M'lord Midnight Picture

I'm currently (half-heartedly) working on an as-yet untitled novel. Here's an excerpt from my character bios on Lord Damorien, to get a better taste of the guy:

Who he is: The 10th Power That Is, god of painful death, entropy, war, hate, torture, plague, chaos, revenge, the sword, and hope. His bird is the raven.

Details: Youngest of ten siblings, hates older brother Kyrios for permanently crippling him as a child as well as other things, is close to next youngest brother Dagda. Used to be able to fly with black raven-like wings. Has deep respect for children and childhood, makes a surprisingly good father. Major trust issues resulting from childhood betrayal. Caustic, volatile disposition, prone to extreme depression, substance abuse, attempts at suicide. Bellicose and an instigator. Some think he’s absolutely, completely mad, some think otherwise. Invented the guitar, plays pretty much anything but some brass instruments (when you're that old, you have to have SOMETHING to do). Loves rock, heavy metal music.

Character flaws: Pride, Irresponsibility, Cruelty, Sadomasochist.

Character strengths: Loyalty, Courage, Endurance, Empathy.

Hates: Kyrios (his abusive older brother), Seers, hypocrites, pedophiles, Arta (his slutty High Preistess), computers and technology, admitting he needs anyone but himself.

Loves: Tsarmina Acalon (the main heroine of the story who, after a long, involved plot, becomes his wife), young children, flying, fighting, cute fuzzy baby animals, drugs & alcohol & self injury & being addicted, horses.

Other Names: Lord of Midnight, the Lone One, the Tenth King, Lord Roscuro, Ro, Chi, Chiaroscuro, the Raven King; in mortal mythology, he is best symbolized as Pandora’s box.

In the beginning of the story, Damorien is cast as the primary villain, but by the end the whole thing is reversed; he is the best kind of hero, and his abuse brother, Kyrios (paradoxially, the god of justice), is finally recognized as the truly evil brother. Damorien's a really, really good guy at heart, but he... has issues.
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