Mei Panda Bio 2014 Picture

Name: Mei Panda
Aliases: "The Dark Empress" "Queen of the Dark"
Species: Panda
Age: Over 500 (Appears to be in mid-20's)
Height: 3' 10''
Weight: 91 lbs.
Alignment: Pure Dark
Powers: Dark Energy
Likes: Authority, Grapes, Torture, Talking Down to Others
Dislikes: The Royal Hedgehog Family, Defiance, Being tricked or trapped
Friends: People who follow her
Enemies: King Ragent, Icee, Anyone against her
Mei is seen as an urban legend. Not much is known about her birth. She is a being, fused with Dark Energy. She has the power to suck the darkness from Chaos Emeralds, making her stronger. When she has enough power, she transforms into her Pure Dark Form (something seen as an ancient Super Form). Mei was imprisoned in a tomb near Breakpoint Mountain. The tomb was said to exist over 500 years ago. Mei was released one day after the tomb was damaged by a battle. She went into the town of Zerometro City, to the castle and demanded she become ruler. Claiming that she was the Queen of Zerometropolis before Ragent's ancestors overthrew her. This is actually true. Mei gained power of the ancient town located here, when her family was credited for creating Zerometropolis' Emeralds. Mei's symbol on her dress is the mark associated with the mark of the Zero Tribe. The Tribe is known for their power and are generally seen as some form of mythology. They have a set of followers throughout their ancestry. Mei's personality makes her think highly of herself, and she loves destruction and causing mayhem on anyone against her. She has a huge hatred of King Ragent over his ancestors, and that includes his descendants, so she considers Icee her enemy as well. Mei can be imprisoned for a short time under normal methods, but without the ancient materials, she can't be locked away forever. The other members of the Zero Tribe are hidden, and may be released one day. Mei isn't all that serious about them, but she may release them if she doesn't gain power soon.
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