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I decided to get to work on Samael's redesigned concept because I thought he desperately needed it. I also wanted to make him look more dark and sinister and give him some hybrid features such as wings and a dragon tail.

Just in case none of you are familiar with Samael, he is suppose to be based off of the Lernaean Hydra of Greek mythology. Also, his right hand is a claw because he changed it into a dragon claw at will. The silver thing on his hand is suppose to be a finger armor.

Name: Samael Manson
Alias(es): Sammy, Sam Jr., Nessus, The Hydra
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Place of birth: Ghost Zone (in the dragon infested area of the Ghost Zone)
Religion: Ohdinism
Species: Half hydra (from his father's side), half demon (from Nessus fusing with him as a newborn)
Family: Ida Manson (great grandmother), Izzy Manson (great grandfather), Jeremy and Pamela Manson (grandparents), Draigo (father), Samantha "Sam" Manson (mother), Crystal Manson (younger sister), Roxanne 13 (girlfriend/future wife), Katina, Kylie, Layla, Corvin, Taylor, and Kimberly 13/Spectra (future nieces), Dylan and Dyami (future nephews), and Soma 13 (future son)

History: Samael is the eldest son of Samantha Manson and King Draigo, and he is also the destined heir to the throne of dragon spirits. However, the reason as to why he was destined for such power has a dark origin.

During a birthing ceremony, Vanth Leviathan, a vampire snake demon who possessed the power of the demon Lorraizar, had entered the temple of Nessus in hopes of obtaining the power of Lorraizar's ancient rival in order to eliminate any chances of Lorraizar being defeated again by the hydra spirit Nessus. Vanth nearly succeeded in opening the seal that the hydra was sealed away in, but once Nessus had been reawoken, Vanth's plan backfired and Nessus, in his blind rage, attempted to eliminate Vanth Leviathan and Lorraizar, sensing the dark influence of his rival. Vanth had escaped before Nessus could inflict any further harm onto him.

Nessus later realized that his spirit form was slowly withering away because of his lack of a host and with no other solution, he had entered the womb of Samantha Manson and fused with her son during child birth and once her son had been born, he was shown to have been born with small dragon wings, a spiked, undeveloped tail, and mismatched purple and red eyes, which greatly resembled those of Nessus and the cries the infant had wailed out once he was born were sensed by the Four Gatekeepers of the demon and they, along with the Council of Dragons knew that Nessus had found a host and they knew that he would be needed once more to defeat Lorraizar and his new host, Vanth Leviathan.

As the years passed by, Samael had been taught by each of the Four Gatekeepers about some of the greatest qualities of a demonic spirit. From Sallos teaching him everything he knew to Gallahad helping him come up with some of the most humorous (and dangerous) pranks and methods on how to manipulate someone. While the Council of Dragons trained him in some physical abilities of a dragon.

During his adolescent years, Samael had met with Freakshow, who offered to teach Samael about the powers of the supernatural and he, along with his sister, Crystal, agreed to become his students.

Samael learned a great deal of the supernatural from the former ringmaster, but it was also during that time that his powers and Nessus, who was sensing a dark energy from Freakshow, started to get the best of him. Crystal sensed this and warned Freakshow about her brother's "other self." This greatly disturbed Freakshow and he began to do research on demonic spirits and found out about a powerful dragon known as Nessus, who defeated a demon known as Lorraizar centuries ago and found out about an amulet which was suppose to maintain the balance of control between a demon and its host, but could only be created through the means of forging. There was a terrible price though: Freakshow had to offer the energies of several ghosts in order to create this amulet and that was what would be the foreshadow of his death.

Freakshow had captured several ghosts (mainly lesser spirits) and fused their power into several gems, forging them into an amulet that would cause whichever dragon spirit who wears it, to be reverted back into their human form. Unfortunately, just as Freakshow had finished this process, Samael had taken noticed to what his master had done and what Samael saw left him enraged and that rage, sadness and anger combined caused Nessus to be unleashed and the hydra spirit killed Samael's former master.

Creeper, Freakshow and Lydia's eldest son, had witnessed the slaughter and believed that Samael, not Nessus, was the one who killed his father and with no other alternative to calm the rage of both Nessus and Samael, Creeper placed the amulet around Nessus's middle head, causing Samael to be reverted back into his human form. In his anger, Creeper took the opportunity to kill Samael as an act of revenge, but Crystal stopped him, telling Creeper that if there was anyone to blame, it is Nessus's uncontrollable power and cruelty towards those who commit an injustice or crime, not Samael. Creeper reluctantly decided not to kill Samael, but still held onto a bitter and violent grudge against him.

Elsewhere, Vanth, who had watched the scene unfold through one of his snake familiars, grinned and said "So, this is the host of the hydra, Nessus. Interesting..."

Later on during his life, he had met with and had taken Roxanne 13 under his wing, knowing that they both possessed a power that they had learned to come to terms with their powers.

Powers and abilities

Like the hydra, Samael possesses the ability to regenerate and he also possesses knowledge and several abilities that the Gatekeepers, Council of Dragons, and Freakshow had taught him. His primary element focuses around dark, fire, and even thunder based abilities. He is also able to change his limbs into parts from his hydra form and will and can even pull out bones from his body to create katanas or claymores.

Thor's Guillotine: Creates a powerful blade made of thunder and splits his enemies apart with it.

Coffin of Odin: Creates a canoe like coffin that creates a burning gauze that wraps around the enemy and purges them of their darkness and malice before being taken to Valhalla.

Silent Wanderer: Traps his enemies in a sea of darkness where Nessus controls them.

Guillotine fist: Slams his fist into his enemies, causing them to split apart in a painless, but quick, death.

Bloody serpents: Breaks his body apart into an army of serpents to consume his enemies.

Hercules' poison: Creates a deadly smog that once someone breathes it in, they automatically die

Awakening of the Hydra: His most powerful attack and also an ability to summon Nessus. Samael creates a widespread explosion of energy, destroying everything in his path. The soul remnants of those that were destroyed are them absorbed into Samael, causing the hydra to be unleashed from deep within its host. Used only as a last resort.


The Vessel: Samael's hybrid form. This form is a mixture of his hydra and human forms. Has neutral power.

Nessus: His hydra form and ultimate form. In this form, Nessus is in control, though Samael is able to give out commands to his "partner."

The Eternal Zeed: The perfect form of the hydra spirit, it becomes a more hellfire like creature and is also his most unstable form.


1. Three of Samael's abilities have allusions to several gods of Norse Mythology, particularly Odin and Thor.

2. The rune on his waist clincher is an Odal rune, which in Neopaganism, relates to ancestry.

3. His sword in his hand was inspired by Kadaj's double bladed katana called a Souba from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

4. Some parts of his newer outfit and appearance were heavily inspired by what Rion Steiner and ASH looked like in Galerians: ASH. His hair was vaguely based off of Marilyn Manson.

5. The amulet being the item that controls the balance between Samael's forms is an allusion to the Protomateria from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge Of Cerberus, which was used to control Vincent Valentine's Chaos form.

6. Samael was based off of the Lernaean Hydra from Greek mythology

7. Samael means "the blind god" in the context of the Apocryphon of John.

8. The S.M. initials on his shirt obviously stand for Samael Manson.

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