Bringer of Evil - Sketch Picture

This is my most recent MUMMIES ALIVE! OC, Khamak. I've created villians in all of my stories, yet never found them interesting enough to actually draw. Thought it's about time I shake loose of this barrier and give it a shot because all good guys need a few villians to match their mettle with.

Khamak's an old friend of Menphis's who got asked to silently investigate the source of where the dark talismons of the dark Magi Reborn mummies of the ancient Egypt. The calm, yet protective Ram Ra form amulet becomes corrupted and becomes a wild boar who is the enemy of the Hawk in ancient Egyptian mythology. Menphis is like the hawk-headed god, Horus and of balance, order and the light, while Khamak is like Set who is chaos, unbalance and darkness.

It's the 3rd time I've drawn a Vent Artwork so it does help you take a look at yourself as both a person and as an artist. I'm all for drawing whatever you think or feel.
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