MangaDCU:Captains of Infamy 2 Picture

Group pic of the Global Captains of Infamy! I based the image off of a cover from Dark Avengers, which is the team i patterned them on.

left to right:
top- Boomerang, Marvel, Calamity
bottom- Cold, Fear, Nazi, Hunter

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Captain Marvel (aka Black Adam): Khem Adam
(Africa) Can call on the power of XIAZAMM to become earth's first mightiest mortal.

X - strategic ability of conquering pharaoh, Xerxes
I - mystical senses of the ancient magi, Imhotep
A - power of the Egyptian solar disc deity (sky god), Aten
- wisdom of the Egyptian god of knowledge and wisdom, Zehuti
- strength of the Egyptian god known as The Slayer of Enemies, Anhuret
- Fighting ability of the Egyptian god of war, Monthu
- swiftness of Egyptian goddess of speed & execution, Mafdet

Khem Adam bonded with scientist Theo Adama, who worked for Sivana Innovations, after having been trapped in a pocket dimension for millennia. Upon his revivification, The former champion of the magi, Xiazamm explored the new world that would now be his home. He saw the exploits of the Global Captains of Industry, and immediately recognized the mark of his former benefactor on the hero known as Captain Marvel. Reinvigorated by the idea that he would still be able to achieve his ultimate goal of revenge on Xiazamm through him, he used his mystical senses to locate Max Lord and his operation. However, Lord's Team had already convinced current member of the CoI, Captain Fear to set up his teammates and immobilize them one by one. Lord would not reveal the location of Captain Marvel to Adam, who took on all of the false captains at once. Watching them battle, Lord had a revelation...the component that he was missing was someone that the public could rally behind that was familiar to them. He made a deal with Black Adam to reveal the location of Captain Marvel, after he had successfully corrupted his legacy and ruined his reputation, by replacing him as Max Lord's Captain Marvel. He agreed, and the next time the team went out, he joined them and the public embraced him. They had very public exploits until Adam killed a crew of kidnappers on camera to save a hostage...and then killed the hostage! ...which wasn't part of Lord's grand design.

Captain Nazi (aka Captain Arhat): Albrecht Krieger
(Europe) genetically altered by his scientist father, and developed into a super strong "perfect specimen"

During World War II, a Nazi scientist experimented on his own children to develop the embodiment of the Aryan ideal into a super soldier. the only survivor was the youngest son, Albrecht. A raid by American soldiers would result in the death of Dr. Siegmund Krieger, and the formula would die with him. In 1945, a time traveler came back from the future to reveal to the Japanese Emperor the fate that would befall their nation if they continued their alliance with the Nazi's Third Reich. The Emperor made the decision to call off their invasion of Pearl Harbor as the pilots were flying over Hawaii. The Americans saw how close they would've come to ruin, as the Japanese government broke off all ties to Nazi Germany and became allied with the U.S. Unbeknownst to the Japanese Emperor, the Nazis had secret bases set up on the islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After feeling betrayed by the Japanese, the Nazi high command ordered the release of a doomsday weapon that would've taken out all of Asia and quite possibly the world. with no time to locate the hidden bases, the Americans dropped the atom bomb on the targets. With the fall of the Reich, Krieger hid himself in a suspension capsule in one of the Nazi labs, which would be unearthed by Maxwell Lord's excavation team. Captain Nazi has a more powerful hatred of the Japanese than any other race due to their "betrayal". He uses the guise of Captain Arhat to pervert the ideals of all the Buddhists hold dear. in his disguise, he has much longer hair, which is worn in a loose topknot and some monk attire over his uniform. The Swastika is a symbol of good fortune in Buddhist religion. It represents "the footprints and heart of Buddha". This is how he justifies wearing the symbol that he associated with the Nazi party.

Captain Calamity: Yoko Kurushima
(Asia) Possessed by a Yakubyogami (a demon that causes illness, misfortune, and sorrow) from birth.

