Ask Pony Discord #66 Picture

Applebloom: Where’d that thingie come from anyway? You didn’t make it?

Discord: I wish I knew, and why would I make a counter measuring how many times I’ve been humiliated?


Discord: …Touche…

Applebloom: …If yah got a brother, who’s yer ma? One of those eldaritch thingies from that Hoofcraft guy’s books?

Discord: No!…Not in this universe at least.

((OOC: Pakak is based off Inuit mythology. Pakak means mischief maker. Pakak IS benevolent, but he’s a ‘Beward the Nice Ones’ type, particularly if kids are being hurt. There’s a good reason Celestia telling him THAT scared him so badly, Pakak could be VERY brutal if you did something to truly enrage him, such as killing a child or threatening his loved ones.))

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