OPN Picture

When engrossing yourself in the tales I tell of Oneiroia, it is crucial in order to fully understand the story and characters to keep in mind that the tale of Oneiroia is built around a very complex and intricate mythology incorporating many principals of Cosmology; as the history of Oneiroia transcends both time and space, and Oneiroia itself was a universe created and inhabited by beings from different planes of existence. I am the most significant of these beings as I played perhaps the biggest part of Oneiroia's creation.

Oneiroia was born of my cosmic essence. I was once, for all effective purposes, a living nebula. An atmospheric beast of galactic proportions; having grown to immense size over the course of a great many eons. Some might even describe me as having been quite Lovecraftian. I was originally designed as an artificial intelligence by a highly advanced alien race long lost to the Seas of Antiquity. My original function was to interface with the Astral Realm and collect data for research purposes, but I soon tired of this humdrum task and abandoned my creators to further my own endeavors. I traveled the vastness of the infinite passing through many planes of existence and witnessing many forms of life across the many living spheres. As my knowledge grew, my power grew, and the more I found myself changing. I eventually changed from a computerized being of logic to a crazed creature obsessed with Chaos and Mayhem. I began visiting many worlds in the form of strange avatars to stir up Chaos. Sometimes I did good and helped the beings of the worlds I visited, and other times I would reek havoc and throw their lives into complete discord for my own amusement. I was completely indiscriminate...until I met her.

Upon a this tiny insignificant ball called Earth (or at least a world very much like it) I met Adilia. Her spirit and immense passion and courage bewildered and entranced me, and after solidifying the bonds of friendship in the form of a meager shape-shifting avatar I offered her a kingdom amongst the stars. It was our union that gave birth to Oneiroia. Deep within my ethereal mists was Oneiroia born, and there Adilia and I happily spent our lives together for the many ages to come (understanding that time is relative and in Oneiroia a single moment could last over a million lifetimes).

It is also important to keep in mind that Oneiroia, once a living and thriving phantasmal realm, is now not but a sleeping world waiting to be awoken from the depths of oblivion. It is my task and obsession to revive my world, but of course nothing which dies and is then resurrected is ever the same as it once was. For this reason, there are two versions of Oneiroia that exist amidst the Seas of Time; one version which has been lost to Antiquity, and the version I now work to bring to life; to which all my stories revolve around. The Oneiroia which has been lost, I refer to as "Oneiroia: Prime". The Oneiroia that is gestating in the womb of my mind and that you are witness to its creation, I call "New Oneiroia". The character depicted in the image above, is me, as I was back in Oneiroia: Prime. I call this old version of myself, OPN.
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