Freyja and Hildisvini Picture

Well, I can still get in some traditional art since my scanner still functions, I'll just have to wait to digitize it later on when my PC decides to function on an acceptable level. Anyway, here is one of my mythological characters the Vanir (Norse) goddess Freyja and her ever trustworthy companion Hildisvíni. I'd like to draw some more of my favorite deities of myth and lore, but this one wasn't just to pass time as she is one of the numerous Norse gods that appears in Act 2 of Ex Dynamis Chaos. I should really finish and upload Act 1 Episode 4...

- Freyja -

Aliases: Gefn; Gullveig; Heiðr; Hörn; Mardöll; Skjálf; Sýr; Thröng; Thrungva; Valfreyja; Vanadís

Real Name: Frigg (technically)

Species: Vanir (Æsir)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Age: Unknown

DoB: Unknown

Occupation: Goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr (sorcery), war, and death as well as ruler of Fólkvangr.

Interests: Odin/Hermit; Hildisvíni; Fighting, battle, and war; Sex... with just about anything that moves O_o; Love; Magic and trickery; Eating; Drinking; Pigback riding and chariot driving

Dislikes: Loki (intensely); Most of the Æsir (doesn't stop her much though); Peace and complacency; Cowards

- Hildisvíni -

Aliases: Otta

Real Name: Hildisvíni

Species: Eternal Giant Boar

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 1.3 tons (about 2600 lbs.)

Age: Unknown

DoB: Unknown

Occupation: Freyja's companion and steed

Interests: Freyja; Eating; Sleeping; Skipping

Dislikes: Odin's troublesome sons; Loki; Moving
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