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Major Update: Has been split in two. Batman and the Robins are here, everyone else is in a second page.

The full cast list here is Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Tim Drake/Robin.
On the second page is Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, Halana Bertinelli/Huntress, Vic Sage/The Question, Alfred Pennyworth, and Commissioner James Gordon. They are here: [link]

Name: Their Birth name.
Codename: Their REAL name.
Title: Something they’re often prefixed with.
Particular Skills: Each one is skilled in eight different fields, but what separates them from the pack?
Armour Strength and Usual Gadgets: How tough is their usual clothing and arsenal.
Age: How old are they.
Notes: My personal thoughts on their design.
Personal: What are they like.
History: What made them who they are.
Skill level: Basically a ‘how dangerous’ bit for each attribute. From strength, speed, agility, fighting skills, intelligence, detective skills, stealth, and will power, rated out of 10 by how many times better than average they are at that field. For example, normal human would have a 1/10 in any category unless they had some particular talent. They’ve all received training in these fields, so they should all be above that, but some are better than others
Ideal Voice Actor: One I would cast.

Name: Their Birth name.
Codename: Their REAL name.
Title: Something they’re often prefixed with.
Particular Skills: Each one is skilled in eight different fields, but what separates them from the pack?
Armour Strength and Usual Gadgets: How tough is their usual clothing and arsenal.
Age: How old are they.
Notes: My personal thoughts on their design.
Personal: What are they like.
History: What made them who they are.
Skill level: Basically a ‘how dangerous’ bit for each attribute. From strength, speed, agility, fighting skills, intelligence, detective skills, stealth, and will power, rated out of 10 by how many times better than average they are at that field. For example, normal human would have a 1/10 in any category unless they had some particular talent. They’ve all received training in these fields, so they should all be above that, but some are better than others
Ideal Voice Actor: One I would cast.

Name: Bruce Wayne
Codename: The Batman
Title: The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The World’s Greatest Detective
Particular Skills: Bruce’s main strengths rely on his well roundedness with each attribute. He’s quite strong, but not the strongest, he’s a capable fighter, but not the best, he’s smart, but not the smartest, etc. Unlike the others, he’s honed each skill to be as good as he can, so while other specialize in one field and slouch out in another, he’s far above average in each one. This combines with his signature use of gadgetry and tools also makes him the most capable for the average situation. Bruce is also, basically, what one might call a bit ‘paranoid’. He’s prepared for every situation, from prison breakouts to zombie invasions to shark attacks. Because of this, he can easily overcome any threat once he’s processed and thought it out.
Armour Strength and Usual Gadgets: Bruce’s usual armour consists of a triple woven Kevlar underlining mesh, one that due to nanofibre development is capable of taking shotgun slugs and small arms fire without tear and causing only mild bruising. Over this he wears a set of high density carbon-titanium plates, with the darker the colour indicating the strength and durability of the plate. His cowl contains a micro computer and a radio in order to stay in contact with Alfred and the others while also increasing his ability to analyse nearby evidence. He wears spiked braces on his forearms, remade from the design of those worn by the League Of Shadows. His personal ‘weapons’ of choice includes specially developed ‘batarangs’, dense, lightweight plastic boomerangs that, as well as him being skilled in their use, also contain a device to make them fly at a target he aims at using his cowl’s computer. He also carries remote control versions, smoke bombs, a high powered, extremely capable grappling gun, a fire proof gliding mesh ‘cape’ that doubles as a weapon and a shield when needed, taser clips, hacking devices, tracking devices, radar, explosive gel, laser cutters, humidifiers, and an assortment of metal wires.
Age: 29-30.
Notes: I like it. I really do. Its like Nolanverse Batman with the comics colour scheme, exactly what I wanted. I decided to include an all black version with a few extra changes too, as I imagine it would basically be his ‘when there’s a big risk’ suit, and also to provide a mythology gag to Batman Beyond and the Nolanverse films, as it looks to me like a composite of the two designs. The Bruce one however, I’m not entirely thrilled with the way his head came out. Up close it doesn’t look bad, but zoomed out he looks weird. Whatever.