A young woman was pursued by a highly respected businessman, and she quickly succumbed to his charms. for years he kept her in her own lavish place while he travelled the globe on business. she was isolated, but she never wanted for anything and would always be showered with affection and gifts upon his return. eventually she tried to see him on one of his trips, but her security detail would not allow her to go anywhere that wasn't previously cleared by their employer. she ditched her detail and went to his office to surprise him, where she saw him with his wife and children. the detail caught up with her before she could interrupt the scene with her presence and took her back to her place. her lover came in and she confronted him. when she threatened to tell his wife, he beat her within an inch of her life and told her if she ever opened her mouth he would take that last inch. he put her out on the streets without knowing that she was pregnant with his child. after healing, she became a prostitute to survive. her rage and hatred drew the attention of Dr. Bedlam( a member of the Mal-Practice who likes to transplant spirits and mythological creature anatomy onto human recipients). he told her he would help her gain revenge on the man who ruined her life. The only thing he would need from her was the child she was carrying, which she didn't want, but could never bring herself to abort. she agreed, and he surgically implanted the captured spirit of a Yakubyogami (a demon that causes illness, misfortune, and sorrow) inside of the newborn after she delivered it. She left the newborn on the doorstep of the man's family and when they took the child in, the entire house collapsed killing everyone in it...except the baby.

Captain Hunter: Benjamin Lucius Hunter
(North America) recipient of extensive body modifications and rejuvenation therapies, leader of Creature Commandos

Captain Ben Hunter was an American WWII officer in charge of a unit called Hunter's Hellions. His team was responsible for taking out the Nazi scientist Siegmund Krieger and preventing the proliferation of Nazi super soldiers. After the war was over, Hunter disappeared into obscurity. Every generation since, there has been a Hunter in the American military that never makes it past the rank of captain after a quick ascension to it. The latest in the line of Captain Hunters is Lucius (Luke) Hunter. Like those before him, he is an expert marksman, tactician, hand-to-hand combatant, and tracker. He was the first recruit in Max Lord's plan to take control of the world by taking control of its guardians the Global Captains of Industry. Hunter was put in charge of Project M, which was run by Dr. Bedlam. The Project created the Creature Commandos, which would be under the mental command of Hunter. As Black Adam is the most powerful, he is the team leader, but Hunter has the field experience and is quick to reassert Lord's objectives whenever they go off mission parameters.

Captain Fear: Ferrous
(South America) Ghost pirate, wields demonic Red Claw

The Funayurei is the cursed Ghost ship of Captain Fear, manned by the ghosts of the his cursed crew and those commissioned by Baron Hemlocke. Captain Fear can call for the ship on any large body of water to appear and transport them to locations by travelling through the waterways of the Subtle Realms. Falling off the ship during this passage means losing your physical body and becoming forever trapped in the spirit realm. Ferrous was outfitted with a sword crafted from Focus technology, which allows him to generate a blade of spectral energy. he also acquired the haunted pistol of Baron Hemlocke. On a mission with the Captains, he uses The Funayurei to transport the CoI to the Realm of Pytharia, the birthplace of his Red Claw. They learn more of the origins of the Claw of the Unconquered, as well as the other items that were forged along with it; The Sword of Pytharia, and the Flame of Py'Tar. Prior to his final fateful endeavor with Baron Hemlocke, Ferrous decided to spend a day with his beloved, Buella and they were joined by Lady Cameron (the noblewoman who dreamed of the adventures of piracy ) and Admiral Sloan (officer of the royal fleet who regarded Captain Fear as his most hated and respected enemy for always getting the better of him and evading capture).

Captain Boomerang: Rowena Mercer
(Australia) Lotsa boomerangs.

After being released by the restored CoIndustry, Boomer gets picked up by the authorities after getting drunk and trashing the Flash museum. she committed pranks like spray painting the statue outside, knocking over garbage cans, urinating on the lawn, and when she goes to throw one of her boomerangs at the building, surprisingly the whole museum explodes! the blasts knocks her unconscious. She is charged with multiple murders as it turns out there was a class of school children sleeping overnight in the museum. sentenced to death row, she is approached by Amanda Waller to be given the opportunity to commute her sentence by participating in a kamikaze mission where she might not return. she agrees and is soon introduced to her fellow members on this deadly Suicide Squad:
Bronze Tiger
- Deadly League of Shadows Assassin
Mindboggler- Enigma Clan Shinobi
Deadshot- unparalleled marksman
Plastique- explosives expert
Deadline- timekeeping mission planner
Flagg- Field commander

Captain Cold: Chilali Kainoa
(Antarctica) Focus guns harness cold generating ability.

