Azadeth's Influence Map Meme Picture

This is a meme that's just taking off. I thought it was an awesome idea. Description is on the original pic itself, as is the artist's source.

So these are the things that most influence me in my creative processes:

1. Science

If I can't make it work as scientifically as possible, I feel like I'm cheating. SCIENCE - IT WORKS, BITCHES!

2. King

Aptly named.

3. Hot Chicks

Preferably the naked kind. Ah Liz Vicious, what a dirty little thing you are!

4. Anime/Japan

I know this applies to everyone and his brother, but I have the distinction of being into anime before anyone else knew about it. Yes, before anime had its own section in video stores, at a time when the only anime show Americans were aware of was Sailor Moon, and thus everyone attributed every other anime picture they saw to it because nobody had yet figured out that the Japanese all draw the same, and before everybody copied the living fuck out of that style, I DID IT ALL FIRST!

Who's more to blame, the fool or the fool who follows him? Oh well.

I've long since stopped watching anime, but its artistic style remains the strongest basis for my drawing style.

I included Japan as a sort of separate topic because I studied the language and culture for OVER 9000 years in college, and I've also lived there for a short time. Contrary to popular belief, ANIME AND JAPAN ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

5. Jhonen Vasquez

Deserves all the credit he gets for his dark yet zany style and keen originality. He is the reason almost all of my characters have pointy fingers!

6. Evil

The bad kind.

7. Mythology

I'm well versed in many forms, but I definitely enjoy some more than others - Egyptian and Roman are my favorites.

8. H.P. Lovecraft

If you don't know who this man is, go get drunk and do cartwheels near a sharp dropoff with rocks at the bottom.

9. Oddities

Of all sorts. Nature's mistakes, grotesque mutations, debilitating illness, and the forces of chaos - they tease us with that dark allure that repels us, yet makes it hard for us to look away.

Within the chaotic, creativity abounds.

10. Video Games

Something I've slowed down with since my youth, but I can't deny that my previous fanatical devotion must have influenced me in many significant ways.

I find this meme very interesting. Please do your own!
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