Incalesco Erebus B-117 out of Calidum and Praeter Picture

name: Incalesco Erebus
meaning: Incalesco, Catching fire. Erebus, Latin form of Greek Erebos meaning "darkness." In mythology, this is the name of the offspring of Chaos.
nickname: Incalesco
age: a few months
date of birth: end autumn, early winter
ID: B-117
Breed: EB, mountain
coat: Bay Dun Frame overo rictus, Tuxedo carier.
rarity: 10+ (12)
note (s):
-Shouldn't be bred with plains and or desert EB's
-Shouldn't breed with other frame overo's, because of the Lethal white syndrome.
- Inharitated the special gleaming coat. Which can be found back in the Dam (golden gleam) from the Dam's Sire an mighty EB stallion, Who was known for his spectaculair golden gleam over his palomino coat. Also one son of the Dam's Sire is seen with this coat (Copperish Red) This trait is unique to the Dam's bloodline.
- could pass on Tuxedo.

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: Mel Vindictam J-043
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: Praeter Laceret B-136
------------------------------------------ SDS: IHS Inferorum Canis
----------------- SD: Matutinus Cor F-004
------------------------------------------ SDD: IHS Femina Papilio

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown

----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: Calidum Aquilonia E-039
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Loyal: he will always defend his mother and friends with his big mouth and will share his friends wounds. will hopefully make him a fair and protective fighter.
curious: at young age he already showed he will stick his nose into the stranges things, causing him to get into dangers very quick. into his curiousity he's most seen quiet and thinking, while he's very looky. watching is not his only talent he likes to run off when nobody is watching and expierence the unknown. besides that he relays on scent but he also tastes unknown plants and flowers, something which can be pretty dangerous.
Fierce and obstinate: He quickly respons angry or irritated against other horses if they point him on his behaviour and totally doesn't like to be taught what to do and will most likely twist it. Into the way he thinks is best, to bad his best is most of the time recless. Turning out to be the worst. Will probably develop into a fierce fighter.
Snappy and Rude: He has his replies quick and often knows to bitch off other he doesn't trust or try to boss him around.
Goofy, competitive and challenging: He loves a challenge and he's not afraid to take one allthough he prefers to be sure that the result is his to own. He's always in for a good laugh with friends and if he loses a competition (it's mostly between him an a couple of fillies) he will do it off with a laugh. he's a charismatic winner.

Recless and irresonsible: he's pretty bad at seeing the results his mistakes bring along and pretty much doesn't care actually.
Turned to himself: Allthough he always wants to know about other horses problems he dislikes talking about his own nor about his feelings.
Bad aura: just as his mom he has this great bad mood or bad aura sometimes. where his body language and his presence can litteraly scare others off. he mostly uses it when he has troubles with his feelings.
Trust: he doesn't trust strangers quickly and will often give them a silent treatment and an certain time limit to proove themself worthy of his friendship.
adventurous: He doesn't like to frolick with the fillies but he loves to explore the mountains. If you look away? he could be gone the other second you look back.
Warm: somewhere he has a warm side allthough he only shows that towards his mother and towards nobody else. Personaly he thinks that's his weak side and hates it allthough he never dared to change it. Knowing he will hurt his mother.
quick and clumpsy: He's as quick as water and is the king in dissapearing in less then two seconds. If he dissapears you almost know for sure he saw something that caught his intrest or better said curiousity. Resulting in troubles, troubles and more troubles. Living in a mountain area you can assure yourself as foal to expierence some deep and steep cliffs, hard, sharp and pointy rocks caused by rock slides, big hight differences, smooth and when rained slippery grounds and hard winds how higher you get. Making it a un-foal-friendly environment. With tall unsteady legs this isn't a play ground but more a risk of life and death with every step you take + his recless behavior makes him an easy prey. A must to be looked after.
Quick learning: he does fall for the same mistakes again, quite often actually. Still that doesn't mean he doesn't know he's making the same mistake, ofcourse he knows! He just doesn't seem to care enough, to stop making them over and over. (he does have a hard time to see and accept his own limitations though) Maybe when one of his accidents really go wrong he will learn to care, but till now no one of the bachelor herd allow it to get that far. hopefully someday he will grow wise?

Breeding: not open he's to young, he's still innocent people.

Story: allthough his mother didn't planned on getting pregnant and didn't want him to be born at all she always loved him. He might speak of luck his mother has so much faith in him, showing him all her affection and patience despite his switching moods and his obstinate and rude behavior and distrust against others. Without her he probably wouldn't have survived in the bachelor herd the Sinners. Without her he probably wouldn't grow up into the respectable stallion he will be later on.

Enough Info? Man I love this little dude *,* I did what I love the most designing this little critter and allthough I had no clue how to make white patterns look realistic I kinda screwed up the patterns but I will smoothen them out on his grown up ref. later. Hope you guys like him, I know I do.
BTW he's one of those crazy ponies who's coat lightens and darkens with the season also he inheritated the metal coat gleams of his dam's side as seen on Caly (gold) herself and Cine (copper). Incalesco posseses the gleam of brass over his coat which is an combination between the metals copper and tin (yay chemestry)

Foal, Dam and Incalesco's design by me
Dam's design Enharmonia
lineart, breed SDS SDD by Fargonon
Sire and SD by savannaunie
SS by Johnmowfive

-phew huge credits list
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