58. Set Picture

Set: Egyptian God of Deserts, Chaos, and Foreigners

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

Sweet, I've done ten of these pictures so far! That's probably the longest I've kept up with any drawing challenge!! Go me!

You guys! I learned something new and exciting today!
So, we've all seen Set- that evil Egyptian dude with the head of a who-knows-what-it's-not-quite-a-giraffe-or-an-aardvark-or-something. Some of us might have even suspected that he was wrongfully demonized and was once just a happy god of the desert.
But I never suspected how closely he was tied with 'current' events! Heheheh.

There are a few different theories about where the demonization of Set began. Some people think it started because Upper Egypt worshiped him when Lower Egypt took over and unified the country.
What's interesting to me is that Set is actually the god of foreigners! He was associated with negative and oppressive foreign rule in the later years of Egypt: the Persians, the Ptolemaic dynasty (Macedonian-Greeks), and the Romans, to name a few. I tried to work in some elements of each of those into his clothing- Persian robes and staff, a Greco-Roman diadem, something resembling a toga, and those infamous red sandals worn by ancient kings of Rome (Caesar started wearing them after he declared himself dictator for life, haha.)

Maybe I'm over thinking it, but Set's desert connection sort of matches that. Egypt was founded on the banks of the Nile- something of an oasis. The desert was the inhospitable expansive 'other' that surrounded Egypt... but it was also one of the many natural barriers between Egypt and the rest of the world. Oooh, I'm getting those 'eee I'm making connections!' academic shivers of excitement.

....*stares* The thumbnail looks much better than the actual picture. XD
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