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Here's Kai ouo

Name: Kai gavala (Kai Γαβαλά)
Nicknames: Crow, αγόρι μου (boy)
Birthday: July 23rd
Species: Crow
Place of Birth: Santorini, Thina, Greece
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg (154lbs)
Personality: Lazy, unwilling, rude, careless, selfish, luster-loving, idiotic, rowdy
Element: Earth
Likes: Sleeping, not working, Greek culture, traditional music, the ocean, islands, smoking, drinking
Dislikes: work, socializing, overly happy people, exercise, Turks
Position In the Story: Protagonist
Appearances: Yes

Kai was born on a small Greek island in the South Aegan sea called Santorini. During his childhood, he would usually run around the island with his friends. Admiring the sea from a ledge. He goes around exploring the ancient Greek ruins on the island; he as a child had a huge interest in his country's history. He vowed he would be the best Greek historian on Earth. Kai was really the out-going kid amongst his community, he would always have a smile on his face, and actively participate at events held by the island's residences.

Being on a small Greek island, Kai's family worked in the wine industry. They would have vineyards of Athiri and Aidani vines, that would be used to make their wine. Kai would grow up having some knowledge of it, but struggled to manage the vineyards. Unfortunately, the wine business did not keep the family very good in terms of finances, let alone the country. Greece had already been almost kicked out of the EU, the economy was in complete shambles and would soon get worse as time went on. With protests and chaos flowing throughout the country, Kai's parents sent him elsewhere in Europe, hoping for Kai to have a better future; he was sent to Paris, France. Kai promised to later come back to his hometown, hoping to see a better Greece, and show his family that he could achieve anything.

A notable fact about Kai is his passion for world order - especially under him. A grandiose dream; world control. Kai has always had an obsession and disgust with criminals and those who bring corruption, violence and greed to the world. His dream is to wipe out every living criminal and create a utopia for all. He will carry out missions taking out criminals and making sure they never commit a crime ever again - despite his use of extremely brutal tactics. He has not yet told anyone of these "missions", but slowly plans on bringing in others to aid him in his delusional dream.

Kai's element is Earth. He got this element at a young age, and began to see that he is able to manipulate the Earth at his will. Since then, the crow has been training his power in strengthening it - as well as using it for world domination.

Years past after moving to Paris, Kai's life didn't seem to be going anywhere. Losing any or all interest at studying, or working, he spends most of his time either home, or out drinking. His best friend Myt would be the one who supplies him with the money. Kai at some point decides that he has to make some changes, if he's willing to survive.

Kai, as said before it utterly lazy, which is not strong enough to describe him. He will find any excuse not to do work - he'd rather his friends, or... only friend do it for him. He won't even wash himself and always asks for massages from his friend. Contrary to his lazy habits, his body shows otherwise. With the laziness, Kai has become more secluded, and only talks to certain people who are to his liking. If anyone tries to establish any type of communication with him, he'd cringe, only acting as if he was delighted to meet that person, even to the point of acting as a friend to take advantage of them. Kai continuously uses Myt to get what he wants. Using the excuses of his lack of money, and being unable to find a job, he get's what he wants; food, clothing, money, a new tv, ect.. even though it's evident of his manipulation tactics.

Kai's laziness and bad attitude is not his only short-coming- he will be in complete disgust at anything Turkish. Kai hates Turkey and it's culture to an extreme, refusing to even look anyone, or anything that is Turkish. Though, it's rooted in culture, so there isn't much of a surprise there, but even when in the happiest of moods, he won't even allow others to mutter a word about Turkey. He does get violent if confronted with a Turk.

With all that, Kai wants to be alone. He finds the best side of him when he's all alone. In times of sorrow, he'll even begin to sing soothing Greek songs, in order to make himself happy. He is simply too rooted in his culture. It seems to be the only thing that actually get's a smile out of him. Unfortunately, he's completely thrown away even looking at ancient Greek history/mythology; claiming it's boring and a complete waste of time, with reasons still unknown.

Kai gavala (c) FILTrandez

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