Slayer of the Snake Picture

Sutech (sometimes Set, Setan, Seteh, Sutekh, greek name Seth)

The redhaired god of chaos, deserts, storms and also ruler of the Lower Egypt(ocassionally portrayed as one of the protectors of the pharao). At least until his less admirable qualities took over the bright spot and he became evil incarnate. Powerhungry, fratricide, disturber of peace, choleric and impotent.
Still, I find it interesting that he was also one of the few who could slay the Great Evil Snake Apep(Apophis) and thus he was the mightiest protector of Re on his everyday journey through the sky.
The desert animal whose head he wears has not been clearly decided. Some think it's an ant-eater, a donkey, an unidentified canid called sha or completely fictional. The thought of him having some snout horrifies me, so I tried to do him the way he is portrayed on tomb walls. I always saw it as something canine.... in the end he looks like a crocodile.
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