Personal: To the public, Bruce Wayne is a rich philanthropist and playboy, who’s known for being stuck up, arrogant, and unsympathetic, with his only redeeming qualities being his charity work and his friendliness to children. But at night, however, Bruce is a the dark, caped crusading vigilante known as the Batman. A bogeyman to most, only the criminals he’s caught and the police his interacted with have ever seen him, and to the public he’s just an urban legend. This is despite his occasional work alongside the Justice League and his few public appearances. Batman is stoic, pragmatic, and fierce, often acting as a bad cop when interrogating. However, he is staunchly against the use of firearms, and absolutely refuses to take a life, even ones that nobody would blame you for taking.
History: Bruce was your average 8 year old, without a care in the world, when an accident lead him to develop a fear of bats. On Christmas day, Bruce became upset when he received the wrong toy, and refused to speak with his parents. To cheer him up, his dad took him to see his favourite movie, The Mask Of Zorro. However, on the way out, a mugger named Joe Chill cornered them, and when Thomas Wayne tried to diffuse the situation, he shot and killed him and his wife. Recently transferred police deputy James Gordon heard the gunshots and came to check it out, scaring off Joe Chill as he approached. Gordon tried to help the boy deal with his trauma, but could only sit back as the young Bruce Wayne was forever scarred by this event. Bruce’s emotional development halted that night, and for the rest of his teen years he was unable to express any emotion besides the bitter feeling of regret. When he enrolled at Gotham University, he befriended law student Harvey Dent, a victim of child abuse and a sufferer of Schizophrenia, and after a throwaway comment made by Dent about the crime of the city, Bruce got an idea. So, upon earning his applied science diploma, he left Gotham and travelled the world, training to master as many fields as possible. He travelled from civilization to civilization, learning the local skills while under the guise of being ‘on holiday’. He studied the mental behaviours of criminals, until one day meeting a woman on his travels called Talia Al Ghul. Bruce and her engaged in a brief romance, both to cover up their respective secrets. When Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia’s father, heard about this relationship as well as learning Bruce’s real reason for travelling, he offered Bruce training in the League of Shadows, his personal vigilante group. Bruce’s determination allowed him to not only overtake most of its members in skill, but to stand a possible chance of defeating Ra’s himself, and became one candidate for his successor. But, Bruce disagreed with the prospect of killing criminals, and left, where he then studied various forensic skills before returning to Gotham. Using his knowledge of applied science, he developed a suit of armour and the equipment he’d need to become a vigilante. However, as he learnt, he’d need something to strike fear in the criminals to help give him an edge and to help interrogate them. He decided to make himself look like a bat, as they’d previously terrified him, and as such the name ‘Batman’ was used by the newspapers to describe the figure sighted.
Skill level: Strength: 7/10. Speed: 7/10. Agility: 7/10. Fighting skills: 7/10. Intelligence: 7/10. Detective skills: 7/10. Stealth: 7/10. Will power: 7/10.
Ideal Voice Actor: Robin Atkin Downes. I wanted to avoid my usual ‘recycling previous attempts’ cliché by picking Kevin Conroy like I originally wanted to do, so I went with someone who I knew could do the voice, but hadn’t done the Bat before. RAD previously did Moon Knight, who while being an utter psychopath about it is basically Batman Lite (though still one of my favourite characters mind you), and he’s still my choice for the fist of Khonshu. But, I see Moon Knight as just a much more violent version of Batman, so I figured he’d be perfect for Bruce. Hopefully, if he did, he wouldn’t do the BatBale voice. Oh god please don’t let him do the BatBale voice.

