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An issue I've always had with the Norse gods, they literally threw Jörmungandr into the sea simple because he was a snake that kept on growing and got very big, there are no things I can find that said he did anything horrible, he was simply too big, sure the serpent spits poison and blood but he spent YEARS and YEARS trapped at the bottom of the ocean EATING HIMSELF (since Odin stuck the snake's tail down his own throat to keep him from growing any bigger, hence the Ouroboros symbol of eternity with a serpent eating it's own tail) and just think of how angry Jormungandr must have been being in that dark ocean for all those years, whatever horrors he causes during Ragnarok are justified in my opinion

Then there's Fenrir the wolf, as a pup the other gods simply adored him, he was the cute little puppy that they played with and fed and hugged and pampered...then he became an adult and the gods began to fear him for his size and power, I'll admit Fenrir did have some issues, he was the father to the wolves Skoll and Hati whom chase the sun and moon seeking to devour them, I suppose that's a reason to hate him but this was the wolf that the gods themselves raised from a puppy, then there was the prophesy telling how Loki's children would cause great disaster (which was a forwarding of the events to happen in Ragnarok) and that also influenced the gods to bind and punish Loki's children for something that they haven't done yet but were destined to do so in the future

But the fact that the gods betrayed Fenrir's trust in them, by tricking him and tying him up in ropes that wouldn't break- they told him it was just a game and that they would untie him afterward...they lied
Fenrir was furious of course, I can't blame him for fighting to kill the gods during Ragnarok

Then there was Loki's only daughter Hel, she was thrown into Niflheim (the underworld) which was also called Hel, it was named after her...anyway, Hel was given the task of looking after all the dead souls that were sent her way, since Valhalla was for only the great heroes and warriors there had to be a place for everyone else, thus Odin gave that job to Hel, to die would be to go to Hel, in retrospect that probably wasn't a good idea on the gods part since during Ragnarok Hel released all the souls in her halls to cause havoc and chaos during the final battle

During Ragnarok, Jormungandr is killed in battle with the god Thor, Thor dies of the injuries and poisonous bite he receives from the snake (echoing the scene in Beowulf where he dies after killing the dragon due to his injuries and the dragons venom)

Fenrir devours Odin (the king of the gods) and is killed by one of Odin's sons who kicks the wolf and rips his jaws apart

I'm unsure what happened to Hel

Loki is killed in battle against Heimdall (the guardian/watchman of the gods) the two were the last of the gods to die at Ragnarok, killing each other in what is to be the end of the battle

The world then proceeds to burn and everything is destroyed...and the new beginning comes- Ragnarok is the end of the world...but right afterward is the beginning of a new world born from the ashes- (Quite similar in ideal to the great flood in Christian mythology of the destruction of the world and the rebirth after the cleansing)
A new green land will come about and the surviving gods along with surviving humans will start life anew

The two surviving humans were a male and female and they repopulate the earth (Adam and Eve anyone?)

I would go on (you have no idea how much I love talking about Norse mythology...or any mythology in general) but this is getting quite long and I need to get to bed now
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