Thoth: He Who Balances... Picture

..the Chaos of the World.

Well, here is all inked. I tried a bit different way of inking this time. Might use this every now and again to switch things up a bit. Anyways, this is Thoth, a new character that came to me one day in class haha. I think it had to do with all the avatar episodes I'd been watching but, He is kinda like an Avatar. He comes to the world when it is off-balance, and in chaos, and fixes the problem. =] Thinking of more to do with him later, but for now enjoy.

Anyone have color ideas for him? Let me know =]

-----And any critiques you guys might have are much appreciated, I know I make many mistakes anatomy wise and help with how I can improve with composing a picture..anyway anything you guys have please let me know!-----
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