The Set animal + Set Picture

This is mostly fan art for the Kane Chronicles' first book 'The red pyramid'. It says 'Isfet (chaos) rules!! Ma'at (order) drools!! Happy birthday, Set.'
Set, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, was born on the third demon day (the ancient Egyptians had 5 unlucky days that Nut the sky goddess made).

5 unlucky days.... is it just me or does it remind you of the Aztec calender's Nemontemi X-D ?!

Anyway, Set's pet is the red Set animal. To the people of Aegyptus, red was Set's color and the color of chaos.

Some people might be shocked to see that I made this. Don't I always support the good guys from most mythologies?! Osiris from Aegyptus, Thor from Norse mythology, and of course, Quetzalcoatl of the Mexica?! And in the book.... if Isfet reins then the whole world gets destroyed.

Yeah I dunno why I made this either.

I also ship the Set animal and Set BTW. I ship them so hard. They're so cute together. Just look at the Red Lord and his little pet
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