Erotes Picture

Four Gods who represent a different type of love, and sons of Aphrodite herself. (Ares is their dad). Love...War...let that sink in people.

-from right hand side to left-

Eros - God of Love, also known as Cupid. Some sources say that he is not Aphrodite's son but rather a primordial deity. An aspect of the universe before the gods were born. According to Hesiod, he is the youngest of the top 10: Chaos (either genderless or female), Erebus (Darkness), Nyx (Night), Aether (Light), Hermera (Day), Gaia (Earth), Uranus (Sky), the Ourea (Mountains), Pontus (Water), and Tartarus, both a torturous Hellpit and a living being. Insert Captain Planet jokes here. Looking over the mythology of Eros and how he is involved both with his family and certain humans, I interpret him as a type who is secretly one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but rather leave the spotlight to his relatives since he has enough duties. Then comes in the saying "Love is Blind", here I have portrayed as the type who handicapped himself on purpose, letting others underestimate him and kept their guard down. Plus, he might be on the arrogant side due to his parentage, but ever since his marriage with his famous meet-cute with Psyche, he not only mellowed out but he also matured and started to take his role as the personification of love seriously.

Anteros - Unrequited Love, said to be the son of Poseidon and a young sea deity named Nerites. One mythology said that Aphrodite offered him to be her companion on Mount Olympus, even going as far as bribing him with wings. (Said wings were given to Eros, thus given him his best known appearance). But he refused since he wanted to be with his family, this piss her off to the point that she turned him into a shellfish. Classy. Same fate happened to him when he rejected Helios and the result is still the same. I think that there is a possibility that Anteros is, in a way, Eros' half brother. It's the only thing that could make sense, even to me.

Himeros - Lust, nothing much said about this guy other than the fact that he does archery like his brothers. The Red Arrow of the family.

and last Pothos, Longing. He might be the youngest of his four brothers and there is one source that said that he might be Eros' son.


information of the Erotes brothers came from Wikipedia and books concerned about either Greco-Roman or international mythology.

Designs and characteristics of the brothers were created from my own interpretation and imagination.
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