Mothers of Healing - Khodiyar Devi and Kateri Devi Picture


But not before I post these two. You know, the Goddess Maker should really consider adding tridents to the weapons, so I don't have to make sucky looking ones like the ones I did, as you can see.

Made tridents from scratch, based the colors on various pictures on google of Khodiyar Mata and Kateri Mata.


Made Here:…

Anyway, Nerd out time! (Please if any Hindus stumble upon these and see any errors in my nerd-outs, please, please inform me through the comments. I would love to learn new stuff as mythology really is my thing).

Khodiyar Maa and Kateri Maa are both regional/local Gujarati deities. They are also both considered as avatars of Adi Parashakti, the Great Goddess of the Hindu pantheon.

The worship of Mother Khodiyar links back to 700 AD in the story of Mamaniya Gadhvi (?). He and his wife were childless throughout the many years of their marriage. Mamaniya, who was a devout of Shiva, would pray to the lord of destruction, and ask for a child. One day, a group of Brahmins wandered, begging for food. When Mamaniya and his wife offered them food, they refused, saying that a childless couple were not worthy to be blessed by them as it was a sign of not being blessed by the gods. Mamaniya, struck with grief, decided to end his life as a final sacrifice to Lord Shiva. However, before he could kill himself, Shiva appeared before him and stopped him, telling him to seek the help of Nag-deva, the Lord of the Snakes.

Upon doing so, Nagdeva and his daughters hear the story of Mamaniya. Struck with compassion and sympathy, Nagdeva tells Mamaniya to go home and prepare eight cradles. As he does so, he sees eight snakes crawl into the prepared cradles, and they become his seven human daughters and one human son. One of those daughters became Khodiyar Maa, who grew up as a kind, gentle and beautiful little girl. As she grew up, she exhibited powerful healing abilities and cured the sick of the village. Her people considered her to be a Goddess, building shrines and temples in her honor.

Kateri Maa (Small Mother) is sometimes called Parameshwari. She is an incarnation of Kali (sometimes Durga) and is portrayed to be dark-skinned and fierce. With her, she brings joy, prosperity and healing, once a devotee has proven his or her loyalty and devotion to her. She is known to be the patroness of mothers who wish to protect their children or women who wish to have children. Often, she works alongside Goddess Ganga as the protectress and maintainer of boons and wishes. But along with her generous side is her terrible form, as she also destroys medical and spiritual impurities and illnesses. There is a saying that you should not, or avoid calling on Kateri Maa on or after midnight, as she does not have any distinguishing abilities then. She brings with her both fortune and misfortune, protection and chaos.


That last story, I've heard around from other people. Can someone confirm this for me?

This is part of my Nine Nights Project. I have to finish all of Devi's incarnations before October 5th.
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