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Name: Konstantin [No surname; ancient name was Mstislav]
Age: 700~ give or take.
Apparent age: Mid/Late-20s
Birthday: April 1st [exact year unknown]
Sex: Male
Species: Trickster demon [Slavic mythology]

Old Slavic mythology paints trickster demons as being capable of providing both good and bad luck to individuals, groups, and communities alike. They’re described as mostly male with strong inclinations towards homo-erotic tendencies that thrive entirely off of tributes, the dedication of their followers, and worship. When denied tribute, they may become enraged and flood the offending peoples with trickery and mischief to drive them to chaos and madness. They tend to be neither positive nor negative entities and have vast arrays of supernatural powers that allow them to trick, deceive, and manipulate unsuspecting mortals. They are used heavily in comedy lore, as they tend to perform their trickery because they find the resulting consequences to be hilarious.

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 165lbs
Build: Narrow, lithe, flexible
Faction: Black
Job: Trickster
Act: Jester-inspired Gag & Trick Show
+ Strong willed ;; Persistent ;; Tactical ;; Smart
~ Malicious ;; Vengeful ;; Arrogant ;; Sadistic ;; Hot-headed ;; Often Irrational ;; Ostentatious ;; Demanding

As is common of the gods and demons of trickster lore, Konstantin is highly deceptive, manipulative, and conceited in his ability to be so. He takes great pleasure in all things devious and troublemaking, and looks to the human race as one big joke. In order to keep up with the best prank and manipulation techniques, he is highly social with a snarky, sarcastic, and often twistedly dark sense of humor. Being with only himself and his two split personalities [elaborated on in ‘History’] for so many years, he’s rather neurotic and self-obsessed with a total apathy towards the law, moral obligation, or taboo actions and subjects. He puts immense amounts of energy into sabotaging whoever and whatever he fancies, and will often times peg and latch onto a small group of targets for his hilariously awful brand of comedy. In other words, he will hurt you, and he will think it’s hilarious, and he will absolutely not feel guilty for any lasting damage.

Despite the constant need for praise and recognition, Konstantin truly does not make friends well due to his tendency to play pranks on everybody. Consequently, the closer he gets to a particular being, the more he enjoys playing practical jokes on them, and the more severe they will get (from simply setting up trip wires for new acquaintances to electrocution via toxic tank of Russian eels for close friends, should he ever make any. God help the poor soul unaware enough to try). He tends to treat everyone just as poorly as the next, though it might be found that he has a soft spot for any one person willing to go along with his torturous antics and give him appropriate recognition, or someone that shares his heritage or linguistic preferences. On these occasions only will he openly admit to a friendship or otherwise; though, the pranks won't stop, of course (more like a he/she/they're-mine-only-I-can-mess-with-them-go-away-now-heathen 8U).


Pre-8th century in what would eventually become to be commonly known as the country of Russia, it was common practice to have stone alters in villages and towns in representation of the gods that its citizens wished to appease. Lore states that at times, trickster gods were amongst these as they could bring good fortune if properly satisfied. One particular village paid most of their respects to their trickster alter, bringing it weekly offerings of food, flowers, currency, small treasures, and so on and so forth. In return, the alter blessed the town with excellent fortune and cast poor fortune upon any that opposed it. However, the country experienced the social Christianity revolution in the 9th century wherein the change of cultural, religious, and theological views discouraged practices for the old gods. This particular small town continued to bring gifts to their alter; although, as the next century wore on, the offerings and praise dwindled down in size, value, and frequency until mid-10th century, where they stopped entirely.

No longer receiving the adoration and worship it desired, the alter withdrew its gift of good fortune upon the town, and sat in cold isolation. It grew angry and developed in its solitude, hating the town and the people that abandoned it and left it for fiction. The desire for revenge turned into a need for vengeance, and the old, decrepit alter finally split open in the midst of a severe thunder storm in the middle of the 12th century. From it crawled the new physical form of the demon trickster god that had inhabited it, Mstislav, who lay the town to utter waste and ruin mere hours later. For years, the abandoned god sat in the waste of his once-beloved city, hating the human race for the neglect they had subjected him to until war swept across the land and he was forced to relocate. Taking the tattered clothes of his former worshippers and abandoning his ancient name in favor of a new one, the trickster god fled deep into the snowy wastelands of the country. As he traveled, he came across many a town and village that, upon finding that they believed no longer in his kind, he laid waste to in a similar mess of chaos and fire. He talked to no one for a long time and instead spent all of his time in his own mind as he wandered, which eventually drove the angry god into a mad demon. Out of his madness, his personality began to split to accommodate the loneliness he felt in no longer having a following, and Kon emerged from this loneliness late 14th century. Slowly, Konstantin’s abilities as a supernatural being split along with his personality, creating a completely separate entity with portions of his powers that he could no longer access simply as Konstantin. Now, whenever he became angry and fueled with the desire to take vengeance on the human race, Kon would emerge (as with demons, as well, his form would change with the personality switches: grow taller, stronger, sharper in features and daunting in posture) and do as he pleased until satisfied.

