Return of Gaia - Finale Picture

yea! well. here it is... this is the climactic work for this semester in my Sculpture class. The theme is about how Gaia (a Greek-mythological version of mother earth who was born from the empty chaos of the universe), will ultimately claim what is hers. And, i think it is an appropriate theme to show, as the human race is about to reach our mother planet's carrying capacity, in the next 20-30 years. Don-don don....... The skull is of a small predatory mammal, possibly a dog, fox, or coyote.

P.S!!!! click on the image to enlargen!!! (if it's not the full version)

p.p.s ... does anyone else get the irony in this 25 lb chunk of metallic rock? hah. if you do, feel free to laugh with me.. if you don't------- *crosses eyes* may the lord be with you
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