Gemini Picture

KiddieCats Zodiac for Gemini, the twins~! They fit nicely with the background mythology of the twins Castor and Pollux, as one is immortal and the other is not. Even though they're not really twins, Alex is younger...>.>;

And...there's no cats again. ^.^; I'll try to draw some next time.

It seems to make sense that occasionally a human with Shishi [link] ancestry would be born with an unbalanced soul, and thus able to do magic. It's probably very weak with such hybrids, but one day Alexander accidently a spell that allowed him to travel between worlds.

Which nicely explains how anime OC Anne [link] got from digimon world to .hack world to KC world, and gives a little background connection between the two original projects of KC and Chaos. So many lose ends, they are so neatly tied.

Evander: [link]
Alexander: [link]
Random Shishi Lady [nolink]
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