Takamori Midori - Oekaki Picture

Drawn on TTG.

Time taken: 107 minutes.

I didn't think I could still draw things clean cut and colored and whatnot. I'm pretty proud of this.
Edit: When I was drawing this, I knew there was a fill tool somewhere in Paint BBS but I couldn't find it! So I drew this without a fill tool XD. My friend told me where it was later, that friend being
Name: Takamori Midori

Clan name: Takamori (meaning bamboo forest)

Age: 15

Rank: Genin

Village: Waterfall

Height: 5'4

Weight: 105 pounds

Birthday: March 14 (White Day)

Personality: She is very tomboyish, meaning she doesn't like what normal girls would love. Such things include pink, cute haircuts, romance, and boys. All that girlish stuff she is not interested in. She is very independent and prefers to work alone. She likes things plain and simple. She can also be very sarcastic at times. She is not afraid to express herself but she will keep her cool at the same time. She also has a strong will and heart and will do anything if she wills it. In other words, she will always keep her promises. She does not get sad very much. No one has ever seen her cry, except her family members. Even then, she did not cry very much. She is also very laid back and carefree. She doesn't like to get herself involved with other people's problems and doesn't really care for others. But she will protect someone if the situation is very dangerous. She has a reputation for being cold-hearted but somewhat happy. She is calm and collected. She never uses the -chan or -kun suffix to refer to anyone. She refers to everyone in the familiar tone by just calling them their "first name." For example, if she were to call out to Uzumaki Naruto, she would just say, "Naruto!"

EDIT: Now that I've watched Bleach, I can say that Midori is almost exactly like Yoruichi, except for the whole "let me appear in front of people while I'm naked" deal. She is also like Hitsugaya in that she doesn't get very excited about things that go on around her. She doesn't get really surprised either.  

History: When Midori was 9, her parents left on a longterm assignment in another village. They could not take Midori with them because it was too dangerous. So, they left Midori alone their house, telling her how to go through daily life. This explains Her parents have not returned yet but Midori waits for them. It has been rumored that her parents were killed but Midori refuses to believe in that rumor. In the meantime, she went to Konoha for the Chuunin Exams.

Attacks: She knows all the basic jutsus (Substitution, Shadow Clone, etc.). Her jutsu
elements are wind and water. She also has jutsus that use light. However, the strength of the light jutsus depends on what time of day it is. For example, if it is pitch black outside then her light jutsus will have little to no damage. She also knows Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu) in which she can summon falcons.

Midori's fighting style is 60% ninjutsu, 20% taijutsu and 20% genjutsu.

Wind Jutsus
- Shinatobe's Pride - This jutsu allows Midori to send a large blast of high powered spiraling wind at her opponents. She makes her two palms facing her opponent with the inside of her wrists touching each other (basically, it's like a kamehameha form).

- Kaze no Yaiba (Wind Blade Jutsu) - Allows Midori to create a blade of wind and hurl it toward her opponents.  It is impossible to block.

Water Jutsus
- Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water type: Explosion Skill) - This attack send a large spinning tower of water spinning at the opponent. However, it uses a lot of chakra so Midori can only use it once in a while.

- Suijin's Discipline- Midori is able to control the water so that it is like a whip.

Light Jutsus
- Amaterasu's Ray - Midori puts her hands in a formation so that she is making the tiger hand symbol but her palms are farther apart. But her hands are still intertwined. She points the four fingers that are sticking out at her opponent to target. Depending on the strength of the sun at the time, light energy will gather within the space between her hands. Using that light energy, she directs the a large pillar of light with her fingers and hits her opponent. It's a devastating jutsu but Midori can only use it seldomly as it requires a lot of chakra.

- Amaterasu's Chaos - Midori uses all her fingers to project thin but powerful streams of light out of each finger. They are similar to chakra strings only they are light and they are used for attacking, not controlling. This jutsu's strength also depends on the amount of light there is. This jutsu requires a lot of chakra.

- Hou-ou's Ashes - Midori unleashes and a powerful set of punches and kicks and mini combos. This move allows her to have more strength and speed but this move hurts her as well after she has finished attacking.

- Hou-ou's Rebirth - Midori is able to unleash a series of kicks and punches with strength and speed. This taijutsu rejuvenates Midori and heals her a little.

- Kappa's Mischief - This allows Midori to trap her enemies in an illusion in which they are lured into a body of water against their will. They will feel like they are drowning and they can't swim. Kappas (Mythological Japanese creatures that like to feed on humans) swim around them and slowly close in on them, eventually "killing" her enemies.
NOTE: Even though Midori knows how to use a little genjutsu, she is vulnerable to other genjutsu attacks on her.

- Kitsune's Flare (Fox Flare; Kitsune Bi) - This genjutsu traps the user in a nighttime sccene in a meadow. There is a path with little lights at the edge of the path. Midori's enemies hear beautiful and melodious singing as well as a strange but pleasant light near the end of the path. When her enemies get to the end of the path, however, they are suddenly surrounded by a burnt village scene and three huge foxes jump out of nowhere and attack her opponents.

Note about Jutsus: Midori cannot mix her element jutsus yet. For example, she can't combine her water and wind element jutsus to create ice. She will be able to do this later.

She doesn't use many tools except shuriken and kunai. However, she can summon tools using scrolls.

Midori does not have a real kekkai genkai but her family is known for their speed: speed in reflexes, speed in running, and speed in attacking.

Ultimate Goal: to be revealed.

Family Relations: She has a sibling but his/her information is to be revealed later
Other: She likes cool/ cold weather and doesn't like days when it is hot or humid outside. She likes to take walks outside on a cool breezy day alone somewhere. She also likes green tea and relaxing.
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