'You Mewling Quim' Picture

~The-Toy-Box-Charades gave me a few suggestions. Her requests were Loki, Crowley, and Ezio.

and so I totally went with Crowley, obviously.

At first I really wasn't a huge fan of Loki's design for the movies, but after having spent the last 7 or so hours staring at it, it's grown on me a little bit.

I just like that Loki cannot successfully do anything cool in The Avengers. He starts doing cool things, but then winds up having things explode in his face lawl.

And I think they totally could have done a metric shit-ton more with his character. ESPECIALLY since it's Joss Whedon, and he's very good at developing interesting antagonists. Like Spike, Doctor Horrible, and Captain Hammer. Yes, both of them are antagonists because it's a villain deconstruction plot.

But The Avengers was great, so I'll shut up now.

It's probably not legible, even if you know Runes, but at the top it says 'The Ragnarok is Nigh'. Except I think I forgot a letter in Ragnarok, namely the K rune. Oops.
Shhhh you totally don't know the difference, internet.

I put that in there because I'm an asshole who likes mythology and thinks that The Avengers is like the Marvel version of the aforementioned event. Loki is exiled, comes back, and then attempts to wreck everyone's shit. If that's not the Ragnarok I don't know what is.
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