I Will Never Change Picture

Presenting you the 6th artwork " I Will Never Change"~ the art tells that eventhough few era have passed...and people may forget about the existence of gods and mythology, but yet in a time, which has been told since generation...saying that chaos will befall on the world once more, and everything related to mytholgy will come to reality, including "Hello", to stop the chaos in order to repay of what He has done in the past... and this is how I draw a statue of "Hello", shrouded by raindrops, with the background of modern buildings, showing that he will come to life when the time comes. The biggest challenge is the raindrops, cause I never draw raindrops before, not without the guideline of pencil...and it need alot of time to complete the raindrops, so that it won't look fake. Luckily everything turn out quite well, and the colors that I use is suitng the mood, this is exactly what I imagine when I start drawing it
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