unlike most monarchs, wears his crown into battle. The Crown of Bretonnia is itself a potent magical artifact, first worn by King Louis the Rash and blessed by a kiss from the Lady herself.
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