Fire Guardian 1 of 5 original character Picture

I like writing stories, this is a character I invented 6 years ago! She is Italian (although she has a Japanese grandmother). Frida Forconi is 18 years old and she went to Switzerland to study at a prestigious college. She meets her philosophy teacher, Miss Michelle Wildman, beautiful woman but very butch (she is the Earth Guardian). She had a mechanic friend named Anthony Wilson (25 years old) of Scottish descent (Michelle loves motorcycles and going to repair them to him) and Frida falls in love with him (he's the Water Guardian). Much later two French stepbrother will added to the group, the lolita Ivonne Crozier (her mother divorced married the widower stepfather of Francois, she is Electricity Guardian) and Francois is a guy of Tunisian origin, he was adopted. Francois Fouad Dubois (he's Air Guardian) is the menager of Yvonne who is a burlesque dancer, he is very tall and always silent, while Yvonne is a small establishment and saucy. Between the two the relationship is so close as to appear ambiguous and they prefer working alone. Michelle is the leader as the most mature, but the true protagonist is Frida. Frida is a ditzy girl but she is very good and kind. Each governs the element from which they are named. They must defeat Chaos, the antagonist, freed from captivity who wants to bring confusion in the world. The plot is still a draft.

Drawn in pencil, traced in ink and colored with pencils set of 48 Stabilo SoftColor. Each character has an animal protector who guides them (mythological animal or extinct), Frida has the phoenix. The pose is that of someone who is just fallen to the ground and prepares to launch an attack. The costume is still a work in progress. Soon I hope to do even the other Guardians . I used a style that is a mixture of western and superhero comics than manga. I hope one day even I could do a comic with my characters. Who knows. Now everything is a draft.

PS mode of transformation and attacks are similar, with some differences, to the maho shojo genre.
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