Through the next century, however, Konstantin and Kon grew bored with simply enacting mindless violence upon whichever colony of mortals struck their fancy. Instead, Konstantin began to return to his trickster roots in enacting elaborate and twistedly ironic mischief and deceit instead of simple anarchic destruction. The sudden change in behavior and the continuous lack of social contact and praise developed Tin mid-15th century, the third personality (wherein Konstantin’s form would become smaller, softer, more like a mischievous and impish child). Tin took over a large amount of the duties in advanced trickery, and the three of them began to assimilate back into human society to further advance their skills in deception and so forth.

Konstantin discovered the circus somewhere around the year of 1870, and was immediately drawn in by his desire for an audience and the encouragement of his ‘special’ brand of humor. He has since begun thinking of the human race as a hilarious, stupid joke, and treats the mortal world and its inhabitants accordingly.

Likes: ♦ jokes ♦ pranks ♦ caffeine ♦ praise ♦ attention ♦ strange clothing ♦ easily irritated people ♦ vodka ♦ violent humor ♦ slapstick humor ♦ traveling
Dislikes: ♦ sympathy/empathy ♦ people that eff up his name ♦ nicknames (that means you, Lysander, cut it out) ♦ religion ♦ abandonment/neglect ♦ having his pranks or tricks spoiled/ruined ♦ dirty clothes ♦ warm weather ♦ swimming
Abilities: Stealth, deception, heightened intuition/perception, emotional manipulation, subconscious instillation of panic, confusion, and/or devotional awe in targets
Voice: [link]
- Is friends with: N/A
- Is involved with: N/A
- Tolerates: Lysander [link]

Kon triggers: Rage, envy, fear, injustice, jealousy
Kon passives: Vindication, exhaustion, satisfaction, relaxation/calm, lust
Kon ability: Inspire fear into subconscious, see into guilty minds in order to pass judgment, instill terror, confusion, and anxiety

Tin triggers: Extreme boredom or loneliness, hunger, minor injustices, persistent irritation
Tin passives: Satisfaction, fear, lust, relaxation/calm
Tin ability: Speed, cloaking, confusion, climbing/mobility/flexibility


♦ Three hoop piercings in each ear, each with a bell attached to it
♦ Frequently talks to himself
♦ Speaks Russian, Slav, Ukrainian, early dialects of Czech, and moderate amounts of English
♦ Enjoys wearing obnoxiously bright clothing, but resists to blend in better with his Black Faction surroundings
♦ Frequently can be found talking to the other two personalities in his head when he thinks himself to be alone
♦ Feeds off of praise, admiration, attention, and monetary/material offerings, gifts, or tips. He eats human food simply because he likes the taste, and if he goes ‘hungry’ for the above list for too long, Tin will take over and simply steal the rewards he thinks he deserves
♦ Tail is an erogenous zone, though he uses it for many different things.
♦ Enjoys sabotaging other faction’s acts and performances
♦ Is absolutely capable of providing people with good luck; he simply doesn’t want to unless he receives a large or expensive enough tribute.
♦ Used to be have the abilities of all three personalities combined, but his powers split into thirds along with his mind. He can now only access the abilities associated with the personality in control at that moment.
♦ Has a foot long tongue that’s forked two inches from the tip
♦ Tail shortens and thins when Tin personality is in control, and lengthens and thickens when Kon personality is in control.
♦ Leans towards men in regards to physical attraction, but is quite flexible either way (ha).
♦ Any blood of his spilled will dry over the course of a few hours to a strange, stone-like gravel, much like the rock that his original alter was built from.

RP Methods: Skype, dA chat, notes, MSN

Note: [MSN and dA chat will be unavailable until early February when I return to the States and can operate on an internet server that doesn’t hate me]

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