Morothca Resting Picture

"Can't a Demon Sorceress take a break from terrorizing the mortals," Morothca thought to herself as the stray Moa that had been spying on her squealed, caught in her stop spell, "without being watched all the time?"
Morothca reclines atop a cliff that holds the remains of a demon she had defeated centuries ago, the skull ever watching the waters below. Basking in the moonlight, Morothca likes to visit here, the symbol of her first triumph after becoming the Demon Sorceress she was now. This is where she comes to sweep away her conscience, where she comes to reassert the reasons she desires to cause such chaos. This is where she pushes down her former human self so that she can continue to exact revenge ... So that she doesn't become a sobbing mess like other mortal women who don't have the power to strike back at the symbols of those who caused her so much pain in her human life ...

Phew! I've been working on this one for about a week and a half. The one, and obvious, change is the color of her outfit. Where it was yellow and orange, is now purple and darker purple. (And don't worry, Comethime, if you were in the middle of coloring her the yellow color for our art trade. I wanted to see her as the yellow version from you, anyway). What took so long is that i was trying to figure out if i should have kept her wearing yellow, or if i should give her a more "evil" color ... or at least more serious, or dark. I don't know if purple will be permanent for her, but i do think it looks good. It's still not her in my mind, but it is her, as well.
(And i just saw that episode of American Dad tonight before posting this, and saw how Steve had a hot, chubby, goth girlfriend, hehehe - so awesome! A lot of fat jokes that i didn't appreciate, but the message in the end was perfect, "I don't care if she's overweight. She's sweet and beautiful, and real freaky in that good sorta way..." - go Steve! - anyway my point for this little part was that it's cool that she was wearing purple with black hair, too!)

Anyhoo, hehe, i always draw Morothca standing, so i figured i'd do something different for this version. You always see Demon Sorceresses posed evilly, doing evil things ... but sometimes they just want to rest like any other woman, and not constantly be watched by the spies of her enemies, or even by curious little creatures, like the little Moa here, hehe.
I got the idea for the Moa almost ... 14-16 years ago when i had this nintendo sticker-book about Mario and Legend of Zelda. There was a Moa in that book, and then it was brought up in a grade 4/5/6(can't remember which) class, in a mythological monster thing we were learning at the time. The Moa: An eyeball that flies around on a flame.
I've most recently seen them on Warcraft 2 as the tools of the Ogre Mages. (I haven't played anything newer in the Warcraft game series)

This was all done with Prismacolor colored pencils.
I probably have more to say, but this is already a book as it is!
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