Name: Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson
Codename: Nightwing. Formerly Robin
Title: ‘The Goddamn’ (though a self imposed joke), Formerly ‘The Boy Wonder’
Particular Skills: While his overall skills are lower than Bruce’s, Dick’s acrobatics skills are much greater due to his upbringing. Dick is capable of a standing jump over 10 feet into the air, a world record, as well as a running jump of seventeen feet. He can jump and do three back flips in one leap, as well as balance on one hand alone from a weak support. Dick is also very pragmatic, more so than Bruce. While Bruce can and will do anything to win a fight, Dick isn’t as restrained as him. Should he need to, he’d use possibly lethal attacks, including attacking the throat, if it comes down to it. He’s also known for a sense of humour when fighting. As well as snarking off in battle like a few other heroes, he’ll also go with immature attacks, such as groin attacks or even wet willies, mostly to either surprise the one he’s fighting but also to freak out any others. Dick’s main weakness however is that he’s not particularly good at the whole ‘not being seen’ thing. While he’s still capable of hiding and taking cover, he likes to have a bit of attention, ranging from simply scaring others to actually drawing unneeded attention to himself.
Armour Strength and Usual Gadgets: Dick typically wears a Kevlar suit similar to the one underneath Bruce’s armour plating and designed for close quarters combat as well as defence at night. Unlike Bruce, he doesn’t go for armoured plates due to his discomfort with them, and relies mostly on his speed to avoid being injured, and also got rid of using a cape upon his switch to Nightwing. Instead, he wars a simple device on his back that, when needed, can fold out and attach to his wrists to make a wing suit, allowing him to still glide. Dick’s primary weapon is his escrima sticks, two foot long solid titanium bars with sliding handled and a taser on the end, allowing him to both using them for blunt force, stunning, and by throwing them, ranged weapons. They’re designed to bounce off of solid objects, which he’s practiced enough with to be able to just casually toss them at a target in a way to make them bounce right back to him. Also, he carries his own ‘wing dings’, similar to the batarangs only smaller and less bat like. These are more designed to divert attention than to provide any form of combat use, but he does still use them when needed to hit a target. Dick also carries his own set of knock out darts, tear gas bombs with an additive to cause vomiting, self lighting cherry bombs, and thumbtacks, all of his equipment being stored inside compartments in his boots. His mask is, unlike Bruce’s cowl, made of the same material as his uniform, so while it forms some protection and covers his identity, it doesn’t contain any computer system besides a shortwave radio and is generally just to cover his face.
Age: 21
Notes: Like it? Dislike it? I decided to give him a slightly more armoured look, not unlike Arkham City DLC Dick, with his Nightwing uniform just being the Robin Uniform only mostly black and dark blue with minor changes. I got rid of the briefs thing in the Robin suit as does everyone these days, while also trying to make the red vest look like a bullet vest. Hopefully that came out ok. Second major thing about my design was the change from a domino mask to a more face covering item. I decided on this because, quite frankly, would a domino mask really protect your identity? Most of the time its designed to cover such little its almost just a thin line drawn around his eyes. Its one of the few pet peeves of mine when reading comic books. I could sorta buy into Supes’ lack of a mask as due to him changing his hairstyle and moving fast enough so others don’t notice his face, but c’mon, is that really enough to hide your identity, a tiny piece of plastic? So, his mask is more like an actual mask, which I like. Last notable thing was the presence of the ‘forearm blades’ that Bruce wears, as I thought it would be something Bruce would probably give him if he uses it in battle.
Personal: Essentially a foil to Bruce, Dick is sarcastic as Bruce is serious, he’s humorous as he’s dark. Dick is sometimes a bit too cocky for his own good, but always means well and tries as hard as he can to play the role of the good guy. Dick’s sense of humour passes down to his role as Nightwing, where even when facing down armed thugs while tied in chains he still cracks jokes and insults. Similar to Spider-Man, he’s learnt this helps ease a situation and also distracts criminals while fighting them. When he was Robin, this was no different, and the younger, more light hearted perspective this brought is probably the reason Bruce adopted him: His presence stopped Bruce from becoming too invested in the darker aspects of his persona, and avoid him going off the deep end. Despite his falling out with Bruce and his switch to Nightwing, he still keeps in contact with the rest of the Bat family, and can still work with Bruce to the same level as he did as Robin without trouble. However, the two do eventually come to respect one another once more, and their broken relationship does eventually resolve itself.
