Universe Insignia Picture

The universe of the Cuetzpalin mythos has been organized after several studies by many scholars, from the Atlantean cultists of Khaos, the Topakar necromancers of Apuqohcan, the Sumerian Apkallu, the Aztec Nahual and Haijianese Taoshi, these studies reflected the struggling nature of the nine who came into being against the primal Chaos, and its spawn, the Huehuenahual (such as Cipactli, Audumla, Coniraya, Yaxcocahmut, Kukulcan and Apep), proposing the expansion of the universe based in the merge of distinct dimensional substances, with three main realms and three products of their union which developed the fully elemental universe.

The Anaghra Lemah, here presented as the upper circle, is the realm of darkness, the inner oganism of Tupaq.

The Left Circle is that of Alchera, the realm of vital energy, where the Ceboatl-based Huehuenahual (Cipactli, Audumla and Yaxcocahmut) and their spawn, the Huaca, do belong. As the realm of vital energy, it's the source of all life, beginning from the unicellular autotrophic photosynthetical beings.

The Right Circle is that of Energy. Through its union with the vital energy, there is the organic realm, and matter, all the organically produced substances which the nine who came into being have altered from the previous autotrophic state.

Between Space and Energy there is time, the force of motion to which all that there is are subject to, even the nine who came into being. Their mortality though has been tricked by their becoming of gods , synthesizing the perennial aspects of life through the streams that came from Chaos but were controlled by them.

Between the hollow space of Anaghra Lemah and the vital energy filled realm of Alchera, there is Chaos, the primordial, chemiosynthetical life in darkness.

This insignia developed by such scholars is much unknown to most of the society which dwells in the contemporary universe of the Cuetzpalin Mythos, its understanding is limited to the initiates, and even then, not all of its meanings is for sure. All that is known is that the universe was sewn by Tupaq and Tempo, and Chaos was tamed after aeons of struggle by Hydros, with its children, the first living beings, hunted down by Huitzopoca-Aether.
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