Raise You an Immortal Soul Picture

FINALLY, it's done! I had to get a good scan of it so I could turn it in for my drawing portfolio.

Tricksters playing poker in some smoky room, what could be better?
Sitting round table (from L to R) the players are:
Susanoo- the Japanese god of storms.(He once dropped a festering cow onto his sister Amaterasu's weaving loom).
Gwydion- Welsh trickser and magician, famous for tricking King Math out of the virgin Goewin and besting his wife, the witch Arianhod.
Coyote- folk hero/villain/clown of various Native American tribes.
Baron Samedi- the popular Voduoun loa of death and sexuality.
Loki- Norse trickster. Chained to a rock for killing his cousin Baldr.
Hare- Trickster of African folk tales, famous for his wit and gluttony.
Eris- Greek goddess of chaos and patron deity of Discordianism.
A raven, popular in mythos worldwide, is also present.
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