History: Born to an acrobat family, Dick was a minor celebrity before he was even born. Growing up as a circus performer, Dick mastered acrobatics and agility before his tenth birthday, and by the time he was twelve he was already a death defying daredevil, capable of such great feats he attracted public attention for it as part of the Haley travelling circus’ top billed act: The Flying Graysons, alongside his parents. On his sixteenth birthday, he was about to perform a big show when his parents’ wires were cut and they fell to their deaths. Dick saw the event unfold, and tried to work out the case on his own. Feeling sympathy for him, Bruce Wayne adopted the young teen as his ward (despite the fact they’re relatively close in age) while he worked on the case himself, until once, while returning after a violent night out as Batman with a fight against the mutant mobster Killer Crock, Dick awoke to find Bruce, half dressed in his bat ensemble, bleeding to death. The young ward was able to get Alfred to help him, and instantly worked out what was going on. Demanding he train him, Bruce helped the young boy wonder become a vigilante just like himself, teaching him all the things he could. Taking the mantle of Robin, due to his mother’s term of endearment for him, he took on the streets of Gotham with the same happy smirk he had while as a Flying Grayson, more so in fact. He became well versed in the ways of dealing with criminals like this, and soon became a competent vigilante capable of fighting villain just as Bruce could. However, Bruce’s protectiveness over him combined with his tendency to manipulate him and their clashing personalities caused a split, with Dick taking on the mantle of Nightwing, a name he chose after a story Superman told him once when they teamed up. He takes personal care over the small neighbouring city of Bludhaven, a city just as corrupt as Gotham without being as rich, and was able to overthrow its own little mob boss Blockbuster and take down its corrupt commissioner. Despite the breakup, he kept in contact with Bruce and became a surrogate brother of sorts to his replacement Jason Todd and later Tim Drake, as well as Azreal, Black Bat and Spoiler, while also housing a crush on Batgirl, one that would later develop as they worked together more.
Skill level: Strength: 5/10 Speed: 9/10 Agility: 10/10 Fighting skills: 8/10 Intelligence: 6/10 Detective skills: 6/10 Stealth: 4/10 Will power: 6/10
Ideal Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch. I previously picked Bosch as my choice for Hellion, but I’d also see him as a great Dick Grayson/Nightwing for largely the same reason.

Name: Jason Todd
Codename: Red Hood. Formerly Robin
Title: Soldier of the Bat
Particular Skills: Jason is slightly less skilled in each filed than Bruce, but considerably higher than most of the others. However, his fighting skills separate him from the others due to the fact he has long since abandoned the no killing rule, making him far more dangerous than the others. His biggest weakness is his short fuse and the fact he’s easier to be pushed to the point of homicidal rage. However, when in battle, he can, and will, be as organized as any bat, and as ruthless as any killer.
Armour Strength and Usual Gadgets: Jason formerly wore the same uniform and used the same tools as Dick, but has since given it up in exchange of more traditional body armour. Accompanying this is his jacket, which as well as providing more protection, can hold more equipment than a utility belt and wired to explode when needed.
Age: 19
Notes: It looks a little off, but whatever. Originally I was going to give him shorter hair, but decided to add bangs to it because it looked too weird. The Robin suit is almost completely identical to Dick’s, though with some subtle changes. And, well, that’s it really.