When Black Adam lost it and started killing people, the cover was blown for Max Lord's new team. He had successfully replaced the world's heroes but didn't quite finish what he set out to do. With the facade gone, he decided to drop the ruse and just take over by force. Using the threat of harnessing the captive Captain Atom as a nuclear weapon on any country that opposed him, he got the world's nations to hold off on fighting his hostile takeover. The team officially dropped the guise of heroes and announced themselves as the Global Captains of Infamy. (the justice league was currently off-world). Black Adam had gone totally rogue and decided if Lord was able to keep captain marvel out of play for so long, he didn't need to waste his time on him. he figured if he caused enough chaos, his true foe would reveal himself. After taking advantage of their new status, Lord decided that the CoIndustry needed to be eliminated. he sent his team out to the hidden locations of the captains, while Calamity guarded the WMD Captain Atom. Nazi and Cold went to take out Comet, Hunter and Boomerang went to take out X, and Lord himself went with Fear to take out Marvel. Upon arrival, Captain Fear released the seal of his Red Claw to expose his demon hand and grabbed Captain Marvel by the throat to extract his soul. Finally convinced that Fear was truly on his side, Lord disclosed his true plan to Ferrous as well as the previously undisclosed location of Captain Atom. With that knowledge, Fear quickly(and with great exertion) replaced the captain's soul in his lifeless body. Weakened from the ordeal, the two battled with Lord until they saw the sky darken and tornadoes forming out of nowhere. fear told Marvel to go save the world. using the Swiftness of Anjanea, he fled. Lord relayed to his teams that Fear had betrayed them and to quickly dispatch the other captains. Captains Cold and Boomerang realized that although they were ok with braking the law, they really didn't want anyone to suffer(...other than Flash) and had been growing more and more uncomfortable with what they were doing. They both stopped their partners from killing their target and helped free them. Marvel arrived at Atom's location to see that Adam had defeated Calamity and hooked her up to the machine that atom was hooked up to. her powers, fueled by his were causing multiple massive disasters on a global scale. it was at this point that Captain Marvel realized this was the moment of his vision that he had when he first got his abilities. The weakened Captain Marvel battled with Black Adam as the combined members of Industry and Infamy converged on the scene. with things totally spinning out of his control, max had his remaining team members cover for him as he and Captain Hunter went to initiate his computer super-virus Codenamed: Kilg%re to infiltrate every government's secret agency's computer network on the planet and extract all data relating to superhumans and how to control them. Captains Cold and Boomerang were able to follow them in and proceeded to try to prevent the download of the virus. At this point, Hunter released all of his Creature Commandos at once, but being so far physically and having so many different minds to try to control at once, the commandoes turned against lord and Nazi. the techs told hunter that to reestablish control, he would have to be in their proximity. he teleported there, an reestablished his mental control over them outnumbering the two Captains, until he was knocked out by Captain Boomerang. At that point, they all scattered and fled, leaving him there on his own. Captain Cold meanwhile was dealing with Lord and Captain Nazi and was injured trying to prevent lord from initiating the sequence to download the Kilg%re virus. While battling the weakened Captains, Khem Adam realized there was a woman on the street who looked identical to the woman who had healed him after his original powers were stripped from him. He actually broke away from the battle to save her life from falling debris. not wanting the world to end before he could find out who this woman was, he stopped fighting and allowed the Captains to free Calamity and Atom from the device before they destroyed the planet. while they were doing that, he fled the field of battle. The Captains came in just as Cold was being battered by Nazi and he freed Lord from the Ice Cold had encased him in enough to start the sequence. Captain X tried to shut down the computer before the entire virus was downloaded and the others engaged Lord and Nazi. Lord Teleported away with Captain Hunter. Captain Comet freed Captains Atom and Calamity from the Doomsday device and marvel fought with Nazi till he realized he was grossly outnumbered. he grabbed Calamity , whose powers had kicked in creating a chasm in the ground that swallowed them both. the rest of the captains escaped the facility before it was completely destroyed. For helping their former comrades in the COI take down the COinfamy , Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold were given a onetime chance to walk away from the scene when it was over.
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