Personal: Jason was always different from Dick. While he was originally just as happy in battle, he soon grew angrier, grittier, more aggressive in battle to the point Bruce often had to pull him away from those he was fighting. Even before his dip in the Lazarus Pit, Jason had killed once as Robin, though there was no way to prove it. After being killed by the Joker and then revived by Ra’s Al Ghul, Jason became homicidal, traumatized by his violent death and angry at the world, specifically Gotham’s criminal element, and basically perverted Batman’s teachings to become a sadistic mass murderer. He expresses contempt to everyone in the Batfamily except for Bruce, who instead he’s desperate to convert to his way of thinking. Deep down, he’s not a bad person, he’s just too messed up to do anything about his own problems and flaws.
History: Jason was a homeless child, living on the streets and stealing car tires to sell to an auto mechanic. He came across Batman and Bruce Wayne thanks to this, and both times he got locked in a holden cell at Gotham station. Because Bruce realized that the kid just needs some steering, he began fostering the kid, and like Dick, eventually began teaching them to be the next Robin. Once Jason finished his training, he began joining Bruce on the streets, but they ran into trouble because they didn’t have the same dynamic as Dick and Bruce. While Bruce and Dick were on the opposite spectrum of personalities but agreed on other subjects, they worked well together, while Jason wasn’t as different from Bruce as Dick was and disagreed on the concept of morality, which came to a head when Jason killed a rapist and made it look like an accident. Bruce became both disgusted in Jason despite not being able to prove this, and blamed himself as he was beginning to think he may of turned Jason into a monster. When this lead to Jason being neglected and told to stay behind, the boy tried to prove his worth by tracking down the Joker and bringing him to justice. However, he underestimated the clown, and was soon beaten and killed by the clown prince of chaos. Batman was devastated, and became reluctant to include anyone into his private war. Jason’s costume was put up in a memorial while Bruce nearly became homicidal, but was held back from the brink of insanity by Barbra, Dick, and Bruce’s close ally Superman, Clark Kent. However, Jason’s death was partially because of Ra’s Al Ghul, who didn’t plan on this happening and tried to ‘make it up’ by reviving Jason via Lazarus, but this just turned him into a homicidal maniac. Jason dropped off the radar, eventually returning to Gotham as Red Hood, and set up a gambit in order to make Bruce kill the Joker: He had abducted Tim Drake, the next Robin after him, along with the Joker and attached them to separate electric chairs in rooms filling with gasoline. As they’re tortured, Bruce is handed a remote with two buttons: One which will kill Joker, one which will kill Jason. If he doesn’t press one, Tim, Jason, and Joker will all be blown up and the resulting explosions will likely kill Bruce and anyone else in the building. Bruce was able to get out of this, and stop Jason from then killing himself, placing him in Arkham with a simple promise: Get better, and he can come home. Currently, Jason is working for Project Cadmus, teaching its agents everything Batman taught him in order to make them capable of killing him in exchange for release from Arkham.
Skill level: Strength: 5/10. Speed: 5/10. Agility: 5/10. Fighting skills: 9/10. Intelligence: 6/10. Detective skills: 5/10. Stealth: 3/10. Will power: 1/10.
Ideal Voice Actor: Jensen Ackles. Here’s the only one who I’m cheating on here, but that’s because of one major reason: I just can’t picture anyone else as Jason. He did it so well that I just couldn’t think of anyone else who could do it better, or do it even half as good.

Name: Timothy ‘Tim’ Drake
Codename: Robin
Title: The Boy Wonder, The Budding Detective (given to him by Grayson)
Particular Skills: Drake’s primary skill is his detective skills, partially self taught and possibly outranking Bruce’s. He was able to work out that Batman and Robin are in fact real people, and that Bruce and Dick were the Dynamic Duo. He also was able to track down the entry to the Bat Cave, as well as stopped the Riddler’s latest scheme before Bruce was able to take him seriously. Bruce later taught him the other requirements needed for the role he’d take to a similar level as Grayson, though he still lacks brute strength as the others. Also, he’s particularly weak willed compared to the others, often being tempted to quit the life style and often hangs up his cape when depressed.
Armour Strength and Usual Gadgets: Tim’s suit is composed of the same materials as Bruce’s, a lightweight Kevlar under suit and a carbon titanium alloy set of plates over it. He wears a cape that works similar to Bruce’s, but also holds a hood in order to hide his identity better than Dick’s does in order to avoid the possibility of being worked out by someone who would harm his family or friends. Tim possesses many of the same gadgets as Bruce and Dick, but his personal weapon of choice is his extending metal staff, of which he’s mastered to a much greater degree than most other users. He’s learnt the exact amount of force needed to knock people out without causing major damage, and has learnt how to use it without being disarmed as easily as others.
Age: 17
Notes: Primarily based off of his later comics design and his Arkham City design. I decided to go with the hooded look for it because, well, it looks badass, and because of the above given reason. Again, I dislike over obvious identities. Gave him forearm blades and also pointier ears on his mask, respectfully for practicability and combat, and stylistic reasons. His civvies maybe need a bit more work done, they appear to be too simple, but other than that I’m (mostly) happy with the way it worked out.
Personal: Not quite as laidback as Dick, but certainly no brooder, Tim is Batman’s equal in detective work, and his foil personally. More of an everyman than anything else, Tim isn’t overly brooding or overly joking, and tries to keep a calm, withdrawn outer shell when as Robin. Unlike Bruce and similar to some others, he identifies himself as Tim instead of as Robin, something the other’s do as well concerning him. He personally chose to become Robin as he believed that Batman needed one following the death of Jason, and chose to keep his name alive in order to do so.
History: Unlike Bruce and Dick, Tim didn’t suffer any horrible childhood tragedy. While his mother was killed and his father was crippled, both occurred due to a car accident he wasn’t present at, and has been more well adjusted then the most others from it. While mostly an average student, Tim was always gifted academically, but kept mostly to himself and his friends, and as such didn’t stand out much. When he was young, he went to see the Flying Graysons perform with his family, and had a picture taken with the performers that he cherished as a child. When he first heard of Batman and Robin, he was quick to deduce the truth behind them, and tried to convince Dick Grayson to return to the title when the second Robin was killed, but the older hero politely declined. When Tim began acting as Robin himself without any guidance, Dick decided to train him a little to avoid him getting injured, and gave him his old uniform, while trying to encourage him to not take said course of life. However, when Tim and Bruce crossed paths, Bruce tried to be more blunt to dissuade him from this lifestyle, partially due to still blaming himself for Jason’s death, but became silent when Tim revealed he knew who he was. However, he wouldn’t fully earn Bruce’s approval and full training until he would track down the entrance to the Batcave and solve a case Bruce was working on. Taking him under his wing, he increased Tim’s expertise in crime solving, but also provided a much more suitable Robin suit, as well as teaching him staff wielding, which Tim would later expertise in. As the current Robin, Tim has had his own share of adventures, once being briefly kidnapped by the Joker who attempted to brainwash him to become his ‘son’, as well as getting his own trainee in the form of Spoiler. As of now, Tim is happy to consider himself part of the Bat Family, and is its second most identifiable member.
Skill level: Strength: 3/10. Speed: 5/10. Agility: 6/10. Fighting skills: 5/10. Intelligence: 8/10. Detective skills: 10/10. Stealth: 6/10. Will power: 4/10.
Ideal Voice Actor: Drew Roy. I was going over possible ideas and then, I realized, that Drew Roy would probably be a pretty cool choice, either as a voice actor, or even a live action actor, for playing Timmy.

So, that’s it. So, hope you enjoyed these ideas. The only people I’m missing now are Creeper, Lucius Fox, Harvey Dent pre-Two Face, and Vicky Vale. If I make them I’ll probably update this to add them, but until then, enjoy these.

All characters are (C) to DC, Warner Bros, I own nothing.
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